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To Reach Mastership In Life!


I often hear people say that they are their own masters. They claim not having to listen to a spiritual master teacher to know something about themselves and the meaning of life.

It all depends on what you mean with mastership in life?

Achieving Mastership in Life requires self-knowledge and understanding of all life, both on earth and in universe, hyperspace.

That everything is One – that nothing is separated.

It also requires ethical and moral living – not letting the ego dominate and decide in life – to live in brotherhood with your fellow human beings, the surroundings.

How many do that?


All life on earth or in the universe has some kind of intelligence or consciousness.

The ant’s intelligence to build a home is not the same as the intelligence or consciousness in the elephant or bird. All living beings in the plant kingdom, animal kingdom or human kingdom are endowed with some kind of intelligence or information – an intelligence that limits them to a specific field or area.

The “Mastership” we are talking about is about understanding life as a whole. But before you can understand life as a whole, you must first get to know yourself, understand all own shortcomings and skills. This requires a self-analysis, self-examination. As long as we do not know who we are – what task we have here on earth, other than working (slaving), sleeping and spending time on various kinds of hobbies, we cannot claim that we understand life and that we are our own master. Everyone needs a Spiritual Master Teacher who shows them the way to Mastership. The same rules go for the universe as well as for a school. If we don’t listen to the teacher who can do mathematics, chemistry or physics, how else could we learn these subjects?

In order to reach the goal – the meaning of life and becoming a master in life, then we must design our lives. This means that “we must become ourselves” and not a product of someone else’s opinion or experience.

We must become aware of our own role in life, without taking on others’ roles that most do. We must get to know ourselves and learn to accept who we are, and not what others expect us to be.

If we go out into nature on a flowerbed where we can see different kinds of flowers with different colors adorning the whole field – then do we think, how sad, why aren’t these flowers on their own instead of together in the same field?

No – we think the opposite!

We think the flower bed is so beautiful giving us an inner sense of togetherness and harmony.

Then – how about the flower bed that is made up of us humans?

Here we have difficulty experience community and harmony. We don’t want any other being to be different from ourselves. We regard ourselves as the most perfect being. This is due to lack of self-knowledge. We strive for separation above unity.

What do we know other than what our parents, relatives, friends, school or society have told us?

We strive for fame, encouragement so that we feel popular, admired by others. We want to hear how good we are, so that our Ego can grow.

Why…because we want to be accepted as a human being? Otherwise, we feel excluded from the community.

What kind of community are we talking about, aiming for?

Is it a community based on a play, a film, an act where most of the actors play the director’s invented, constructed roles, where none of the actors play themselves, their own roles, but what they have been assigned by the director to play?

Isn’t all this unnatural acting that makes us humans feel bad – that we constantly have fear, concerns in ourselves – that we must play roles for others in order to be accepted, popular by our surroundings? We lie to ourselves and constantly we pretend to be someone else than we are within. We do this in family life, in working life, in social life. This kind of spectacle binds us more and more to this constructed reality, which we believe is our true reality.

But if we want to reach Mastership in life, then we must become children again and have our childhood left.

We must dare to be ourselves, who we are and not who we think others expect us to be. But first, we must get to know ourselves.

If we lose our childhood, then we lose ourselves. If we continue to disguise ourselves to our surroundings, then we will continue to feel bad in life and will stagnate in our human development.

What each of us needs to do is to get to know ourselves, our inner design, our inner qualities, inner pattern. This is what we have already learnt through different experiences, and what we need to learn in order to understand the meaning of life.

In order to reach Mastership in life, we need to be truthful to ourselves and our surroundings. Playing roles that aren’t our own constantly creates problems of different kinds to us.

We must be equipped with:

  1. Willingness
    We must have the desire and willingness to get to know ourselves, the one we really are and not the one we think we are.
  2. Purposefulness
    We must have patience, understanding, and perseverance to achieve our goal, regardless of time or place in life.
  3. Right Meditation
    We must use the right meditation according to the CelesteMethod®, which connects us to the soul consciousness above the mind consciousness which other meditation techniques do.
  4. Correct guidance
    We must allow ourselves to be guided by a true Master Teacher who has access to all knowledge and experience concerning the soul-related world (spiritual world) as well as the mind world.
  5. Right tools
    We must have access to the right kind of tools that lead us to the goal in the fastest and most efficient way.

By becoming an active member of our International Academy in the Life Sciences (A.I.C.), then we can design, reconstruct our lives and achieve the happiness and harmony we constantly seek, long for, but what we cannot otherwise reach in its entirety.

The Unifier is the only true Master Teacher on Earth that humans must listen to. Otherwise, people will continue to be lost in the maze of the mind and senses.


// The Unifier

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