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The Gnostic Basic Values

A New Consciousness in A New Time is a Necessity for the Survival of the Earthly civilization


The Gnostic Basic Values

The world is heading towards anarchy. Violence is increasing more and more at home, in the society and in the world. Man has lost control over his life and forgotten the most important values, ethics – morality. Respect for our fellow human beings, animals and nature is minimized. The established Christian Church, which today has about 2.6 billion members, doesn’t follow Christ’s simple message: as you want others to act towards you, so shall you act towards your neighbor. His words have long since been forgotten.

Those who call themselves Christians believe ignorantly and naively that some higher power which they call Jesus Christ or God will solve their problems. The fact is that they have created these problems for themselves because of fear, ignorance, and unconsciousness. They think it is enough to participate in religious services, read quotes from the Bible (book of books), ask for the forgiveness of sins and then continue in the same tracks as to date.

The established church has actively contributed to the world and society in which we find ourselves today. From a material point of view, the poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer. The established church has legitimized violence, misery and the disintegration of society, by silently looking at what is happening in the world and not contributing to peace, fellowship, brotherhood and apply Christ-like love as they constantly speak about but seldom practice. They serve mammon instead of Christ who they claim to serve.

Christ said, by their fruits you get to know them.

As a man thinks, feels and acts towards his neighbor, such is the individual’s value system no matter if he is trying to camouflage it to his surroundings. Sooner or later he will reveal what he bears and hides within himself.

The entire earthly civilization is at a crossroads. Unless people choose to follow the way of the Soul that our Gnostic Academy advocates, and instead follow the way of the Mind, then man will have to take the consequences of their choice. All this is described in John’s Revelation.

If man voluntarily does not want to help restore the balance between themselves and nature in the next coming decades, the forces of nature will rise. It will create unforeseen consequences for the individual, society and the world that no one can even imagine in their wildest imagination.


Man is waiting for some messiah, Jesus Christ to reveal Himself and free them from suffering which they have created for themselves because of ignorance, unconsciousness. But the cause of human suffering is to be found in his subconscious data field, in his DNA structure where it has been accumulated over generations.

The Messiah (Ambassador) – Christ being man is waiting for has already come. But how many people recognize this being? In his appearance, he is like everyone else, but in his inner quality and consciousness he stands out significantly from the rest of humanity.

Many travel to India, Tibet and other places on earth to find their Master. But the true Spiritual Master Teacher is not to be found in these places. The true Master Teacher is not hiding in any Ashram or so-called sacred place where people go to find him. He is among people in the western world, where he through online teachings (via the Internet) can reach all serious seekers who voluntarily want to change their lives, and free themselves from the mind power’s lower quality impact and confinement.

The Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier (Mark John) is the Master Teacher of the New Age, whom seers have long talked about will come from the Nordic countries.

He has for several incarnations been prepared for his current mission which he received in the Hungarian Puszta in 1953. His mission was to re-establish the true Gnostic Church (Original Christianity) concerning Christ’s secret teachings and finish what John the Baptist began in the early age of Pisces.


Paul was Jewish and among the first who converted from Judaism to Christianity after a vision on the way to Damascus in Syria. He was to capture some Gnostics (professing to original Christianity) who had previously fled to Syria to escape the Pharisees and be stoned to death. Paul began to spread the teachings of Mark John about Jesus Christ and did so travelling around in the world of that time.

It was Paul who laid the foundation of Christianity and of the established Church.

Gradually the established church distorted and turned the original true early Christian teachings (Gnostic teachings) about Jesus Christ into faith, imagination. The Church founded by Emperor Constantine and his followers has for 2000 years persecuted, raped, tortured, burned at the stake and executed hundreds of thousands of people in the most brutal ways in the name of Jesus Christ and God.

This church is still the same. In some countries it criticizes other religious communions and even kills non-Christians. A Church that preaches the love of Christ – God without itself practicing it, and allowing their members to participate in wars, acts of violence and rape, pillaging, killing their neighbors, is not the Church that Jesus Christ stands for. Anything that goes against the law of the cosmos – universe is evil and has with draconian – Satanic powers to do. This is the opposite of what Christ has proclaimed to humanity.


