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Near-Death-Experiences Tell

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– Bring Paradise to Earth!

After watching several videos about near-death experiences, we can conclude that all have common messages for us earthlings. There is a meaning of everything. We are now facing major changes in the world that we have pointed out for decades and we must do our utmost to be able to follow the positive development that we ourselves must choose. But to choose the positive, we must make an active choice – and if we are not really motivated, we must be pushed to the brink of actually making a choice – to either improve or still turn a deaf ear, and then also face the consequences of our choice.

Being only focused on the external, traditional, impermanent aspects of existence, without changing our internal ethical and moral rules and abolishing all old traditions and beliefs, keeps us bound to the external through our five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. This creates even more problems and sufferings of various kinds for us.

We have many conflicts and irregularities within ourselves, within our families, communities, within countries and between countries. All of this results in various types of external conflicts if we don’t resolve them.

Those who have had near-death experiences (NDE) have mostly been involved in accidents or/and surgery that have made them leave their body for some time. During their stay on a parallel plane known as 4D or “the subtle world”, they have received information about themselves and the situation on earth and remember this after they have re-entered their often very damaged earthly body. It is said that about 10-20% of those who have had an NDE remember it and that their experiences were more real than their perception of reality in their physical body.

They say that for us to come to terms with our shortcomings, everything must be pushed to the brink. We must choose the good; we must choose to improve.

On the parallel plane (dimensions) there is a lot of information and help. But first we must learn discernment because the parallel world consists of different levels of consciousness, both positive and negative. Before we go there, we need to make sure we have full protection so we don’t get hurt or lost.

If we use the positive messages of the NDEs to a 3D earthly level and apply and implement these, then the loving state we experienced in the parallel world will affect our continued earthly life. Conflicts within us and outside us will subside and we will take care of each other more than before. We will evolve with each other instead of working against each other due to the dominance of our egos.

We elevate everything “from barbarism to super consciousness“, which was also the title of our first book. It was published in 1993 and then in 1995 in an expanded version. The book is available in both Swedish and English.

It seems that everyone who have had an NDE, when they come back more or less have enhanced psychic abilities. They may have healing hands and be able to perform healing; they may have easier to read other people’s thoughts, and easier to sense what is going to happen – they simply often have better intuition and insight.

More of those who have had an NDE also seem to be able to help others better than before through their acquired spiritual (soul) qualities.

They say that the chaos we are heading towards will result in a much brighter and more loving existence if we choose this – as we develop and grow with each other. There are many realities, and these should, as far as possible, be able to develop on a reasonably common platform – our earthly existence. Our own individual reality must fit into a reality that can work for many of us.

To become aware of this we must learn what is truth and what is fabricated (imagination).

By gaining increased understanding and becoming more aware, we will be able to bring a paradisian state down to earth. Most of us have lived many lives, life after life, but now we have to choose whether we want to be part of the positive rise on Earth or continue our life on some other solar system or planet that corresponds to our inner characteristics (thought and emotional structure).

We are all bound to a contract when we incarnate (are born) down to earth. Most of what we do and go through is already predetermined. There are different degrees of soul development and karma (destiny) is real.

Contribute to the Creation of Paradise on Earth!

…this is the goal of the AIC®, “The International Academy for Global Human Culture” with guidance from “The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA®). This is why we work on the project and have done so for many decades, with preparations during many lifetimes and earthly lives.

Even if you haven’t had an NDE, we can offer you to become your own “medium” (communicator) in a few days, weeks, or months.

The seminar 21-22 September 2024

At our seminar in Rättvik, Sweden on September 21–22, 2024, we are conducting a two-day seminar for all our members. On Saturday there will be education and on Sunday there will also be activity. We will be back to you soon about the activities on the seminar.

At our upcoming seminar, we will present, among other things, how each of us can become more aware of our inner qualities, abilities (skills), which we all have within us, regardless of whether we believe in them or not.

Develop your inner ability through our guidance and technology

We will offer you inner guidance, meditation key and some simple technical aids (artifacts), which in a very short time will lead you to inner seeing and knowing (mediumship). You will be able to develop the same abilities that the NDEs have, without having to suffer accidents or surgeries. You will experience so-called paranormal (out-of-body) experiences, telepathy, and intuitive ability.

Artifacts for different purposes

When you have developed your inner abilities, you will be able to decide for yourself who you want to meet in the 4th dimension (subtle field); if you want to meet and communicate with any of your former relatives, friends, extraterrestrial beings (entities) or angelic beings.

Note: Only your current inner quality of thoughts and feelings in the form of Ethics and Morality and the strength of your inner longing determines what types of energies and entities of different dimensional nature you meet, attract, or resonate with.

Note: Of course, you get the possibility to protection to avoid the influence of negative forces on your experience and received information from the parallel world.

You will receive all information about the artifacts (energy information) and their various purposes and effects in our upcoming newsletters.


Videos and information regarding NDEs:

Now that we are entering the New Age “The Golden Age”, all emotional, mental and physical problems must be removed from our beings. As help we have now also the “Voice Code“. It must be used at least once a day and adjusts our internal program toward increased health and higher quality consciousness. As we go through this process we will all experience this in a slightly different way. We are all individually programmed, which has to do with our acquired experiences.