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Bridge to Higher Quality Consciousness

Figure 1. The bridge to a higher qualitative consciousness consists of 3 interconnected aspects.

One of the principles of energy medicine is that our physical bodies, energy bodies and our mind are all connected by an engrammatrix (memory imprint). An engram can be defined as a collection of instructions (unit template), a sequence of memories, or simply an information template.

Our latest Extraterrestrial (ET) Based Technology includes 330,000 engram matrixes.

Whenever something is created in nature, an engram template is the first thing that exists (functions as a blueprint), and then the physical structure is created.

Figure 2. Shows three different housings of the human body: 3D, 4D and 5D.

This engram matrix then stays in place as long as it is maintained by some kind of consciousness. Once consciousness is removed, the engram will begin to break down, and the physical aspect will deteriorate accordingly.

A good example of this is how an abandoned house seems to deteriorate faster when there is no occupant of the house to keep the engram matrix alive and therefore the house decays faster.

Simply put, energy medicine is about trying to keep these energy matrixes in a pristine state. The human body (or any living body for that matter) is surrounded by a unified engram matrix that tells the body how to create organs, how to repair itself, how to process food and air, etc.

Part of this engram matrix also works with the library of genetic DNA in the body via a specialized matrix called the epigenetic engram.

Here below we can see an example of a DNA image, where the bright part indicates an epi, an over-DNA structure or epigenetically modified matrix of DNA.

Figure 3. The bright part indicates an epi, an over-DNA structure or epigenetically modified matrix of DNA.

This engram is the consciousness behind the processes and templates controlled by DNA.

During the formation of the fetus, a new engram matrix is formed, which is generally in a pristine state.

As man grows older and more self-aware, mind-related-3D thoughts and beliefs can lead to modifications or distortions of the template provided by the engram, and over time these distortions will appear in the physical body as disease.

Inserting instructions into an engram matrix

With this understanding of engram matrixes, it is possible to see how the ability to influence them in a positive way can be beneficial. Our latest scalar technology with related artifacts includes a special procedure where a “bridge to higher consciousness” is created, to 4D, 5D and 6D or even higher dimensions. We can encode instructions directly into the body’s engram matrix to bring about a positive change in an outdated or deteriorating condition.

Chakra balancing

The unconventional energy medicine philosophy incorporates the unified existence of seven important energy centers in the human body.

These energy centers, called chakras, have been known in Eastern philosophy and medicine for thousands of years. Most intuitive healers can actually sense these energy centers and often determine what state they are in.

Figure 4. Solar plexus between consciousness level 3 and 4 constitutes the dividing line between the higher and the lower qualitative part of energy and awareness. The majority of people on Earth have their awareness, emotions and physical well-being focused on the lower part of the energy and consciousness centers. These people are exclusively extroverted, materially fixated, and governed by these energy centers.

Chakras are energy processing centers, and their health and efficiency impact the body’s overall state of balance. In a sense, the chakras are portals to a higher frequency of universal energy – with each of these bringing in specific qualities such as love, communication, creativity and grounding. These energies go into the human system (even animals have variations of this too) and are integrated everywhere on multiple frequencies of expression – a bit like how different Radio channels can co-exist around a radio receiver, but you generally only tune into one frequency (channel) at a time.

The role of the seven chakras can be roughly divided into three groups:

  1. The higher chakras govern the spiritual and mental levels of expression.
  2. The middle chakra forms the bridge between the other two levels.
  3. The lower chakras govern the more physical bodily needs.

The higher chakras are exclusively connected with the consciousness of the Source, i.e. with Soul Consciousness, Self Consciousness and Mind’s higher qualitative part of consciousness.

The higher chakras are about connection to the universe and the divine, thought processes, cognitive communication and reasoning.

Crown Chakra

When in balance, it connects you with higher parts of yourself and with your spirituality. When out of balance, it can lead to confusion, boredom, senility and loss of identity.

Note, People who are not spiritually (soulfully) minded (lack of soul communication) generally have a rather underdeveloped chakra here.

Forehead chakra

When in balance, it leads to clear thinking, intuition and a clear ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. This is also the psychic center that provides the source of intuitive thoughts. When it is out of balance, it can among other things lead to: sleep problems, fatigue, depression and difficulty with determination. When it is overactive, man can become too engrossed in the reality of parallel worlds.

Throat chakra

When in balance, it forms a center for self-expression, communication and for speaking your truth. When communication is out of balance, it can be blocked or confused (e.g. shyness), which can lead to physical problems with the throat, e.g. frequent infections.

Heart chakra

This is considered the midpoint between the higher and lower chakras. It is the center for expressing love – both to oneself and to others and the world. When in balance, it enables a deep connection to all things and compassion for humans and animals. An imbalanced heart chakra means that love is missing in life – any decisions made that affect others will unfortunately lack this important factor.