Now is the time to choose the way of the soul instead of the way of the mind and join the true original Christian Gnostic Church, the “AIC Association“, if you want to understand the meaning of life and follow the teachings of the Original Christian doctrine which is the law of the cosmos – of the universe.

The Gnostic Church – Academy that we have re-established renounces all forms of violence against both man and nature.

No matter if you are a religious, political, industrial leader, decision maker, or any other kind of individual, the purpose is the same: an altered consciousness. Without a change in consciousness, we cannot create a society whose basic foundation is love – wisdom. If we live up to this and realize it into our daily lives, then we will be able to solve all of our problems, both on the individual and on the worldly plane. Otherwise, the whole of our present civilization will degenerate into barbarism out of consciousness, like past civilizations have done.


Albert Einstein put it this way: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

If you understand Albert Einstein’s message then you know that it requires a paradigmatic shift (a change in consciousness) in order to solve individual, family, societal and world problems of various kinds.

We cannot continue to uphold the old traditions, outdated thought structures and at the same time be part of an entirely new civilization.

All of the existing religious conception – values and positions must be changed back to their original – gnostic state.

The entire Christian Church must be reformed and undergo extensive changes if it wants to adapt to the New Age requirements and expectations. You cannot preach about Christ-like love for your neighbor if you do not apply it, practice it in your life. We cannot call ourselves Christians if we do not live according to the teachings of Christ, i.e. think, feel and follow the word of Christ in our way of thinking and acting.

We cannot sit on two chairs at the same time. We cannot serve both Mammon (Creator, Creative Power of matter – form), KAL PURUSH, YHWH (Yave, Jehovah, Brahma, Allah, Lucifer, Konkachila, Viracocha etc.) and the Supreme Creator, Deity, SAT PURUSH, POWER OF CHRIST.

We simply have to choose path.

The Law of Moses in the Old Testament: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, has become watchwords for many in the society, in the world. All major powers and countries are using this law to take revenge on their opponents instead of learning from them.

Christ said: love your enemies.

Christ wanted us to understand that only by meeting different kinds of resistance in life, we can develop and become more conscious beings. Those we call our enemies are our teachers who teach us to discover our own shortcomings. How else could we develop?

All kinds of vengeance belong to the law of the Old Testament, the Law of Moses, of YHWH – Jehovah, and have nothing with Christ-like love to do.

Christ said: if someone hits you on the cheek when you should expose the other cheek.

He meant that we should treat violence, hatred, hostility with love. If someone wants to maltreat you through words or physical violence, and you treat this person with unconditional love instead of hostility, then the individual gets no fuel for his hatred. He will give up, because unconditional love has a much greater power than hatred.

The one who loves selflessly is the greatest and most powerful being on Earth. If you treat violence with violence, then you create hostility, division, terrorism, anarchism and ultimately it will destroy you.

Negativity, destructiveness have a limited length of life, while positivity is eternal, infinite. But negativity is needed for the human entry into the lowest, most sluggish state of energy (matter) as a contrast, a balancing factor to the positive. Otherwise, there is no development, no progress. However, if negativity prevails, then it creates problems that repercussion on people, society, on the world from a consciousness and a development point of view.


The Law of Moses is based solely on YHWH’s, Jehovah’s directives that come from the tribal god of the Jews. Yave, Jehovah is the Creator, Creative Power of the mind world, mind matter, form. This creator has nothing with the power of Christ to do. Jehovah’s task is to create mineral forms, plant forms, animal forms and human forms, which are adapted to the software of the Soul Atom, Soul.


The Christ Power, Christ is also known as Sat Purush, which means Supreme Creator – Creative Power. Sat Purush is the Creator of the Soul Atom, Soul and the implicit (folded), spiritual, virtual, unmanifested part of the creation. The absolute consciousness, soul, soul atom uses the mind matter, form as a tool to express itself, to manifest and to gather knowledge from all levels of creation – from its highest to its lowest level of manifestation and consciousness. So far on earth, we have been governed by the mind, the ego’s lower quality level. Now it’s time to let the soul take over the command.

