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AIC GDPR Compliance

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Email list – AIC Newsletter

Purpose limitation:

When you join our mailing list, only your e-mail address will be stored in our system linked to Mailchimp. You do not need to add names and other address details. The mailing list is used to send news from AIC, articles that we write. The mail will have the subject “AIC project” and there can be information from,,,,, and

Marketing may occur from and, but has not happened so far (2018-05-31).

So far, only mail has been sent regarding new articles at or seminar information from // 2018-05-30.

Data minimization:

We only store your email if you do not add additional address information, etc.


Incorrect email addresses will be deleted from the system.

Storage Minimization:

Incorrect email addresses will be deleted from the system. The email address will remain as long as you wish it, or as long as it is valid.

Privacy Manager:

Responsible for the personal data is Lars Helge Swahn, We only handle email addresses, and we do this to be able to send to you and inform you about what we do under the auspices of the AIC and its “offshoots” described above with URLs. No other person has access to these addresses and we will not issue them to third parties or third countries outside the EU / EEA.

Rights of the one submitting his/her email address:

  • Has access to his/her e-mail address.
  • Can get his/her incorrect email address corrected by registering a functioning one.
  • We save your email address until it becomes invalid or until you as email address owner choose to unsubscribe.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with us on AIC if you have questions or think we have done something that is not in line with this GDPR document. You are entitled to make complaints to the Data Inspectorate.
  • You are entitled to receive an excerpt of your e-mail address.

To update your e-mail address, please do the following under the heading ” Subscribe on AIC Newsletter”. This feature is available on most sub pages at 1. Enter your email address, 2. Check the box “GDPR compliance” 3. Click “Submit” 4. Click on the link that becomes visible, i.e. “click to send yourself an update link”. Follow the instructions in the link.


We at the AIC document our work by saving all mails that we make to the list.

Protection of your email addresses – Security

We use 2048 bit encryption on our web pages. This encryption is thought to be impossible to “crack” with today’s computer technology. The email addresses are behind this encryption barrier.

It is our responsibility at the AIC to report to the Data Inspectorate if any incident would occur with the e-mail addresses, i.e. for example if a USB flash drive would be lost that would have stored e-mail addresses, further if someone would compromise any of our servers or any unauthorized person would get hold of the email addresses.

Facebook comments

People who enter Facebook comments are responsible for these comments. They may modify their comments or delete them. They handle these themselves by signing in to Facebook while adjusting their comments.

We at AIC reserve the right to remove comments if they would be offensive in any way.

The comments are intended to provide a more multi-faceted view of what we publish and provide support for the AIC to develop what we publish.

Lars Helge Swahn, AIC, 2018-05-31