The lower chakras form the connecting link between the lower qualitative consciousness: thoughts, feelings and physical (biological) experiences. The lower chakras deal with the practical needs of life – having a sense of physical (external) security, adventure, reproduction and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The middle chakra (solar plexus) forms the dividing line between the lower and the higher quality energy, the mind energy and awareness.

When in balance, it can lead to a deeply satisfying emotional life, a strong sense of identity, will and self-confidence, and unconditional love. When it is out of balance, it leads to low self-esteem, low self-confidence and swings in emotions. The same goes for gut feeling, which most people confuse with intuition. The solar plexus reflects either the lower or higher quality part of our thoughts, feelings and physical well-being. Worry, stress, anxiety etc. are expressed via the solar plexus center.

Note: 99.99% of humanity on earth has predominantly Ego communication which is connected to the three lower chakras (energy vortices).

Uro/Genital Chakra

This creativity center also controles sexuality. When in balance via the influence of the right chakras, you can experience stronger sense of purpose, determination and balanced sexuality. When out of balance, one can lack direction, feel disconnected, or be either over- or under-emotional (depending on the type of imbalance). Passion, oversexuality are expressions of imbalance in the uro/genital center. Likewise, all types of bladder, kidney, prostate, ovarian, uterine and abdominal problems of various kinds as well as lower quality ego thinking and acting, immoral behaviour, aggressiveness, anger, anger and hostility.

Base chakra

When in balance, it governs the sense of survival, instinct and grounding in the earth. When out of balance, it can make you feel ungrounded, anxious and dizzy. If you meditate a lot or are exposed to higher quality energy influences, it is important to balance (ground) yourself at the base chakra. Otherwise, one can lose focus in this 3D world and reality that constitutes our current abode. The base chakra also controls the removal of waste products.

Imbalances in chakras

There are a variety of ways for a chakra to become out of balance, and the CelesteMethod® has a powerful automated system to check for problems – and tries to restore the ideal state of balance between all of our chakras.

If a chakra is closed, it is often the result of a semi-conscious decision not to have that center functioning. E.g. people who are denied love or in a hostile relationship can keep their heart chakras closed to reduce the painful emotions that will otherwise be felt there.

A person who is often criticized for their opinions may close their throat chakra to stop talking about things that may cause a negative reaction.

Finally, with the current ongoing financial recession around the world, many people are afraid of losing their jobs and this affects their security center – the base chakra. This further exacerbates the fear and anxiety. It is this negative spiral that – if it continues to worsen, feeds itself – it can lead to a nervous breakdown (exhaustion, collapse, you “walk into the wall” – as we say in Sweden).

If left untreated, it can take months or even years to recover.

This imbalance in the chakra system cannot be restored via hitherto known and outdated yoga methods belonging to earlier ages.

Now that we have completed one lap around the Central Universe, the Central Sun, which has taken 12 zodiacs, about 26,000 years, there is no previous yoga system that will work energetically during the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, the “Golden Age”.

The therapists or coaches who continue to conduct their yoga classes according to these outdated methods, and charge their clients, are dishonest.

Now in the new era of balancing technology, it is proposed for the whole human being that the affected chakras should be opened and balanced again, but at the same time, specific psychology behind the closure will be tried to be identified and this too will be implemented.

Conversely, the opposite problem can occur where the chakras can become overactive.

Sometimes we meet people who just talk and talk all the time. This can be a result of hyperactive heart activity or overactive throat chakra. Inability to sleep at night due to “stress-related syndrome” can be derived from overactive Pannchakra (Corpus Pinealis Plexus – the function of the Third Eye).

Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck’s (Matrix Innovation™) mantras and meditation technique can help to deal with this in the daily routine.

But also our Stress and Chakra Based Artifacts can be of immediate help to discharge overactive energy from deep levels and regulate chakras into balance. This is very important for recovery.

A third cause of imbalance in the chakras is when there is actual damage to the endocrine (hormonal) system which causes the energy flow from them to the whole body to become distorted.

In modern society, unfortunately, there are many things that can cause this – especially recreational drugs that often violently break up the chakras and allow all kinds of random psychic junk leading to all sorts of health and psychological problems. Often this type of damage also leads to strong addictions, which means that all kinds of health impairments occur.

Sometimes a chakra can be damaged by a powerful energy disturbance from the external environment, e.g. unexpected sound impact or shock state etc. There are some people who walk around carrying so much trauma in their energy field that they can literally devastate other people’s chakra systems just by being in their energy field. Therefore, we offer a specifically programmed artifact for this purpose.

This is a rare phenomenon, but it does occur.

Additionally, exposure to a directed negative energy such as intense anger, hatred or jealousy can also cause damage to the chakras.

Each chakra has a protective energy field around it that prevents very low frequency energy from entering, but like a castle wall during a cannon attack, these defenses can be breached and then all kinds of energy debris can enter – and good energy can leak out, or leak out of other people in a parasitic way. Part of the energy balancing protocols in our system looks for such damage to the chakras and to the energy system of the body as a whole, and applies the appropriate healing frequency to kick-start the body’s repair mechanisms.

