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The New World Doctrine

AIC explains The New World Doctrine

The World Doctrine is the Universal Cosmic Law subjecting all natural kingdoms, i.e. mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom. Regardless prevailing belief and law systems in different parts of the universe so the World Doctrine controls them all. The A.I.C. purpose is to explain the world doctrine and realize it in man. Only then has our civilization the possibility to survive. Therefore, A.I.C. teaches life science (cultural ecology) and consciousness development.

People are speculating within various circles about a New World Teacher – the appearance and the return of a Messiah. Some see this imaginary being as some sort of liberator who shall liberate human beings from suffering, famine and economic situations. Others see this being as a prince of peace who comes to create peace between races, nations and the people of Earth.

The Christians in the West are waiting for the return of Christ, the Jewish people for a Messiah. The Hindus are waiting for Krishna; the Buddhists for Maitreya and the Islamic people are waiting for the return of Allah. People are also speaking about an Antichrist who shall appear and lead a New World Order on Earth.

The emergence of The New World Doctrine is already here

The New World Doctrine is the undistorted doctrine – the science of the Soul that exists beyond all cosmic hierarchies, federations, beings who until now have ruled the people of earth. For the first is man given the possibility to emancipate from the mind world control and communicate directly with the Original Source. In order for this to happen we must first rid ourselves of negative thoughts and emotions which are stored in our subconscious data field and unite our Higher Self, The Soul with the Original Source, Central Universe.

Humanity on Earth has entered a new phase of development, a new paradigm, which requires an entirely new type of knowledge and consciousness than hitherto has dominated the major part of the Earthly population.

This means that the New World Doctrine consists of a totally new refined knowledge and consciousness compared to what any earthly or extraterrestrial being possesses.

The New World Doctrine comes from the Nordic Region and has since long been foreseen by seers

The Earth seven Time Capsules correspond to the locations on the seven continents. The Seventh Time Capsule is located in the Nordic region (Sweden), which represents the main center for the New World Doctrine. For the first time in human history, this World Doctrine becomes accessible through A.I.C. to all people seeking the light over darkness, i.e. liberation from the entanglement of the mind, matter.

The majority of humanity sees only to the edge of the forest, but the New World Doctrine makes it possible to see into the forest and beyond. The New World Doctrine makes it possible to see all kinds of situations from their original and genuine contexts to assist those seeking guidance.

The New World Doctrine has come as a guide, counselor to those wanting to work for a higher qualitative consciousness in the society of the world. The New World Doctrine has come to explain why Earth and humanity are stuck in its current situation, and how each individual through increased consciousness and understanding can change their lives for the better.

If we create peace within ourselves, then we can bring peace between races, countries or nations.

Religion or politics are only tools. It is the human being, the individual himself that decides how these tools are best used to benefit the development of the individual and the society.

The A.I.C. Center is being established in the North, in Sweden, from where the New World Doctrine – The Unifier Comes.

You can partake the New World Doctrine through A.I.C.. The World Doctrine is the guiding star that lights your way. Hopefully you see what this means for you.

By partaking the A.I.C. consciousness development program you contribute to your own, others and the development of the society. The first step for you is to sign up as a A.I.C. member.

By choosing path you decide your own destiny

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