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Multi-dimensional quantum consciousness

The Brain

Soul related higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness

Today’s three dimensional human being uses at the maximum 17 % of his brain capacity consciously. This consciousness is mainly on beta level i.e. at a stressed level. Regular brain training will make man successively use more of his brain capacity consciously. A five-dimensional quantum consciousness is a reality when all consciousness levels are synchronized and balanced.

The cortex is the outermost folded area of the human brain. Here are all brain cell connections (synapses). The rest of the brain consists mainly of nerve fibers, wires where scalar waves transfer information to the various parts of the body.

What is a Higher Soul Related Multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness?

A multi-dimensional quantum consciousness means that the intellectual (three-dimensional waking consciousness), the subconscious (four-dimensional) and the intuitive i.e. the unconscious (multi-dimensional) parts of our brain (the bioelectric brain) are synchronized on all consciousness levels: Beta-Alfa-Theta-Delta at the same time. The energy information flows freely without hindrances. We can train our brain to an increased consciousness by applying the CelesteMetoden® and use more of our brain capacity consciously than hitherto. We can establish a free communication between the collective unconscious field, the subconscious field (matrix) and the waking conscious three-dimensional field. Like a radio tuner we can freely and consciously tune in on the chosen information on any level. The Soul Atom, the Soul controls the mind instead of the opposite.

The mental, emotional and bodily well-being of a multi-dimensional quantum conscious being is unique. No energy hindrances reside in the organism and this makes the energy flow freely, unhindered. All bodily internal organs and tissues work smoothly. The environment in which we live with its air we breath, the food we eat, the drinks we drink will of course effect us. The energy that surrounds us also influences us.

The human mental (psychical) health works super. No energy blockages exist that otherwise resonate with the energy that flows through our electromagnetic bodies. The energy is free to use according to our intention. A multi-dimensional quantum conscious being has reached cosmic majority. A muti-dimensional quantum conscious being sees beyond the explicit unfolded (form-manifested) universe.

“The human soul controls its own mind and thereby its own life”

A multi-dimensional conscious being sees the cause behind every conceivable situation or manifestation on the various density levels.

The path to a Higher Soul Related Multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness

The man of today has stored an enormous amount of electric condensed materials. For the average being this reservoir is at all impossible to see or imagine. Every individual has created a reservoir for himself by living several lives on this planet. Now is the time to get rid of all these electric condensed materials, energy blockages, experiences, cell memories. When energy (solar energy, cosmic energy) affects this electric condensed material (hindrances, blockages), the material comes into resonance. The qualities of the electric condensed materials reveal themselves. They come into resonance and make the human being act according to his qualities. Here we have the causes behind our mental, psychical, emotional and physical statues. The human mind with its encoded qualities influence everything. The Soul is but a spectator.

“The Soul does not control the human life. The Soul is but a spectator to the mind program i.e. what the human being has encoded in the mind. If the mind has the inclination to make it troublesome for us – this depends on our lower quality frequencies, properties. These will automatically amplify by other persons’ same type of lower quality frequencies – like attracts like. This is the law of attraction. The scenario is the same also for other mind qualities. There are higher and lower mind qualities.”

If we want to achieve a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness and liberate ourselves from all mind problems and entanglements, we have to clean off these electric condensed materials from our energy bodies, housings. Only then can we restore soul control and the full energy flow.

To learn to achieve a multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness you should become a member of the A.I.C.. Here you have the information and training-tools necessary when developing towards your goal i.e. a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.

// 2007-01-04 Lars Helge Swahn under the supervision of Sandor A Markus

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