Our energy medicine system is a powerful tool for maintaining and repairing the body’s chakras and aura fields, and can be used to maintain basic chakra health or to work with specific issues due to injuries.

Within the CelesteMetoden® we have access to extraterrestrial technologies for the new planetary ascension (evolution of consciousness).

4D Template “Artifact”

This 4D “Artifact” (pendant) is designed to enable the user to adapt to the 4th dimensional reality that humanity is rapidly approaching.

Part of the grand plan of the universe is that we undergo a process of spiritual (soul) development.

A general consensus, albeit from our limited perspective, is that there are 10 original, main levels of “Density” (Energy Densities). These in turn are divided into underlying dimensions or qualities or levels of awareness. Each of these is a package of lessons that we must experience before we can move on to the next level.

The first level is the densest and most basic, and the tools and consciousness increase as we move up the levels.

The human species on Earth has been in the third dimension (3D) for many thousands of years, and has experienced a far more negative experience than should have been the case. However, an automatic Galactic process is now taking place, bringing with it a time of Ascension, where we have the opportunity to advance up to the 4th dimension.

Although we have a physical body, we also have a complex series of interdependent energy bodies, which in some ways act like a computer operating system. A complex series of rules, instructions and data governs how the operating system works. Using that analogy, we can say that we currently have the 3rd density operating system, and the 4th density operating system is a slightly different package with different lesson objectives. The 3rd dimensional experience is about separation and duality, where we see ourselves as separate from those who are of a different religion, nationality, political persuasion, tribe, gender, skin color, family, etc. Our 3rd density life experience is about being in that paradigm of duality, so we can understand it and learn lessons that come from being in that modality. When it is time to end the experience of our current specific density and enter the next, it becomes necessary to exit the programming of that density—in our current case, by recognizing duality as an illusion and by entering a perspective of unity, that we are all part of the whole.

Since the current Ascension window of opportunity opened in 1987, the planet has begun to receive transmissions of energy codes affecting our 3rd density protocol. By the way, the operating system metaphor used here is further modified by the thought form matrix of the soul inhabiting the body, so if a person is emotionally damaged, the overall 3D energy matrix may be more difficult to reprogram and less willing to accept high frequency light. However, in a spiritually healthy individual, these codes cumulatively upgrade our operating system to remove some of the denser aspects of the composite operating system/ego matrix. As we approach the point of collective ascension, the intensity of incoming codes greatly increases, and individuals can actually begin to integrate the 4D (fourth dimensional) components into their energy matrix. The more upgrading of the 4th dimension that is done, the less we relate to the 3rd dimension.

The less the 3rd density affects us, the faster we can integrate the 4th density. And then, at the time of ascension, our entire multi-dimensional energy system becomes fully 4th density.

The 4th density “Artifact”, is designed to create a bridge to the 4th density consciousness space to help us make the shift and integrate incoming energy codes (energy encodings). This allows the wearer to more easily effect a shift in consciousness to this higher level of consciousness and place us permanently in this state.

The incoming waves of energy also dissolve some of the denser ego problems with the effect of digging up all kinds of repressed feelings and issues to the surface. This means that we can experience repressed feelings, thoughts and illnesses that we have carried latently within us for a long time. When these come to the surface, we should not think that we have deteriorated in terms of health. All repressed qualities must come out of the body before we can resonate with higher quality energies that will be dominant in our 4D world and reality.

We must ultimately remain free of these blockages so that a superconducting wave of energy can occur that triggers a positive mutation that completely transforms our energy system into the 4th dimension.

You may experience a shift in reality when wearing/holding the artifact. This can provide great insight into everyday life as the artifact can change your perspective and increase your intuition and knowing, by the fact that you see the world from a different perspective.

Often we say that we cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created the problem., but with the help of the artifact you can rise above your thoughts and feelings that you are stuck in. The new energy leads you to a new view of life and the situations around you.

We will with each new newsletter with approx. 2 week intervals present all the artifacts that can change your life completely. You will transcend from stressed, fearful, anxious, anxious, insecure, insecure being to a balanced and harmonious being.

But you must follow our instructions. We offer you tools. You are the ones who have to do the work. We must all take responsibility for our lives.

A shovel cannot dig unless we hold it and dig with it in the ground. A hammer can’t drive a nail into a board if we don’t do the work. Everything around us requires our participation. This is also the case in other dimensions around us. No creature in creation is idle, but only those who are lazy and do nothing. These people also get nothing accomplished in life. They live like parasites do. They expect others to solve their problems that they have created for themselves.


Alkywan Manifestor Sphere 2,4″ Diameter

Here is an informative video on Alkywan:

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Now that we are entering the New Age “The Golden Age”, all emotional, mental and physical problems must be removed from our beings. As help we have now also the “Voice Code“. It must be used at least once a day and adjusts our internal program toward increased health and higher quality consciousness. As we go through this process we will all experience this in a slightly different way. We are all individually programmed, which has to do with our acquired experiences.

…and also important