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Unifier’s message for 2016

Now when man begins to understand what is about to happen, most believe that they can protect themselves or escape these impending natural disasters, wars and epidemics of diseases without them actually having to actively contribute to their survival on Earth.

Both the United States and in fact the whole world are facing impending natural disasters. The sun continues to show increased activity. This is now studied more carefully by the NASA and other space organizations around the world.

Increased solar activity gives higher energy vibration to our planet. This affects all life including the human mental, emotional and biological health situation.

We have earlier made it clear through the AIC Academy that man must change his current mind-controlled consciousness structure and energy structure into a higher qualitative soul-controlled consciousness. This is to be able to face the changes that our planet and civilization are approaching in this century. These changes will affect everyone independent of national origin, religion, gender, economic or employment status.

The entire earthly civilization is at a crossroads where they have to choose their path. Either they choose the path of light (of development) or they choose the path of darkness (of stagnation) with everything it means. The choice is in our hands. It is urgent.

The time is approaching 12:00.

After 12:00 it is already too late.

The Unifier – Sandor A. Markus (Marc John) is the only true Master Teacher on earth who has access to the total cosmic – esoteric wisdom, knowledge concerning man’s inner nature and the creation as a whole. Other teachers have only limited parts of this wisdom, knowledge.

Dr. Sandor A. Markus says that happily, there is a way out of this if we as individuals are prepared to work for it…


  1. Lars Helge Swahn

    Interesting video. We’ll see how many people there are who want to change their view on life and also their consciousness before it is too late…

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