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A higher consciousness is required to develop the society. A.I.C. uses a development program that elevates consciousness to a soul related higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness level. On this level one clearly sees all problems that society and people confront, but also the social and environmental impacts of different solutions. The right decisions are made and we get a society that set up long term goals for conscious and balanced beings.

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Our work is based on the CelesteMetoden® that provides education, individual analysis and individual measure programs.

So far, we have established the following websites to facilitate each individual’s evolution to higher qualitative dimensions. We offer, of course, also the training program for a higher qualitative muliti-dimensional quantum consciousness.

NPA, AIC Project (English) (Swedish)

A.I.C. Association, Membership Site

Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain (SIOSG)

We will establish an Academic center (NPA Center) for facilitating live education and implementing analysis and measure programs for individuals.

AIC CenterA model of the NPA Center that is to be built

Our mission is to inform and guide people and alleviate the chaos that now is piling up in the world. Dr. Sandor A. Markus’ connection to higher dimensions, i.e. the five-dimensional matrix and beyond lying unmanifested dimensions makes him unique on the planet. Through the last Panchen Lama of Tibet, through Ecuador’s Johnny Lovewisdom, He is today’s World Teacher – Unifier, who is now laying the foundation of the fifth civilization in order.


Lars Helge Swahn
Vice General Sekretary, AIC
Tel: +46739072143
Time: GMT+1 (see time now)
Box 217
795 23 Rättvik

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