During the human phase of involution, i.e. entry into the lowest, most sluggish state of matter and consciousness, the human soul communication reduces with the original source, first source. Then gradually the mind ability increases, its communication with the mind matter, matter, form. This is a necessity for the collection of facts from the most sluggish state of matter, form, which constitutes our own world and reality.

During this phase of human development, it was necessary that man maintained communication with the Power of God through faith and prayers. The established church played an important role here.

The established church has made the mistake not to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ through actions, and to involve in politics as well as having persecuted and executed dissidents.

Now when most of humanity on earth has reached a certain stage of consciousness development, where the collection of facts in the lowest most sluggish matter has come to an end, the mind influence from the Second Source Intelligence, YHWH, Yave, Jehovah, Kal Purush, Allah, Lucifer will gradually decrease and the soul communication with the Original Source, First Source Intelligence, Sat Purush, Christ Power will gradually increase. Therefore Gnosticism (Original Christianity) must be reestablished and be part of man’s daily thoughts and actions.

The individuals who have completed their involutionary process, gathering of facts in the lowest most sluggish state of matter, to where our planet belongs, will now for the first time be given the opportunity to raise consciousness to a higher qualitative five-dimensional level. This is done through a theoretical and practical development program that our Gnostic Academy “AIC Association” conveys.

The people who are still stuck in an obsolete paradigm (thought structure) and who are not responding to the soul’s cry, i.e. are not resonating with the soul frequency, cannot continue to remain on earth, because all of earth’s natural kingdoms: the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom will vibrate at a higher octave (higher frequency) than so far. This occurs gradually through the Central Sun’s increased influence on our solar system.

The Earth has already begun its entry into the photon belt emanating out from the central sun, the innermost core of the Central Universe.

Earth will be in this photon belt for about 2.160 years. During this era, “The Golden Age”, the remaining part of humanity will achieve a higher quality consciousness, soul consciousness. Our entire planet will be restructured.

Now is the time to initiate love over hatred, community over division, fraternity over hostility, collaboration over egocentricity and over lust for power.

We have legitimized violence instead of promoting peace. We cannot create peace through violence. We should keep that in mind.

The superpowers want to grab more and more of the earth’s natural resources by creating war, terrorism, anarchy and famine in the world. But their time is numbered. Anyone who takes up arms will have to leave the earth, never to return again. They will be born (incarnate) into to a new planet in another galaxy or solar system that matches their inner quality, characteristics.

Man cannot be part of a higher quality civilization, become citizens in the Golden Age, if not wanting to follow the message of Christ and live in symbiosis (harmony) with the cosmos – the laws of nature.

Christ said: the meek will inherit the earth.

He made it clear that simple human beings who follows His teachings through simplicity, humility, modesty, love, respect and care for all life, will constitute the new civilization on earth.

Christ said: he who is the first will be the last, and the last will be the first.

He meant that those today that out of egoism, selfishness, greed, lust for power, vanity are taking care of man, society and civilization on earth, will be deprived of all power. They will through the law of karma (law of destiny) pay for their deeds in the form of sufferings of various kinds. They will come to experience themselves what they have done to their fellow human beings and nature.

The boomerang always returns to the one having thrown it away.

On the other hand, the unselfish, humble, loving human beings who follow the Law of Christ, they will take over leadership on earth and lead the remaining part of civilization towards higher quality levels of consciousness.

Gnosticism (Original Christianity) that we officially represent, “The Northern Pontifical Academy” for the AIC Project and the AIC Association, is the only spiritual community (church), center of education and development in the world that is based on the science of the soul instead of the mind. The science of the soul is the secret doctrine that Mark John during the first century revealed to the initiates.

Mark’s secret doctrine is about Christ’s secret doctrine, and was previously not meant for the public, but only for a few initiates. Parts of this doctrine were falsified and abused by quasi-Gnostics, antagonists, and by a power hungry, power inclined elite within the established church, who appointed themselves to be God’s representatives on earth.

Now is available for the first time this secret doctrine during the earthly man’s thousands of years of history. It is available to all those who are choosing the light (the way of the soul) instead of the darkness (the way of the mind) and want to change their consciousness from their three-dimensional limited level of consciousness, to an unlimited multi-dimensional level of consciousness and let the soul (the neutral and positive power of Christ) take command over the mind (the negative draconian, Lucifer power). The mind has hitherto ruled the human development on earth and has contributed to man’s ignorance about his true identity and has caused human sufferings of all kinds.

