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Allow change and higher quality consciousness

Seek the Truth within You and the Truth will set You free!

– John 8:32

How many seek the truth within themselves, instead of listening to all the misleading information, propaganda, fabricated (made up) stories that people are fed daily by controlled media and other channels.

We are trying to help you understand yourselves. But you turn a deaf ear. It is more interesting to listen to lies and engage in superficial gossip, pleasures and false notions, than to find out who you really are?

What are you doing here on earth?

Are you here on a pleasure trip, on an excursion?

Or are you here to learn to understand yourselves, instead of living in a false reality as you have done until now.

The AIC in collaboration with the SIOSG explores the intersections between true science and spirituality, the seen and the unseen, the physical world and the metaphysical world. We look beyond the heavy veil of human construction to seek and remember the Universal Truth of all Matter.

We have previously mentioned that the time for change of our consciousness, thoughts and feelings must be set in motion if we want to follow the cosmic evolution that is not guided by egoism, self-assertion and power as until now, which has only caused separation, racism and hostility. A good example of this is what is taking place in Ukraine, the NATO alignment and getting involved in wars at the same time as talking about peace.

Allow change and higher quality consciousness

Man’s cosmic development and community is based on a higher quality consciousness, what we call common sense (ethics and morality) compared to the low-level consciousness that still controls the thinking and actions in the majority of the population of earth.

Throughout universe there is an organizing force that tells everything how to act – a universal operating system. This organizing force is called Source Energy, Zero Point Energy, Neutral Energy, Christ Consciousness Energy, Soul Energy, etc. It tells atoms how to bond together, planets and stars how to form and orbit each other, and the living physical body how to function.

When a planet supports life, it does so by forming a harmonious neutral energy grid to which all connects, similar to an “operating system” found in a computer.

Many thousands of years ago, the original Christ grid that ruled the planet Earth was deliberately sabotaged by the influence of negative ETs (extraterrestrial) beings and replaced by an alternative grid – sometimes called the “Matrix grid” – which operated from a much lower frequency compared to the original one, and which now feeds everyone negative concepts such as fears, worries, anger, and suppresses the ability to feel love and compassion.

As part of this process, our DNA was also sabotaged so that we operated with only 2 of the original actually 12 strands, which resulted in the current scientific curiosity of “junk DNA”.

If we work at these higher energetic levels, we would not have to deal with the problems of fear, anger, and emotional pain that are prevalent around the world. However, the reality is that we experience these negative emotions and our bodies cannot clear them out effectively.

When we feel fear this often fuels anger that we can also express; we feel emotionally hurt by an event in our lives and try to bury it to stop feeling the pain. Because our body operate at such a low frequency, it cannot effectively purify this low energy, which then often crystallizes as lower quality energy in our body. These energy blockages then prevent the free flow of life energy in our bodies and often cause some distortion in our etheric (plasmic) blueprint, which may result in poor health and diseases unless treated properly.

For several years now planet Earth and all her many inhabitants have undergone a bombardment of transformative energies designed to beneficially mutate the living body so that it once again can align according to the original source, the original field (Christ-Consciousness-Field) that the Solar Theology, Gnosticism represents.

It has taken us 26,000 years to complete the 12 zodiacs (ages) – one revolution around the central universe, central sun, the source of all life and forms, around which all galaxies with their respective solar systems and planets are in constant motion of evolution.

What happens now gives new consciousness and a period of experience for Earth’s civilization – “A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS IN A NEW TIME!!!”.

We have all waited a long time for a specific configuration of the galactic energy grid to be in place for our solar system, before this process could begin. This 25-year process started in 1987 and came to an end in the late 2012.

The milestone year 2012 indicated the end of “Phase 1” of the restoration project – where the prophecy of the Mayan calendar ceased and many believed that the earth would succumb.

In order to fully connect to the newly restored original grid, our bodies must go through quite a significant change, and this before the actual transition takes place.

Our DNA has undergone significant changes to be ready to integrate the previously underutilized parts of our DNA. We have also undergone a cleansing of the old trapped emotional energies that we have been carrying around. Once the new high frequency energy has been received by us, it has made the previously crystallized energy begin to evaporate and then is released from our system since long forgotten pain causing new emotional distress that we cannot bury again, but which instead escapes our system much faster than before. Some of this also manifests as physical health problems, hot flashes, dizziness and other so-called “transformation symptoms”.

Our previously old trapped emotional crystallized energies begin to evaporate because of incoming new high frequency energy.

Given the enormity of the changes we undergo in addition to all this emotional cleansing and transmutation, it’s no wonder that the process is always uncomfortable for most, if not all, people. Although we get a lot of support from our tangible and intangible spiritual guides and mentors, they cannot do everything for us in terms of what we have created for ourselves due to ignorance and unconsciousness.

