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The increased stress in the society

The amount of stress is increasing in our society, due to a successively intensifying chain reaction. To summarize, we are now exposed to an increasing energy flow from the sun, which energizes our “error frequencies” or personal properties. This causes our properties to express themselves according to their specific qualities, and the need for expression has increased considerably lately (during the last 10 – 100 years). The process is being intensified.

The activity of the sun has increased almost constantly since 1890. Even though the sun has a activity maximum every eleventh year, it is clear that its activity is increasing, and that the rate of increase has grown during the last few years. The solar activity does no longer seem to follow the eleven-year cycle.

The solar activity is increasing due to the sun’s function as an energy transformator. The sun is not wholly controlling itself, and its activity is not random. As a matter of fact, the sun is controlled by the “galactic sun”. The “galactic sun” is a larger energy transformator, which balances the whole of the Milky Way. It has recently been determined to be a “black hole”. It is invisible, but very active, exactly as it has been during the whole existence of our galaxy. The “galactic sun” is controlled by the “central sun”. The ”central sun” is invisible, just as the “galactic sun”, but it balances the entire universe; all galaxies are rotating round it. The “central sun” is the powerhouse of the universe – all energies and manifestations on different levels are, in one way or another, controlled by it. Impulses and instructions, in the form of energy, are transformed from the central sun to the galactic suns, each of which transforms/sends energy to the stars in their galaxy. From this follows that the energy we receive from our sun has its origin in the “central sun” in the core of the universe. Anyhow, the energy impacting on the Earth is increasing – which can be seen by the extreme weather conditions, and also by the fact that we humans receive more energy. This would seem to be beneficial – but for most people it means a process of change, which each individual has to accept in order to benefit from the increased energy.

When the energy reaches the Earth, we are also functioning as transforming stations – i.e., we are transforming down the energy for our own use. We have transformers at the top of the skull, behind our eyes, in the neck, by the heart, in the solar plexus, and in two places below the solar plexus. High-frequency energy in the shape of photons/light are transformed down in order to maintain the function of our organs and the flow of life in the entire organism. The energy has to be transformed down so much since we also have a physical body which has to work and has to be maintained. Most humans today are very much focused on the material side of life, so much that we are identifying ourselves almost completely with the coarser energy structures of our material body, and almost entirely unaware of our non-physical bodies. The coarser energies are linked to our four or three lowest located energy centers, and these are mainly providing the signals that we show outwards, and that which we interpret as ourselves. We find it difficult to look beyond these boundaries.

Why are these particular energy structures linked to our three or four lowest energy centers, which are most affected, and vibrate the most?

Originally – when the energy flowed freely through our bodies – we were healthy, and could control our destiny. We could use our transforming stations to direct the energy flow in different directions, and for different purposes. When we act or think, the connected impulses are also affecting our energy bodies. If the thinking and the activity results in an obstruction of our original energy flow, then the corresponding organ, or body function, will receive less energy, and an energy deficiency, or obstruction, has been created. If we would permit the normal energy flow to “wash away” the obstruction we would once more become completely healthy. During the preceding ages the energy flow has decreased, which makes it more and more difficult to use these cleaning processes. It was no longer as attractive as before to use these cleaning processes. Once an energy obstruction has taken root, it will be easier for the next obstruction to get a hold. The process continued, and we humans, who once were functioning perfectly, became more and more focused on the material world. The once un-obstructed energy flow is today no more than a memory in the normal individual. We have created obstruction on obstruction, and we are now almost completely blocked against the energy flow. The obstructions thus created become apparent through the energy that we receive from the sun, and other sources. Since the sun is now increasing it’s energy flow, these deficiencies will vibrate more intensively, and control our being (behavior) to a greater degree than ever before. The result is that things we until now have not considered problems, e.g. psychological problems, organic problems, allergy (energy deficiency before allergy) have suddenly come into the limelight, since the symptoms are showing. This is the reason why an increased number of people are now affected by allergies, physical problems, and, above all, psychological problems. The energy is putting a lot of stress into these condensed energy structures.

What should I do in order to get rid of these troublesome energy structures?

The energy structures are like material, with their own resonating frequencies. These frequencies can be inverted and “mirrored”. This can only be done by the art of resonance, or by holograms. A natural method for getting rid of the energy blockages is “Right Meditation”, i.e. the Cosmic Brain-program. By this method, neutral energy, i.e. “energy without thoughts”, and unaffected by energy obstructions, is allowed to dissolve the energy obstructions. This is a process that occupies a number of years. How many years varies considerably between individuals. The process can be facilitated by complementing the meditative efforts with use of some kind of equipment that dissolves the energy obstructions.

The largest energy blockages that we are affected by are located in the lowest energy centers in our energy bodies, especially in the two lowest centers. These blockages have a number of different consequences.

Generally these blockages tend to use a lot of energy for performing egocentrical thoughts and actions. Transversely, by projecting energy into the higher centre we will increasingly give thoughts and efforts to “universal thinking”, i.e. thinking and acting in ways that will benefit others, the whole society, even the entire universe. It is easy to see in which manner and direction we humans today are focusing our consciences today. This is a historical self-inflicted damage – we have created our own problematical situation. All these obstructions have to be dissolved in order to allow the energy from the sun and the cosmos (universe) to flow freely through our bodies. By that measure we will turn the increased energy flow into an advantage instead of a problem. We are under severe pressure. Unless we get rid of the energy obstructions, the situation will impair. We will become sick, physically and psychologically. When the obstructions are taking hold in our energy bodies it is not only our organs that are affected, and performs worse. The obstructions also cause the corresponding psychological problems.

An individual in perfect health is not affected by stress in the way we are. Such an individual enjoys a perfect health since he/she becomes more filled of energy each day. You can recognize this healthy specimen by his/hers completely neutral “aura”. Another sign is that a healthy individual does not enter into debates – does not even feel the need of doing so. There are a few healthy individuals, but almost everybody on Earth can be considered more or less unhealthy.

Energy obstructions

Energy obstructions equals the term karma, which has been utilized in a number of religions. Karma also means experiences. It is like “condensed electric energy” or “energy blockages” vibrating in our energy bodies as an extra part, and by resonance it attracts similar energies. This means that a person with energy obstructions and memory traces, that gives the impulse to steal, will do so, if the obstruction is strong enough. This person will also attract other people with similar properties, which eventually will cause the thief to be a victim of theft, thus showing him the other side of the situation. If the thief realizes that theft leads to problems, and wishes to change the situation, he will thus get an opportunity to do so, by taking command of himself and his actions. In that way we will learn, and change our mode of thinking.

As mentioned earlier, our current characteristics are now supplied with more energy than before, and we will act more decisively according to these impulses. This explains the increased stress in our society.

Considering this – it is easy to see in which direction our society is moving. Today there is no consensus, rather a chaotic situation which constantly gets worse.

The choice is yours – do you want to liberate yourself, or do you want to be pulled down into chaos? If you choose liberation you will become a healthier individual, and your consciousness and brain capacity will expand.

// 2006-08-11 Lars Helge Swahn under the supervision of Alexander Markus.
// 2007-02-08 Rough translation by Per Kjellberg into English.

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