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We live in a World of Disharmonious Energies

Figure 1. Big city consisting of both visible and invisible entities (creatures). About the image.

We live in a world of unhealthy, disharmonious energies. This is due to various factors – both known and unknown. If you live in a big city, you notice more of it, consciously or unconsciously. These energies can be artificial, low-frequency energies, so-called electrosmog or ELF “extremely low frequency fields”. Added are also our astral (subtle) fields consisting of the energy impact of both positive and negative entities (beings). These beings may have left their physical housing (body), but linger in the nearby subtle field, the so-called the astral field that surrounds us. We may reside in certain places where wars have taken place in the past, places of execution, portals where negative beings enter and exit our 3D physical world and reality.

Figure 2. Entities (creatures) that constantly surround us without our knowing it. (About image).

We may encounter uninvited guests at certain workplaces such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, other types of buildings such as apartment buildings where people of different inner qualities live (stay). These guests attract entities (beings) from the subtle, astral field that borders our physical (biological) world and reality.

Figure 3. Protection artifact against geopathic and negative interference fields

These beings may want to partake of our energies or want to be close to us to feed on our life energies or use us as 3D physical beings for their purposes. They may want to possess us and keep us in the physical biological world, because they themselves lack a physical (biological) body through which to express themselves.

Humans generally find comfort in their surroundings, and part of the reason for this is that we are used to the mix of energies in our usual places. But when we travel further afield, we are all – to varying degrees – aware of how different places or rooms can feel welcoming, neutral or unpleasant. If we are sensitive to energies then we are even more aware of this, but in fact most people can relate to a general memory of walking into a strange room or place that may not look particularly threatening but still there is a immediate feeling of discomfort or gloom.

Figure 4. Movable Protection Artifact intended for different types of spaces, Hotel, Office, Home.

Similarly, when checking into a hotel or inn and entering the assigned room for the first time, many people find that it can feel very musty and dirty, even though everything actually appears to be clean and tidy. It is not unusual to find it very difficult to sleep in a hotel room and therefore you may feel restless the next day.

There are many reasons why we may feel comfortable and relaxed in some places, and anxious in others. There will of course be physical factors, such as odors and noise. However, there are many different forms of energy that can cause disturbances and to most people these are unheard of – it is certainly not a widely known aspect of our culture that these energies exist, nor how to deal with them.

Figure 5. Stationary Geopathic Artifact that provides complete protection against both negative energies and entities (beings). The artifact covers about 400 m2 of space.

When we sleep at night, our brain processes some of our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.

The philosophy of the energy-medicine-world that AIC presents includes, in addition to the physical body, also a complex arrangement of energy bodies – energy housings of different qualities and densities, which have accumulated and store trapped emotional pain.

As part of the nightly self-cleansing sleep process of the brain, some of these unpleasant energies can be released from our system – but also via vessels – via the lymphatic system.

We also throw away unbalanced chi (life) energy, which then dies and becomes something called Si Chi (which is a lifeless, decaying energy). Since people are so unaware of this, there is very little awareness about the need for energy purification, apart from disciplines such as “Feng-Shui” or “purification”.

So in the classic case about the hotel above, we can envision that in e.g. a bedroom, where most likely many people have slept and thrown away some of their psychic baggage – that it has all accumulated into an unhealthy cloud of energy debris.

All of this generates a great deal of the psychic equivalent of noise, which also has a rather oppressive quality to it.

In this case whether at home, in the office or on our travels, “Geopathic Artifacts”, both portable and stationary can help us keep these unhealthy and deadly energies out of our vicinity.

Effects of geopathic stress

One out of ten houses or offices are considered to suffer the effects of geopathic stress.

This is often described as “sick workplaces”, “building syndrome” or “cancer-causing building”, which can be caused by many individual or interacting components.


1. Energy that radiates from the earth or the rocks under buildings

Different types of mineral containing rocks under a building can radiate frequencies that interfere with the biological (physical) fields of humans and animals.

2. Ley lines, energy lines under the building

The Australian Aborigines and other ancient populations believed that the earth produced ley lines (energy lines) that emanated from the earth, and in the 12th century the Chinese employed Feng Shui experts who harmonized energies from the earth and advised where to build or not build a house.

New scientific findings show that these ancient cultures are on to something. Seismologists have discovered that the Earth does emit electromagnetic radiation, and that there is certainly a scientific explanation for the existence of the lines ancient peoples spoke about: hartman and curry lines, for example, which run in straight lines. These have been shown to correspond to ley lines.

Figure 6. Ley lines, i.e. Curry- och Hartman lines.