Note: First of all we must help ourselves and then we can help those who haven’t yet woken up and see what is happening around them, and why.

Some energy healers and complementary therapists now specialize in helping these ascension sufferers to find some balance and stability again as they are hit with wave after wave of these transformative energies.

An important aspect of the current changes we are going through is that our energy bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual) really need to change significantly. Our current mental body, for example, is largely limited to processing information coming in through the old matrix grid and therefore finds any information delivered from the new “Higher Quality Field of Consciousness” incomprehensible at a lower conscious level (it is still stored in our inner wisdom libraries, Akasha, but not yet easily available). There are so many “higher” spiritual concepts that are difficult to understand, simply because our 3D mental body cannot handle them.

If we go deep into a meditative state, we can bypass the mental body to some extent and absorb some profound new information, but when we return to our bodies, the memories take on a dream-like quality and are difficult to recall and interpret again.

It is clear that if we were to simply disconnect from the old grid and at the same time connect solely to the new grid via our old mental body, we would become completely disoriented. Therefore, a new unified energy body is being formed to replace the various separate bodies that have previously served us.

This energy body is known as the body of light

Here we can step in and speed up the process with whatever aids are at our disposal from our extraterrestrial friends and scientists.

The lighter part of our DNA indicates our new 12-stranded DNA structure in more conscious human beings.

As part of the change in human design, the children’s energy fields began to change in the mid-1990s when an increasing number of so-called indigo children began to appear on our planet (Terra) Earth. However, this is a stepping stone and we now see continued rapid development in aura design again – the Birth of the Crystal Children.

This new aura pattern is more suitable for the connection to the new grid because it speaks the new language – the “Language of Light”. It can also read the language of the old matrix grid, although the soul inhabiting the body will be better at ignoring its contents of more obvious corrupt coding. That being said, the old matrix grid is also being cleared of negative programming as much as possible to support the post-2012 population who are still not ready to shift to their newer energy body configurations.

This development of the auric bodies happens at different rates for different people, and for people who resist the shift at the soul level, it hardly happens at all.

Currently, many people on the planet are still spiritually asleep, although they are silently taking on – to varying degrees – these new encodings into their inner libraries of wisdom. However, it appears that souls born prior to the Indigo Crystal Era will need to actively participate, at least at this stage, to upgrade their auric fields and thereby fully connect to the new grid.

The process is an example as we previously mentioned of where various forms of assistance can be provided from our side to help facilitate the process in those people who want to change their consciousness, their inner resource and health as a whole.

Question: Who can’t we help?

Answer: Those people who want to be victims, who pity themselves, or dwell on their problems without actively taking part in their healing process.

We cannot help those people who expect others to solve their problems which they have consciously or unconsciously created for themselves.

But, we can help them with guidance.

Ascension – Transformation – Consciousness Development – Tools

During the last decade, we have presented various analysis and measure programs and tools, which you can use yourself and also help others with.

I have been involved in health programs since the 1970’s and have participated in the rapid technological development that has taken place here on earth, despite financial difficulties that rooted in that I charged the lowest of the majority of therapists.

In the 1970s and 1990s, I charged SEK 80 – 100 SEK per treatment, while others charged several hundred or thousands of SEK. At the same time, I wanted the latest technology to be able to achieve the best possible results.

The technology and aids that we use now and partially have recommended to you, have been the best possible.

We have also been looking for cost-effective aids for people who cannot afford any health or developmental aids, which is needed to facilitate the transition from the past traditional to the new that our entire earthly civilization is facing.

The presentation of alien technology is also gaining momentum.

We at the Matrix Innovation™ and AIC® must sift and know what technologies are beneficial, evolving, curative and come from reputable manufacturers. We also need to know which ones are less beneficial or inefficient, or come from non-serious for-profit companies based on selfishness and self-interests.

Particularly American companies are more specialized in deceiving their partners, despite promises and agreements made with us. We have experienced this several times.

There is a saying that Christ applied: by their fruits we get to know them.

This means that as a company or individual acts, so they are, regardless of what they say or pretend to be. In the future, we will not waste time on this type of companies or people.

We sift out all such companies from our future plan of cooperation!

Note: We have also been given the opportunity to obtain information from a credible “intelligence organization” in advance, about which negative alien-inspired companies are working to prevent the spiritual and health-based development of man through their technologies. We also get to know who is positively inspired.

We will inform you about this in our new book, which we will publish in both Swedish and English in connection with our seminar on September 21-22, 2024.


Now that we are entering the New Age “The Golden Age”, all emotional, mental and physical problems must be removed from our beings. As help we have now also the “Voice Code“. It must be used at least once a day and adjusts our internal program toward increased health and higher quality consciousness. As we go through this process we will all experience this in a slightly different way. We are all individually programmed, which has to do with our acquired experiences.