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TM and CelesteMethod®

The Brain

Maharashi started Transcendental Meditation. The aim was to make people relax and eliminate stress and enable them to solve their social- and family problems easier. People who are practicing TM find out after a while that there are many energy blockages that cannot be resolved and removed with TM.

The CelesteMethod® can easiest be compared with a training program, which is based on the removal of every energy blockage that resides in the human being’s energy system. The energy shall flow freely in the meridian system and the capacity of the conscious brain shall once again be increased. In the end of the process you will achieve a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. The CelesteMetoden® will with the highest safety possible guide you through the process and let you achieve your goal.

TM – Transcendental Meditation

The basis of the meditation technique is that the performer activates gradually all the chakras (energy vortices) in the body. The chakras in the human being are the storage place of all individual experiences that have been added through many lives on this planet. In the two lowermost chakras the most heavy energy structures are stored. These are connected to violence, being exploited and the exploiting of others as well as other twisted believes. These energy structures are connected to total mind captivity in the third dimension. From this information we make up a conception of how everything works and we call this our reality. The third chakra contains information of games about power of different kinds. The forth chakra contains information of lesser density, which can also pose problems on the upward path on the evolutionary spiral. Not until the performer focuses on his/her attention on the forehead chakra can balance be established and all problems will be solved or disappear without any danger. In TM, where all chakras shall be cleaned with help of mantras, the being is forced to confront his or her problems to various extents. The process takes time and problems will be confronted. Many performers do not have this endurance and therefore quit. TM does not connect any stronger more purifying energy force or stream to the consciousness. Therefore most performers do not hear the gentle sustaining sound stream from the surrounding ether. Without the sound stream, the process will take long time and this can be difficult mentally for the performer.

If you look at this in an evolutionary way, you can say that the human being has first descended to earth several thousand years ago to confront the third dimensional reality. You can compare the whole process with the descending of man down through a valley. Then, the human being resides on the downhill slope, distant from the bottom of the valley. The bottom of the valley symbolizes total degeneration of consciousness. A TM-performer will activate all his / her chakras at their places, which can be compared with climbing down to the bottom of the valley before he/she climbs upwards. You can ask yourself why you shall to go down to the bottom. The process will take long time and the performer will confront the problems that resides within his / her being. We know that the average human being has an enormous amount of energy blockages within. This amount is impossible for the average being to perceive or understand. The human being of today lives entangled in problems and cannot see the situation from outside. As a comparison, it can be said, “the human being of today cannot see the forest because of the trees”. People identify themselves with their problems and see them as part of themselves. We have to achieve a five dimensional quantum consciousness to elevate ourselves above the forest and see all the mind-matter from outside. When this happens, you have burnt down your whole forest, and can also see the mind-matter of other beings, other people’s forests.

The usage of TM causes risks, because when all the chakras are activated, the performer will face problems. These problems are all connected to the astral plane in one way or another. Without a competent teacher, the performer will be in danger. When the energy structures are activated, astral beings of lower quality will in various ways try to mislead the performer. The energy structure or blockage that the performer is trying to work away, has always an energetic counterpart activated by resonance somewhere in the astral regions in the forth dimension. As a performer you cannot see these beings. You should not expose yourself to unnecessary danger. A person, who regularly drinks a lot of alcohol, has always astral beings around himself/herself. These beings have left their earthly bodies and are trying to influence their victims to drink more often. This is because these astral beings think that they can satisfy some of their own cravings by doing so.

The CelesteMethod®

When the human being, together with all his/her experiences, is “located” somewhere on the downhill slope of the valley, the CelesteMetoden® will help the performer to immediately ascend. This will shorten the procedure considerably. The CelesteMetoden® will also connect the sound stream to the performer’s consciousness. This sound stream will in the initial stage slowly burn down the energy blockages and after a while it will increase the pace of the process and the development of the human being. The only energy center that is trained and activated is the energy vortex slightly above and between the performers eyes. When the consciousness is focused there, the energy flow within the whole being strives to come into balance. When this focus is maintained, the energy blockages will be safely and successively removed from the energy system.

The serious performer, who really wants to achieve progress on the evolutionary path, and wants to have continuous support through mail, member letters etc., see it as a matter of course to be a member of the academy (A.I.C.).

The Academy goal is that everyone with interest shall achieve a soul related higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. We do our very best to help you succeed with your training.

//Lars Helge Swahn under the supervision of Alexander Markus 2007-01-06.
Translated into English 2008-09-16.

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