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Unifier’s Message for year 2017

The Reality of the Matrix
– man is a mind controlled intellectual robot who lives in a programmed reality

Today, Earth and our Solar System are influenced by more energy than before. This is because our Solar System has entered a gigantic energy and information belt (neutrino belt) around the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star system, which now influences our Sun and our Earth more than before. We all people are the receivers of this scalar energy and information. Thus, we now have a much better possibility than before to achieve a higher qualitative cosmic (spiritual) consciousness, i.e. if we choose the light above the darkness and the love above the hatred. Which of these two we choose will be crucial to our future destiny.

Today, man is but a mind controlled intellectual robot who lives in his own programmed reality – dictated by four-dimensional influenced negative extraterrestrial beings from the parallel world. We have lost our soul communication and are slaves under the mind.

A change in our individual and society-related situation can only take place if we choose to follow the way of the soul above the way of the mind. Then we become free beings that can instead work for our own evolution and for the society in which we live. All other ways to deal with this present and approaching chaos in ourselves and the world are dead ends and do not help us out of the chaos.

In order to highlight the individual and societal situation that we find ourselves in, it is essential that we read and assimilate the information and energy of the book “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness” and follow the 8-point program that our International Academy for Total Human Culture, the AIC advocates.

The book sheds light on the programmed reality we live in, its deceptive nature, and the only viable solution to all problems which are individual, societal and world-related.

The book reveals what happens behind the scenes of our fabricated reality, which only few people on earth have heard of or know about.

Help open the gate to a paradise on earth – work to open this golden gate today, and at the same time you open your very own golden gate – the gateway to your everlasting beautiful Self – your Soul.

The UNIFIER is here for us All to Guide Us with this!


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