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Negative Entities, Earthly and Extraterrestrial

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How they can affect our everyday life

Have you ever been in a situation where negative entities (beings) or energies have had a negative impact on your energy system?

If so, our custom artifact program may be right for you.

This artifact is only “one” among thousands that can enhance your plasma (etheric) protective structure, the bio-field that includes your physical and subtle bodies, without the feeling of being energetically separated or limited.

The formula (information structure) programmed into your Protective Artifact has been developed and improved over many years, and various parts of the formula have been used countless times under all possible circumstances. This encoded information matrix is dynamic in its operation, meaning that it is self-regulating and only works when needed.

It is difficult to have an increased energetic awareness and to be resistant to negative energies that are around us in everyday life basically 24/7; this is especially the case for our younger generation whose gifts of awareness are sensitive and still not fully developed.

This device is designed to create an energetic structure so that negative energies and entities (beings) cannot settle or attach themselves to the person’s bio-field (energy field).

This energetic structure will enhance protection on various levels and will strengthen the person’s energy field – regardless of age or sensitivity.

We have particularly focused on the following forms of negative energies, which include:

  • Imbalance caused by ghosts, spirits, trapped souls
  • Imbalance caused by damaged souls
  • Imbalance caused by malicious or inappropriate entities
  • Imbalance caused by harmful forms of energy
  • Imbalance caused by human conflict or emotional energy
  • Imbalance caused by elementals
  • Imbalance caused by harmful wood spirits
  • Imbalance caused by harmful animal spirits
  • Imbalance caused by Stress/disturbance (man-made), emotional
  • Imbalance caused by Chakra imbalances or blockages in others
  • Imbalance caused by black magic
  • Imbalance caused by curses or spells
  • Imbalance caused by (negative) Extra-Terrestrial Interference
  • Imbalance caused by psychic “threads” connected to people that cause draining of energy.

The Protection Artifact can be worn at any time or for as long as required without any adverse effect on the user. It is particularly good to use in exposed places, e.g. restaurants, night clubs, shops, old buildings etc. Some sacred places and crop circles have also been abused, and the protection artifact will stop negative energies from getting stuck in your bio-field.

We will shortly announce how you can acquire these artifacts, e.g. the protection artifact. It is important that we all work as best as we can now on our development. If you are not yet an AIC Association member, there is a link below for the “Free Membership” or the real “Membership”.

We will present these latest technologies at the seminar in September. Members of the AIC will be invited and non-members are not invited. Artifacts can be ordered at the seminar.


The AIC Membership Agreement is now updated

We attach a link to AIC’s Membership Agreement, which all members of the AIC have read and agreed to when they applied for membership of the AIC. This agreement has now been valid since 1 May 2011 and is now updated:
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