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Unifier’s Message to Humanity


Earth has entered a new age, the Aquarian Age, which implies major changes for both humanity and nature. The Piscean Age was the end of man’s emotional development. This period has resulted in the development of emotional willing, emotional thinking and emotional actions. This has caused sufferings for humanity and problems of different kinds. During the New Age, the Aquarian Age, which is also referred to as the “Golden Age“, man will develop his spiritually related rational thinking and not allow himself to be dominated solely by emotions as to date. This will lead humanity to harmony, peace and community, free from all sorts of entanglement and problems of different kinds. This process has already begun, which we can begin to see through the mass movements of people that take place in Europe and in the rest of the world. This process of integration has been initiated to unite people, rather than to separate them as hitherto.

Sweden is at the forefront of this development.

But before an absolute integration of humanity can take place, then earth, nature and man must undergo a process of purification and then a process of restructuring. These changes require our own commitment and willingness to break free from the outdated paradigm (thought structure), traditions etc. that hitherto have dominated our lives and kept us trapped in egoism and in the dungeon of materialism.

The entire present civilization is at the beginning of a global process of change which will affect everyone in different ways independent of belief, color, gender, status or national origin. This process of change will happen quickly!


Man has since long been warned through various prophecies of what will happen at the beginning of the New Age. But man has ignored and not listened to these warnings. Most still believe and think that what is to happen will affect all the others but not themselves. Or that it will not happen in their present lifetime. But there is continuous change, wars, natural disasters in various parts of the world. These have been intensified. It’s no longer a question of if they will happen on a larger scale, but when.

These changes start to escalate more and more and they are inevitable, because they belong to man’s cosmic development. But when the need is greatest, the help is closest.

The Supreme Creator “God, Christ” has always intervened and influenced history when the need was greatest. He has been doing so by sending one of His ambassadors (messengers) to earth. This has been done to guide humanity out of the chaos that man through ignorance, unawareness has created for themselves. But man has not listened to these messengers. They have instead allowed themselves to be guided and controlled by an egotistical power elite and clergy who are as ignorant and unaware as they are themselves.

This time, the Supreme Creator has sent two special ambassadors who are endowed with both Spiritual and Mind-related (intellectual) knowledge. These two beings have acquired this knowledge through several incarnations on earth. This was necessary for them to be able to understand human suffering and to teach people how they with their inner power of God (soul power) can get out of their own situations and problems of various kinds.

These two seemingly different beings are known under the name “UNIFIER”, and they start their mission from the Nordic countries.

In the book “The Interpretation of the Revelation,” the 19th chapter, written by Elisabeth Ståhlgren, published by the Reform publishing house in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1968, one can read the following.

“The man on the white horse, he who comes as a conqueror, is the man from the North, about whom the seers have been telling for a long time. He will come to introduce the new age for the people of the Earth. He is a being belonging to higher worlds, but with experience from the struggles and strife of the lower realm, in which he is an active participant.


His mantle is soaked with the blood of the enemy, and the enemy is the Devil, Dragon who took abode in the body of the beast. Thus he is one with mankind, its victorious part.”

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