Now, Mark John has reincarnated in the figure of the Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier, and finishes together with his twin (Sophia) what they started at the beginning of the Piscean Age. This means that everyone at the beginning of the New Age, the Aquarian Age (Golden Age), will have the opportunity to partake of Christ’s secret doctrine, and thereby achieve a higher quality multi-dimensional consciousness.

The Christian Basic Values

What is Christian ethics – morality?

Christian ethics and morality are about creating harmony between man, nature and the cosmos. The Christian ethics shall establish rules and guidelines on how humans should act in different situations. The Original Christian, Gnostic ethics should be the foundation in all kinds of decisions regardless if it concerns religious ethics, social ethics, family ethics, bio- ethics, etc. Ethics includes also responsibility – taking responsibility for what one has undertaken to perform in life. In today’s society, no one wants to take responsibility and blames instead their failures, their reluctance and irresponsibility on their neighbors. Without responsibility arises chaos.

Without individual responsibility, political responsibility, religious responsibility, corporate responsibility, etc., society doesn’t work.

Freedom comes with responsibility.

Respect for people, nature (mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom) is virtually non-existent today. In the so-called industrialized countries, children, young people who have no life experience in their current incarnation, often control parents and home.

During a certain period in human development on earth, it was believed that ethics was mainly meant for private life, while society was to develop under legislation that was based on science, technology, economics and political power interests.

True Christianity – Gnosticism does not accept any distinction between private and social life. Gnosticism includes everything related to the individual, family, group and society as a whole.

Gnosticism in its orthodox (Original Christian) form is about cosmic ethics, political ethics, social ethics, educational ethics, business ethics, medical ethics, bio-ethics, technological ethics etc. It includes what ought to be done in different areas to create harmony between man and the outside world.

What is meant by Ethics – Morality?

The word “ethics” is derived from Greek meaning “custom or habit“. The Latin equivalent of ethics is “morality“. Ethics is the science of morality, or human consideration of his morality. A man’s ethics can be compared with a feeling, inner voice – voice of conscience, or intuition that tells what is right or wrong.

Ethics are the thoughts, rules and laws that we base our actions on.

It is therefore important for each individual to have a well thought-out ethics, or a model that shows why the individual acts as he does. Morality is what separates humans from animals, i.e. the ability to think in terms of right and wrong, good and evil, and being able to ask why. It is important here that we see it from the elevated state of consciousness (soul state) and not from that of the mind – the intellect’s lower quality state that we have done to date.

The animals follow their instincts. Animals have no earthly law or agreed upon rules that govern their actions. Man can, however, in every situation choose different possible options. That’s what morality is.


What is right and wrong cannot always be regulated by laws or regulations. We all have an inner guidance system, “intuition – conscience” that tells us how we should act in different situations, i.e. if we listen inward about what is right and wrong.


Many confuse instinct and intuition. Some talk about gut feeling. But gut feeling is not the same as intuition. Gut feeling has with instinctive feeling, sensation to do. The animals use instinct. They feel things long before man.

Before we have established a complete soul communication with the Original Source, Christ Consciousness Field, First Source Intelligence, SAT PURUSH through right meditation, and initiation by the Spiritual Master Teacher, we cannot talk about intuition – insight. Intuition is a conscious Soul Communication through insight, feeling. Instinct, however, is an unconscious Mind Communication through feeling. Telepathy is a conscious thought transfer (communication) between man and other life forms.

Our Gnostic science is based on a set of standards (principles of human action) and the values we are trying to achieve through our actions. Our guidance system or norms can be seen as a set of prepared ideas, thoughts, opinions used to indicate the compass direction in our decision making and actions.

What we think and say reveal our ethics, while our actions reveal our morality.

This is the difference between ethics and morality.

According to the law of the cosmos, we people are responsible for both the actions we perform and the actions we choose not to perform. Therefore, we have always the ethical requirement “taking side” hanging over us. In every situation the consequences of different actions must be considered, one against the other. The consequences of our actions determine our destiny (karma), our future. We must constantly make ethical decisions and take active responsibility for our ethical judgment, instead of handing over responsibility to others, or as with the Church to Jesus or God. This is of course ineffective as long as we don’t realize that we have to train individually our brain to increased consciousness.

