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Unifier’s Message to Humanity

Earth has entered a new age, the Aquarian Age, which implies major changes for both humanity and nature. The Piscean Age was the end of man’s emotional development. This period has resulted in the development of emotional willing, emotional thinking and emotional actions. This has caused sufferings for humanity and problems of different kinds. During the New Age, the Aquarian …

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Save the Civilization from its Destruction

The world, society is heading towards nuclear war, increased violence, anarchy, disintegration of society. If nothing is done in the nearest future, our current as well as past civilizations will be but memory. Most of our present civilization will be destroyed by wars, natural disasters, epidemics of diseases and more. This will hit everyone, regardless of material status, political or …

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The World Teacher is here!

The “Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier” (Saint Germain) is initiating the new era to those who are to survive the endeavors that are now waiting. Massive changes are imminent for earth, for all countries and communities where man’s inner nature and nature revolt which gives man the choice – to work on his emancipation or perish in what is to …

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Save the World!

Dr. Sandor A Markus urges all people, leaders, decision-makers in the world to connect and interact with the “International Academy for Global Human Culture”, the AIC’s eight-point program to create a better world and a more humane society to live in. This call is based on the experience that Sandor A Markus had in the Hungarian Great Plains in 1953 …

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Time is short!

Most of the more than 7 billion people on Earth today are threatened by destruction unless they choose the path of the Soul (Spirit) instead of the Mind’s. (2014-01-02) The Earthly civilization is on the brink of a global disaster if it does not change path. The intellectually related thought structure that characterizes religion, politics, leadership, education, societal development, individual …

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