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If we summarize Dr. Sandor A Markus knowledge and experience which is described in his World Doctrine consisting of many thousands of pages, we can say that he is one of history’s greatest figures in the Life Sciences. No one has neither in the past nor at the present been able to explain clearer than he has done and bring into life the true Gnosticism (the undistorted esoteric doctrine), Science of the Soul, which is the basic foundation underlying all philosophies and sciences. Only few on earth have hitherto had some knowledge about Gnosticism but Sandor A Markus has made it a living philosophy and science (through knowing). Gnosticism is about God-realization through self-realization. This is the hallmark of a true gnostic, a cosmic human being in comparison with the human animal being.

Gnosticism founded the Christian faith, but it was banned already in the first century after the Christian era began. Gnostic practitioners were exiled, persecuted, tortured and executed by a power-seeking clergy. It was fabricated a story about a being “Jesus Christ” who was nailed onto a wooden cross and that he took the sins of mankind upon himself thereby freeing man from all kinds of debts and consequences regardless if it was murder, rape, torture, etc. Thus the great Roman Emperor Constantine, other equals and their followers went free from all kinds of crimes they had committed against nature, humanity and the world.

To claim that one single man nailed to a wooden cross could take on the debts of the entire world is the biggest fabrication, fraud and falsification in history that has been presented to mankind on earth. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a symbolic act. It has no basis in reality, even though crucifixion was applied in the Roman Empire as a death penalty. It is surprising that even today over 4 billion people on earth believe in this and call themselves “Christians”.

It is time for humanity to wake up from their slumber and see reality as it is and not as they think it is.

There is a proverb saying: while the lie has reached Baghdad, the truth is still looking for its sandals.

Falsehood has turned to truth and truth into lies.

Gnosticism is not a religion or religious sect, but a life-sciences, knowledge of the source of truth, i.e. how to know what is right. A true Gnostic is a man who lives in unity with the Law of the Cosmos, the Law of the Soul and has developed a higher qualitative consciousness.

Those who live by the law of the mind and the mind’s order and are stuck in various conceptions, illusions, traditions, beliefs, etc., cannot call themselves Gnostics.

In The New Age, the Age of Aquarius which is also called “The Golden Age” everything swept under the carpet will come to the surface. All lies will be revealed. This age has no room for falsehood, hypocrisy, lust for power, egotism, hatred, violence, vanity, greed, lust, etc. Therefore, the new civilization, the 5th in order will consist of people who through their living follow the Law of the Cosmos – the Law of the Soul. As you want to be treated by your neighbor so you should also treat your neighbor.

We all are cosmic siblings, brothers and sisters, regardless of race, color, sex, national origin or status. We all descended from the same source.

Do you want to become a Gnostic – one who knows and just not believe?

Do you want to become a Gnostic – not only in words but also in deeds?

Do you want to be part of a Global Human Culture, where we together contribute to a better world to live in than heretofore?

Do you wish to be part of the new civilization – the 5th order?

Then you should become a member of the AIC Association where you can train your consciousness to a higher qualitative multidimensional level and let your Soul Consciousness control your life instead of your mind. Your choice and your destiny are in your hands.

Lars Helge Swahn,
Vice President of the AIC

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AIC Association
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