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Unifier’s Message for year 2017


The Reality of the Matrix – man is a mind controlled intellectual robot who lives in a programmed reality Today, Earth and our Solar System are influenced by more energy than before. This is because our Solar System has entered a gigantic energy and information belt (neutrino belt) around the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star system, which now ...

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Unifier’s message for 2016


Now when man begins to understand what is about to happen, most believe that they can protect themselves or escape these impending natural disasters, wars and epidemics of diseases without them actually having to actively contribute to their survival on Earth. Both the United States and in fact the whole world are facing impending natural disasters. The sun continues to ...

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Unifier’s message for 2015


The Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier’s message to Mankind from the “Northern Pontifical Academy”, in 2015. The entire earthly civilization is on the threshold of its doom if nothing is done. Egoism, lust for power, greed, vanity, lust, etc. dominate the human mind, his thinking and acting. These characteristics are completely contradictory to the laws of the cosmos and all human ...

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Individual Evolution


Man has lived on this planet and incarnated again and again over many thousands of years. Much experience has been gained which was crucial for the molding of each individual. Individual deficiencies shall be turned into individual strengths. Human beings were to be given the power to reach greater heights. All these experiences are stored in the human being’s various ...

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Womens’ role during the new era


Until now, we have lived in an age of male dominance and women had a subordinate role. This was of course not the purpose from the beginning, but rather a result of ignorance and unconsciousness. The situation for women didn’t improve when religion started to have influence. Women had to keep silent in whatever matter. Her task was just as ...

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Unifier’s message for 2014


THE WORLD DOCTRINE. Change Your Consciousness – Change the World. The earthly civilization is on the threshold of a New Age, a Golden Age – a transition to a future that represents a paradigmatic shift, a change of thought structure and consciousness. This has never happened before in man’s 26,000 years of history on this planet. What we so far have ...

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More teachers than students?


We live in a time of awakening. 26 000 years have passed. We have learnt everything that we could during the time that passed. We must now learn causality behind things. We have for instance never had it explained why there are so many animal species on earth and so forth. Now for the first time in history it is ...

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The Northern Pontifical Academy


The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA). The Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (Apostolically founded in Ecuador thereby in 1968). Government Approved and Registered as a Mystical Order in 1975. No. 1725. The Gnostic Teachings is supervised by “The Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier” – Dr. Sandor A. Markus and Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck – whose role in the ...

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The Spiritual Master Teacher, Unifier


Seers have since long foretold that the Spiritual Master Teacher – Unifier will come from the Nordic countries to initiate the New Age, “The Golden Age” for humanity, and finish what Christ began about 2.160 years ago at the entering of the Piscean Age through John the Baptist. This time, Sweden has been chosen as the place for the appearance ...

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Saint Germain


A presentation of “Saint Germain – the mysterious count who never dies”. There have been speculations about who he really was, but so far no one has known his true identity. He has been hiding behind different masks in different incarnations and has suddenly appeared in the history out of the blue. Saint Germain is more relevant today than he was ...

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