Christ said: whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Within ethics, we talk about two different values which are eigenvalue and instrumental values.

Eigenvalues are values that only need to be motivated by ourselves, such as friendship, freedom, justice.

Instrumental values
Instrumental values are needed if we are to achieve eigenvalues, such as honesty, loyalty, selflessness, trust, humor, finance etc. The first step towards achieving an ethical consciousness is being able to rank different eigenvalues in some way.

The next step towards an ethical consciousness is being able to determine who will get some of these eigenvalues. Is it me, a group of people (family, class, friends, community) or is it all people?

In Gnosticism, ethical consciousness is that everyone shall take part of the eigenvalues related to man, animals and nature.

Finally, it is important to be able to conclude on the impact each possible action entails.

Division of Ethics

Within ethics there is normally a distinction between intentional ethics, consequential ethics, deontology, beneficial ethics, integrity ethics and dialogue ethics. In addition, there is also cosmic Gnostic ethics.

Intentional ethics

Intentional ethics says that an action is justified if the intention is good.

Consequential ethics

Consequential ethics regard an action to be justified if it entails the best possible consequences.


According to deontology an action is right if it follows a predetermined obligation or a set of rules.

Beneficial ethics (responsibility ethics), integrity ethics and dialogue ethics
On the religious, political and practical level, it is interesting to state how far practical ethics, integrity ethics and dialogue ethics can complement each other. This can be seen by looking at how far their practicability, strength, limitation or weakness reach.

Beneficial ethics

From a beneficial ethics point of view, political, religious, biological, technological and other kinds of actions are to be valued considering their consequences. The actions are to be valued based on the estimated benefits, risks and damages they may cause the individual, society, nature.

Integrity ethics

Integrity ethics is also called quality of life ethics. Man’s quality of life is not only his organic and bodily composition. The quality of life includes also the psychic – mental state, the consciousness quality that each individual is equipped with, and that affects his decisions and expectations. To respect the integrity of an individual means respecting what has been added to the person’s destiny.

Integrity exists both in the strong and weak individual in the same way as in the animal kingdom.

Consideration means to show consideration, care through healing instead of divisive actions.

Respect for nature

If we respect the integrity of minerals, plants, animals – all of nature, then we respect also the cosmic and biological laws that prevail in nature where everything is included.

Regarding integrity ethics, we find a certain lack of respect if considering nature solely as raw materials or a pure investment of capital for exploitation and production. We should dedicate the same respect and integrity to the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom as we want to dedicate to ourselves.

Have not humans at all times made interventions in the natural kingdom when having turned beasts into pets?

Hasn’t wildlife been turned into lands and gardens?

To man’s defense, we can say that there is a big difference when engaging in nature for exploitation that involves damages to natural resources, or if we plan in such a way that we are causing minimal damages to the natural kingdom.

We can state that there is a big difference considering the creative, maintaining, healing interventions in the natural resources, compared to the destructive interventions that man conducts on earth today.

There must be a distinction about what is permitted and what is prohibited i.e. which can contribute to incalculable damages to the environment. The limit is where we draw the line. Here the beneficial ethics and the integrity ethics can agree to respect nature for its own sake. Without nature, we humans cannot survive on earth.

The effect of our actions makes no difference whether we are poor or rich, in power or powerless (weak). The effect affects everyone indiscriminately. This should Presidents, Head of States, Business leaders, decision makers and others have in mind when discussing different kinds of problems. We can already behold the effects of our interventions in nature if not shutting our eyes to the reality, e.g. the exploitation of rainforests and forests, exploitation in oil producing countries, exploitation of mineral resources in Africa and other parts of the world, the destruction of nature and society through warfare.

The limitation of the integrity ethics may be that it is conservative. It cherishes a kind of life quality. Therefore, there may be a fruitful resonance between “integrity ethics” that want to safeguard a good material standard, a good life and the “Cosmic Gnostic Ethics” that AIC stands for (The International Academy for Global Human Culture). We can through our Gnostic approach guide man on how to make improvements in nature, in life, in society, in the world, with consideration to the natural laws. Good material standard is not the same as materialism, material pursuit. Good material standard is about making use of technology that is in harmony with the laws of nature and that facilitates human development of life on Earth.

