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The following book has been published:
* The World Doctrine: Philosophy, Religion and Science of the New Age (Amazon)

The following books have been published

* My Incarnations and Teachings (Amazon, CSpace
* From Barbarism to Super Consciousness (Amazon, CSpace
* The Master (Amazon, CSpace)
* Aliens are amongst us (Amazon, CSpace)

Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain (S.I.O.S.G.) is created. The site is dedicated to distinguished people on their way to multi-dimensional higher quality quantum consciousness.

Nordic Gnostic Unity is complete. Northern Gnosticism with NGU memberhsip for free, awakening teachings, test, baptism, diploma – consciousness training all for free…

Sandor A Markus via the AIC has published the book “Saint Germain, the mysterious count who never dies.” The book shows  the only viable solution to the problems that humanity is facing now – i.e. to achieve a higher quality multidimensional consciousness. All other solutions are doomed to fail. Read more about “Saint Germain, the mysterious count who never dies” at Amazon: .de – – . You can order it in electronic formats as well at

The complete membership site AIC Association is ready to receive members, i.e. By becoming a member you support the AIC’s 8 points for a better world to live in. You will then receive for FREE an entire toolbox for individual development, evolvement and advancement.

As a member for FREE of the NGU, i.e. you will see added information behind your log in every new week. This site is a help for your consciousness expansion towards the multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. When you have made your decision to evolve in a more serious way you may consider becoming a member of the AIC Association when the site is finished, i.e.

Most of the literature is translated into English.

The new web site is published

The introduction of the world Teacher Blog:

We have made ready the member area for the English speaking members on the web site.

We are now working more actively to help people with their consciousness evolvement. One of our intermediate goals is to let people liberate themselves and develop a five-dimensional quantum consciousness. Many have started their training and practice, but a lot more need to start to let one of our intermediate goals be fulfilled. A society has the possibility to evolve if moral is the primary guiding-star. When people have developed themselves to a certain moral standard there is no need for laws to point matter of courses – then we have a good start.

When a certain moral standard in the individual is achieved, the individual wants to liberate himself, and will automatically connect to the Academy. The Academy stands for liberation of human beings, human evolution and consciousness connected to four, five and sixth dimensional knowledge. The flow of knowledge outwards is now limited because the Academy is in its initial phase. If you want to belong to the elite of the society in a couple of years, then begin your training towards your goal. If you want to evolve, you must start your training.


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