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From Barbarism to Super Consciousness

A New Consciousness is a Necessity for the Survival of Civilization

By Dr. Sandor A. Markus

from-barbarism-to-super-consciousnessAt age 14 Dr. Sandor A Markus he had a mental experience on the Great Hungarian Plain which totally changed his life. His consciousness was raised to a higher level and he looked into the Universal Databank – Akashic Records – that revealed the Earth’s past, present and future destiny, as well as parts of the Universal Cosmic Law that we are all subject to.

Until today, at the age of 75, he has continued his consciousness development, and is now tuned in beyond all forms of manifestation in the virtual spiritual dimensions. He now believes that only by acquiring a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness we can solve all individual and societal problems that we face today – no other solutions are viable.

The book is part of “The New World Doctrine” and provides answers to all the existential questions that we humans are constantly thinking about.

What is the meaning of life? Can we change our destiny? How can we reach happiness and harmony? What can we do to change our world and our situation for the better? Can political or religious means solve individual problems? What is death? Is it just a rebirth to another dimension? What is man really – how does he function as a whole? What exactly is consciousness – what sets it apart from intelligence? What is the Soul – is it the same as the Mind? What prevents human development? What is God and Lucifer – how do they relate to each other? Is there anything in all doomsday prophecies – will the earth perish?

We are all the sum of today’s world. If we want to change society we must first change ourselves. The book opens the solution for you – and concludes Dr. Sandor A. Markus, alias Saint Germain’s multi-millennial mission on this planet.

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