Dialogue ethics

In dialogue ethics, moral rules have a great value if all parties admit it. Dialogue ethics says that neither tradition nor human nature itself give us universally binding ethical rules.

Therefore, dialogue ethics focus on how we reach a moral decision, rather than on what we should do. In many respects, dialogue ethics is rather a process than an ethical theory in the classical sense. Dialogue ethics is the ethics of the best argument or reason. Important are the willingness and desire to see things from the other’s point of view and the understanding between parties. Here is the dialogue or conversation idealized in a way and cannot always be followed. All norms and decisions of dialogue ethics thus are mediating. They are expressions of the best we still try to obtain but haven’t reached.

Dialogue ethics emphasizes respect for every individual’s point of view and can therefore counteract the danger of an argument (dialogue between different parties) to develop into a trench war.

The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA) and AIC strive for an unbiased and reason-based dialogue, above a degenerate debate which is often ego and emotionally related. In the latter case there are sand-box-level arguments as can be seen in TV debates, where representatives of various philosophies, viewpoints are speaking at the same time.

The critics of dialogue ethics argue that it must first be a debate or dialogue about how to respond to the factual matter. The end result depends on how the parties can agree on the issue and get along, for the sake of the conversation.

Reaching a Cosmic Gnostic Ethical Consciousness

Cosmic Gnostic Ethics involves an ethical demand always to act so people and nature experience most possible harmony and minimal disharmony.

Reaching a cosmic ethical consciousness and making the right decision in a situation of choice is an art. There are usually no obvious answers and simple solutions to difficult ethical questions. By studying Christian ethics according to Gnostic (Original Christian) knowledge may give theoretical prerequisites for being able to choose what is right and good in life.

By creating an ethical consciousness, which is achieved by the right meditation and the development of a higher quality consciousness (by AIC developed brain program), we are easier able to make the right ethical decisions in difficult situations of choice.

Right meditation involves a complete focus (concentration) in the forehead region, above the bridge of the nose, in the epicenter, where the Soul Atom – Soul (the higher quality part of consciousness) and the Mind have their seat. All other meditation techniques that lie beneath the epiphysis center are of lower quality and belong to the animal-human stage of consciousness. This consciousness includes lower quality thoughts and feelings that lead to egotism, selfishness, lust for power, abuse of power, greed, lust, vanity, wrath, violent behavior (hate, anger), anarchy, disintegration of society.


In order to be ethically aware, we need to ponder upon what eigenvalues we believe are most important, and who we think should get some of these eigenvalues. We should also clarify which of these above listed ethics that best describe our approach. Every individual should also consider their own outlook on people, philosophy of life and of society. This gives the individual a separate prudential framework and guidance system that can help us through difficult ethical positions.

Most ethical decisions are made quickly and under the influence of strong, lower quality feelings. But when we make these ethical decisions, we need to know a number of factors in order to obtain the best possible result. If the below questions are answered then some of these factors can be revealed.

  1. Which eigenvalues are at stake and who primarily benefit from them?
  2. Searching for facts to the extent that the situation allows. Many times we have to decide without having access to all the necessary facts.
  3. Interpret and evaluate facts. Each individual interprets and evaluates facts from his life experience and frame of reference, i.e. outlook on people, philosophy of life and of society.
  4. Draw conclusions about action consequences. Consider whether the decisions should be guided by a previously established rule (e.g. Gnostic approach, quotes from the World Doctrine – “The Gnostic Bible”, philosophical expression, etc.) or by hitherto known religious, political, intellectual rules. How should the best possible effect or consequence be achieved? Or should good intentions control independently of rules and consequences.

Take a stand and act. When we act in various ethical situations of choice we make it for various reasons such as courage, empathy, compassion, conviction or previous experience. Sometimes we try to escape a problem by refraining from taking a stand and from acting.

Each standpoint must be investigated

When we value what ethical demands we make on politicians, decision makers, religious leaders, scientists, our values are built upon opposite relationships between “deontology” and “consequential ethics”. Both of these are based on what we regard as good or bad.