Ley lines or energy lines run all over the earth a bit like veins in our body. When a ley line or energy line travels through a building, it can have a harmful effect on the inhabitants.

This does not mean that all lines are bad, but some cause unpleasant effects in the building and also on people who stay there. Most lines are at a distance of approx. 1-3 m from each other.

If you sit in one of these lines, at home, or at work, or sleep in one, your body will need all of its natural healing abilities to balance the negative effect these lines cause on your biofield. The long-term effects of this will be a weakened immune system and then negative pathology can arise.

Much research has been done on the subject of energy lines affecting health. Some researchers have found groups of houses that are linked to common ailments, and all have a joint energy management problem. In addition to lines, there may be areas or cold spots in the building that feel very unpleasant. Our “Geopathic Artifacts” are the result of 25 years of research and experience. These dynamically balance the building in relation to all energy originating from the ground beneath the building.

3. Water under buildings

Water of any kind under the building can be a problem; whether it is a stream, stagnant or moving. This is because natural radiation from rocks under the building is modulated by the water and the result of this process is unpleasant for the human biofield. Similarly, the mixing of water and life lines or energy lines is not very good. The energy of the lines is modulated by the water which again causes us a problem. Unfortunately, buildings suffering from the “sick house syndrome” often have several of the above causes combined.

4. Power lines in the immediate vicinity of buildings

The power grid companies measure the EMF radiation from their power cables and determine that it is safe to build houses and commercial properties at a certain distance from the cables. Sometimes the cables can be next to or over the buildings.

In our opinion and that of many researchers in the field, these official borders should be altered so that there is a greater distance between people and these transmission cables.

Sensitive people can feel the “heavy” effect of power lines on the body’s energy system many meters from the recommended safe distance. When a person’s immune system is challenged, it is difficult for his/her biofield to ward off this EMF field.

5. Radio broadcasting masts and mobile phone masts in close proximity to buildings

Have you ever experienced that unpleasant feeling of high intensity when you are close to a telephone pole?

Many people react badly to being near a cell tower.

Amazingly, mobile masts are installed even up on hospital roofs – which is a bit ironic since mobile phones are banned in most hospitals. Many other masts are located in public places on top of public buildings.

The negative health impact of the ever-increasing problem of electro-smog caused by this type of installations will be an unwanted legacy that we pass on to the next generation.

Cell towers are hidden inside advertising signs, street light poles, gas station signs and more secret places we don’t know about. However, this type of transmission affects sensitive people who energetically are wired differently and cannot handle the bombardment of signals.

6. Ghosts and poltergeists in buildings

An increasing number of people now say that they see a ghost or spirit in their house, that the house or apartment is haunted – or that they simply see dead people. This is a common phenomenon and it is often lack of knowledge that creates fear in the people who see this.

Some feel a presence around them or in a certain room. Some people hear voices or just have a feeling that someone is in the room.

If you are one of these people, admit that you are sensitive – don’t hide it – it is actually an ability that can be developed and understood so that all fears can dissolve.

We at the AIC are aware of this and are constantly looking for the best solutions because the extraterrestrial technology originating from positive scientists and companies provides the best options. We try to find cost-effective aids so that everyone can afford to get what they need.

To some people, everything we write or offer is “conspiracy theories” or so-called “paranormal”. So it is outside of these people’s comfort zone. This means that they don’t yet have the knowledge to understand what we say or offer to help them.

There is always logic and reason in everything in these observations and experiences and there is always a solution.
A person who has died, i.e. left his earthly life, and was unable to complete his journey to the astral world, has probably put himself in this situation because a relative did not “let them go” at that time, or that the person in question is afraid of death. There are many logical explanations and reasons why they haven’t entered the astral world.

Even more often, it is because they have “passed on” but have returned to help guide family members or friends through a certain stage or with a certain issue in their lives. They can then see from a slightly higher perspective than us, and this is an advantage rather than a problem – right?

If you study the behavior of pets in the home, you can gain additional insights into what kind of creature you are dealing with.

Cats, dogs and small children who aren’t yet indoctrinated in our “3D world of reality” usually experience a positive visit with joy and laughter. These children haven’t turned off their sensitivity in this area.

Good luck!


Now that we are entering the New Age “The Golden Age”, all emotional, mental and physical problems must be removed from our beings. As help we have now also the “Voice Code“. It must be used at least once a day and adjusts our internal program toward increased health and higher quality consciousness. As we go through this process we will all experience this in a slightly different way. We are all individually programmed, which has to do with our acquired experiences.