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The AIC Project

The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA) operates through the AIC Project.

The AIC project works for Total Human Culture, related to human conditions, progress and development.

The AIC project is international and nonprofit and works for the individual and society to implement the plan that is intended for the planet earth. The earth is to be aligned with its task in the cosmos now after the year 2012. The key words are high ethics and morality and training for a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. Ethics is how you think and morality how you act.

The AIC Project for the individual and collectively is implemented through the AIC Association, “The International Academy of Global Human Culture (AIC)”. The individual must be educated and trained to a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, free from bondage of mind. Man will control his mind instead of being controlled by it. Hereby, of course, high ethics and morality are given for Cultural Ecology with the focus on the Life Sciences – Human Sciences. This individual education and training towards higher consciousness and health is accomplished with the CelesteMethod through the AIC Association and The Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain

The AIC Project for society is implemented through the action plan for fair social development (not yet translated to english).

In today’s world everything is divided in various sciences and branches of knowledge, which creates division and disorder. AIC works towards creating a joint platform for new thinking within philosophy, culture, science and technology thus contributing to man’s future (cosmic) development and progress. Man must develop a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.

The AIC Project works for a Global Human Culture.

The AIC Project’s founder is: Dr. Sandor A Markus.

The AIC Project’s goal and vision:

  • One World Commonwealth
  • One Fraternal Humanity
  • A flag of Love Wisdom
  • One moral standard
  • One language of understanding
  • Above All Frontiers
  • Above All Prejudices
  • Above All Traditions

The A.I.C. Structure >>>

Contributions can be given to AIC Association:

IBAN: SE17 8000 0818 7700 4210 6591

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