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My Incarnations and Teachings

How man by fate can change his life by changing his way of thinking

By Dr. Sandor A. Markus

my-teachings-and-incarnationsThe story is about a young man and his fate after the 2nd World War in Eastern Europe.

He had a supernatural experience at age 14 when a light being of intense strength appeared to him on the Hungarian Great Plain. The light being urged him to leave Hungary and go to Sweden. There he would lay the foundation of an international center for the life sciences – human sciences.

Hungary’s borders to the West were heavily mined and guarded by Hungarian and Soviet troops. But in September 1956 during the fiery revolution he took the chance to realize the plan that he had been ordered by higher powers.

He sought confirmation of his spiritual experience in various religious and occult associations and mystery schools – but in vain. No one could give him the right answer to his simple question “What is the meaning of life?” His search took him to various countries, including Ecuador, India, Japan, Denmark and Sri Lanka.

He finally found the answer.

During the past 37 years he has written down his knowledge and experience which today comprises about 6000 pages written materials, hundreds of PowerPoint presentations and videos. All this he offers to mankind to give man the answers to life’s meaning in the chaotic world that the entire earthly civilization is today.

In 1989, he registered a private non-governmental organization, an Academy Foundation in Sweden under the name “L’Académie Internationale de Culture Humaine Intégrale” – The International Academy for Total Human Culture, AIC. The Academy has the task through online teaching and seminars to help man understand the meaning of life and achieve a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, which is a necessity for the survival of man and his civilization. This higher consciousness also includes other dimensions and levels of consciousness than our own three-dimensional world.

Dr. Sandor A. Markus has found that the key to the riddle of life is within every individual and that we should look for it there.

Christ said: Seek the truth within you, and the truth will set you free.

Among numerous awards, he has recently been appointed the Grand Master of the “Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain” by HIRH Prince Stephan Tchernetich of Montenegro and Macedonia. He has also received the Vatican’s, Pope Francis’ blessing.

We are all the sum of today’s world. If we want to change society we must first change ourselves. The book opens the solution for you – and concludes Dr. Sandor A. Markus, alias Saint Germain’s multi-millennial mission on this planet.


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