We cannot respect political decisions, religious claims, economic ideas, industrial and technological decisions, without taking into account their consequences. We must scrutinize every decision and what they lead to. We must also take into account the ideas that we for the time being are equipped with individually regarding our duties or actions – so they benefit the good and harmonious in life.

The “Cosmic Gnostic Ethics” cannot be a mix of ethics.

A public ethics will not work if it’s only the sum of the ethical opinions of the population. The different opinions are derived from the individuals’ knowledge banks, collective experiences that are stored in their subconscious fields and their DNA matrixes.

The human way of thinking, feeling and acting from a qualitative point of view characterized are by three different levels of consciousness. The highest of these levels is not yet developed in the earthly human being.

  • a lower quality level of consciousness
  • an intermediate level of consciousness
  • a higher quality level of consciousness


  • The lower quality level includes the consciousness levels 1-3
  • The intermediate quality level includes the consciousness levels 4-5
  • The higher quality level includes the consciousness levels 6-7

From where does an ethical viewpoint get its strength? An ethical viewpoint is not very indicative – and when and how should it be added other viewpoints? These factors are important to take into account.

Obviously, no spiritual master teacher or political leader can convey an absolute ethical position that is trustworthy and that currently can be accepted by all here on earth. However, most people can express an idea that is reasonable and acceptable from an ethical standpoint. It is imperative that each individual’s position is to be presented if we at all are to formulate an ethic that everyone can follow. This is called “democracy”. This is of course an utopia and does not work anywhere in the world today. Many people talk about democracy and democratic principles without understanding their meaning. Democracy means “government by the people” and cannot be applied in its entirety as long as man hasn’t reached a soul consciousness (a higher quality consciousness). As long as man doesn’t follow Christ’s message i.e. the law of the cosmos in their daily life, democracy is just wishful thinking, imagination, utopia.

If we want to bring peace on earth among people and nations, then we must follow some simple rules that are in harmony with nature and the law of the universe – which the true Gnostic (Original Christian) Church stands for. We cannot oppose the laws of nature and at the same time believe we create peace and communion with ourselves, in family life, in society, in the world. Life is what we make of it. The way we think and act in different situations will determine our future destiny and how it will unfold. Every man forges his own destiny.

Basic values in politics

When ethical considerations are handed out to the society from politics, it is important that we pay attention to the limitations of the ideas and that we are open to other ethical values. The main thing is that the ideas don’t deviate too much from what we want to accomplish.

It is totally unacceptable if ethical rules and values are used by the state or within politics as a weapon to manipulate or dominate political or social opponents, which often occurs when a new party or ideology emerges at the horizon and wants to protect the weak, the vulnerable in society above benefiting the rich. In that case ethics is not used to formulate standards to protect the vulnerable in society. The ethics has thus become a power tool. In such situations, we cannot talk about democracy or democratic rights.

Politics and legislation are not only about ethics, but also about other kinds of considerations. Politics is about interests also, and not least different visions about creating and maintaining a certain welfare and a certain distribution of power.

Therefore, a democratic society to a certain extent must distinguish the ethical – moral questions about what is good (positive) or not good (negative), from the political and legal issues that mainly deal with what should be allowed or prohibited in the society, world.

Basic values in Religion

The ethical – moral principles that prevail in religion today are unacceptable seen from a multi-dimensional, cosmic-spiritual perspective. No faithful communion has the right to condemn, criticize or persecute dissidents or other faithful communions’ concepts of God, or what is right or wrong, since faith and knowing are entirely different phenomena.

All religions of the world are building their theses on faith above knowing. In this way, all religions are right in their way to interpret what according to their belief is divine or not.

The true Gnosticism only, whose foundation is based on God- realization through self-realization, can claim to know and live in unity with the ethical moral rules that are in tune (resonate) with the law of the cosmos – that which Christ preached to mankind from the beginning. In this way Gnosticism is the only spiritual philosophy that takes into account the laws of nature and leads man to emancipation from all forms of mind-related confinement.


Mark John and Sophia
Patriarch, Archbishop of the Gnostic Christian Church of
the first Christians, and President of the Northern Pontifical Academy.

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