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The Right Meditation

Meditation according to the CelesteMethod® is the Way to Absolute Freedom and Harmony.


Meditation according to the CelesteMethod®

The human life on earth is very short, although it lasts for a hundred years. From a material point of view, most people have it good, especially in Sweden, but still there are questions within most of us that we either are aware of or not:

  • Is it really the meaning of life that we are born and then die?
  • Is there anything else we don’t know about?
  • Anxiously we are looking for something meaningful, but what?

What do we hope to find in material possessions, pleasures and relationships that are perishable and which can be taken away from us at any moment?

We see what happens in this world. People lose their homes through war. People walk thousands of miles in hope of finding happiness, harmony.

What do they find?

They find new problems, new difficulties.

We are not supposed to lack material things. We are not supposed to abstain from the world of beauty that surrounds us. Nor is the meaning to denounce the material and return to a primitive stage of development. On the other hand, the material must be a means and not a goal in our pursuit in life as it is today. We should always strive for balance.

  • What is it we want to find?
  • What are we looking for in life?
  • How do we want to live or be?
  • Do we long for serenity, optimism, strength, peace, happiness, security and harmony?

All of this we can achieve within us.

God-realizationship means that we always act in accordance with the expression of the Soul and not with the expression of the Mind. This means that we always allow our “conscience”, our higher qualitative I (Soul) to decide. Only then we can achieve happiness, peace and harmony.

Christ expressed it as follows: As you want others to treat you, so you should also treat others.

It is a simple law that you can follow if you consider yourself a human being. Otherwise, you still belong to the animal-human state (barbarian stage), viewed from a consciousness point of view.

The security that the majority strives for is mainly based on the material, perishable in life. This means that you never have any real security, never any real happiness. We can become unemployed. We can lose our material possessions. We may experience serious illnesses or accidents. We can lose our loved ones. We can achieve security only within ourselves and not in the exterior.

Do you think billionaires, millionaires that so many admire and envy, are happy with their lives?

… maybe sometimes.

They constantly pursue material possessions, and once they have acquired them, they worry about being able to keep them.

Most of whom they call their friends are fake friends who abandon them as soon as they cannot sunbathe in their splendor.

Women who gather around them are like ants on sugar cubes in order to live a glamorous life without having to do anything but prostitute for an artificial life.

The life of the wealthy is like a bag, empty with no contents.

They spend most of their time living a worthless life.

Once their biological, mortal life has ended, they will be forgotten, regardless of how well-known they were before.

If we build our security on exterior things only, on the economy, the material, the perishable in life, then we have lived a meaningless, worthless life.

This type of life brings with it accidents, economic collapse, natural disasters and death, or in other ways tries to allow us to change direction in life.

Who or what is it that creates, sustains and guides us in our destiny?

We believe and hope for that there exists a GOD, a divine power which the religions have taught us, or a higher energy that is closely related to us.

How is our “relationship” to this force (we can call it the creative God Power)?

Can we use it, trust it, communicate with it?

We think it is infinitely far away and difficult to reach – even though the creative God Power is nothing but the innermost core of our self – our conscience, our true identity. We are all part of this higher energy that permeates and maintains everything within us and around us.

What we really seek, long for – is happiness, harmony. These belong to our “Divine” spiritual original essence. Let it be our goal to gain access to our true essence, being and thereby be reconnected to the God Power. Otherwise, we become an AI “artificial intelligence”, a soulless mechanical robot that has to live a disharmonious life without any rescue.

We cannot find the God Power in any religion or in any temple built by human hands. We can find it only within us – in our innermost being.

Meditating according to the CelesteMethod® is the Way to Absolute Freedom and Harmony.

To find this absolute harmony, we must first find our built-in GPS. It is located in the forehead region in the posterior medial frontal cortex.

Without our built-in GPS-navigator, we cannot navigate right in the mind world maze.

All the different meditation techniques known today in the West, that Yoga masters, different kinds of Tibetan and Indian gurus have taught and teach, are connected to the Mind and not to the Source behind the mind world. The use of mind influenced meditation techniques is both a waste of time and energy from a development point of view, and does not lead the practitioner further on the evolutional spiral.

The meditation technique advocated by the UNIFIER and the AIC is exclusively “Soul-related”.

In order for humans to find their inner navigator, the “GPS-navigator”, it is required to be initiated by the UNIFIER. Without such an initiation, one is completely left out to the influence of the negative powers and creatures. Then there is no protection from the constant influence of the negative powers and beings.

E.g. If the radio device isn’t connected to the power outlet then we cannot listen to different programs. If the GPS-navigator we have in our cars, boats, cell phones isn’t connected to any satellite, it cannot receive any information about directions, distances, etc. The same thing applies to humans. If our built-in GPS-navigator (Soul) isn’t connected to the zero point energy field, then we don’t have access to any information other than what mind world mediates to us. Then it is easy to go astray in the mind world maze.

For millennia, the earthly man has devoted time and energy to exploring the mind world and has been caught in and indoctrinated to believe in that this world is the real world. This has been the case instead of considering the mind world as an illusion, a scene that is constantly changing. Therefore, it is easier for man to believe in lies than to understand the truth.

One thing is being able to speak several languages, another being able to tell the truth in one single language.

There is a saying: While the lie has reached to Baghdad in Iraq, the truth is still looking for its sandals. Thus, people believe more in lies than wanting to find out about the truth.

// Unifier

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