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Action Plan for Fair Societal Development

Updated continually, latest: 2020-10-17

AIC World – “Bright Future” – Action Plan for Fair Societal Development

International Alliance for Cultural Ecology – Key words: A New Consciousness in a New Time!

This is the only action program that will work in the time we have entered. All the old “structures” will fall into pieces.


Background to this initiative on ethical and moral rule of Sweden can be read in the book “The Matrix Reality” written by Dr. Sandor A. Markus and Lars Helge Swahn.

Action Plan for Fair Societal Development works for:

  • One World Commonwealth
  • One Fraternal Humanity
  • A flag of Love – Wisdom
  • One moral standard
  • One language of understanding
  • Above All Frontiers
  • Above All Prejudices
  • Above All Traditions

The aim of the action plan is as follows

We want to work to ensure that all people in society have an individual possibility for the development of their inherent qualities, which contributes to increased consciousness and ethical-moral living. Man must live a healthy life where ideas are implemented that is in harmony with the laws of nature. Cooperation, understanding and harmony between people are the guiding star where competition is passed on to its origin, the animal kingdom. We collaborate consciously towards heights of technical facilitations, acquisition of knowledge about ourselves and about how the universe works. Sweden’s population, as well as all the peoples of the earth, must once again be aligned with the task we have in the cosmos – to work hand in hand with the laws of nature and the universe instead of opposing them. We work with a multi-thousand year plan for prosperity and long lives in development towards the future.

Fair Societal Development for all people.



The earthly man’s present situation

The human civilization on earth is facing an ecological crisis that has become more critical in recent decades. Man destroys both his inner and outer environment through artificial influence and the consequences of this will be incalculable in the form of natural disasters, epidemics of various kinds. No one can be personally accused for this. It is based on ignorance of the earthly human species as a whole. Nor can any government, political party or religious organization be blamed for the situation in which the earth is at present, but is entirely a consequence of natural development, in which the negative mind power has hitherto had a predominant influence, in comparison with the positive, so-called spiritual.

In this case, as with all simple problems, the solution becomes self-evident, as man understands what the matter is. In order to get a proper grasp of the problem, we must try to present it as simply as possible, even if it involves some difficulties due to the different degree of human consciousness.

An individual at the primary school level has a harder time understanding the equation than one who attends high school. It is perfectly normal for man to understand differently much of life and of events that take place around him.

There are three branches of science in the universe, the cosmic, the social, and the material, which are necessary for the survival, development, and advancement of the earthly civilization. The Cosmic and Social science must come first. There can be no material progress if there is no basis of cosmic and social knowledge to build on. The material progress that has taken place on earth over the past half century has, from a spiritual perspective, created stress, insecurity and stagnation.

When we speak of the “spiritual”, we do not mean the “religious”.

Spirituality is a cosmic, universal concept and has nothing to do with institutional religion, idolatry or sectarianism.

Religion is based exclusively on faith, emotional thinking and emotional will, while the cosmic, spiritual is based on knowledge, knowing, science of man and of hyperspace as a whole. What man cannot perceive with his five sensory senses (sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell), he calls non-existent, unreal, subjective, supernatural, transcendental or spiritual. This without really understanding what is meant by the term “spiritual” or “supernatural”. Everything that exists in hyperspace is natural. What the earthly man can perceive with his five sensory senses she calls real, objective, and scientific.

We must keep in mind that it is only our limited three-dimensional intellectual consciousness and our five senses that scan the environment around us, that exclude us from the true reality, the creation, the hyperspace in its entirety. We perceive only a small part, a limited part of creation in our current state of consciousness. And from this experience of reality, we try to explain how the whole creation was created.

We can imagine a vibration scale, an electromagnetic scale from zero to infinity. The objective visible world that the earthly man with his five sensory functions perceives as reality, amounts to only about 400-700 nm on this infinite scale. (1 nanometer is one billionth of a meter). Everything else is outside the normal individual’s ability to understand, but still exists as reality. The word reality is a relative term. What is real to one individual is unreal to another. We ourselves can be convinced of this correctness, when we think of the difference between the ability of animals and man to perceive reality. The reality of a beetle is completely different from that of the elephant.

Animals have no cosmic or social consciousness but react instinctively unconsciously and consequently have not been able to get anywhere in material science.

In some insects, e.g. the ant and the bee, there is an approach to social community, to the extent that they can live together in large numbers, work for their common welfare and have a kind of discipline that applies to them all.

As a result, they have also developed very limited material group consciousness. They build anthills and collect food for future needs. However, every trace of cosmic knowledge is missing, which has proved to be an absolute necessity for further development. Therefore, in thousands of years, they have not advanced one single step.

Mankind, on the other hand, has from the very beginning of its development had an intuitive sense of a higher power or cosmic intelligence, which arranges and supervises the whole of nature. The human attitude to this power has varied between fear and reluctance to reverence and love, but one has always wanted to know more about its nature.

Cosmic science has its roots right down to the first awakening of human intelligence. And when people began to realize that only through cooperation could one improve their living conditions, the first tribes were formed and thus the foundation for social science was laid.

From these two sciences and the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations, material knowledge has since emerged and this is where the problem starts.

The development in the material field is continuously stimulated by the body through its ever-increasing desires and needs. We can very easily be convinced of this, by comparing the inventions and material development of the last fifty years with the corresponding progress over the last hundred years before that, and this in turn with what happened during a thousand years before.

It is evident that scientific development in the material field is taking place at an ever faster pace. While the cosmic and social sciences only progress in direct proportion to time and sometimes not even that fast. This has caused the chaos that humanity on earth is currently in.

Consider the following problem:
A large massive building is being erected. The walls rise in height at an ever faster pace and the foundation, which supports the entire structure, is also completed at the same time but at a much slower pace. Unless one finds a way to stimulate the work pace on the foundation, it is inevitable that the time will come when the building will collapse on its foundation and both will be completely destroyed.

This has happened before on earth, and the development has come to the stage where the probability is high that the same type of event will be repeated once more.

The danger of the earthly civilization being decimated again is imminent through its increased destructiveness and the means of destruction it has brought forth.

How then can a civilization be threatened by its own work?

The reason is simply that man has not made sufficient progress in the cosmic (spiritual) field to be able to determine how society can best be developed and how material production should best be adapted to the laws of nature.

Those in our civilization who really think clearly understand the danger that lies in the use of unconventional weapons (nuclear weapons). This is especially true in those countries that want to stay out of international control and ignore the regulations governing the use of these weapons. These are the countries where emotions still control common sense.

In addition, there is another problem in this regard, which the earthly man has not hitherto realized. Unless unity between nations can be achieved, the fact that such weapons exist, even if never used, will lead to the total collapse of the present civilization. The truth of this can be understood by anyone who wants to strain the brain capacity a bit. We must not forget that war is constantly going on somewhere on earth as long as man for religious-ideological reasons and abuse of power wants to take control of others.

The earth belongs to the primary school in hyperspace from the point of view of consciousness where hatred, war, selfishness, lust for power, abuse of power are still dominant. Although intelligences from higher-developed extraterrestrial civilizations have for a long time informed man on earth what selfishness, acquisitiveness, lust for power, and abuse of power can lead to, the earthly race has so far ignored these warnings. She continues on the same path to destroy her future opportunities to survive as a civilization on earth. How can such a race call itself intelligent?

Civilization is built and maintained by thinking, conscious and perceptive people, who work with the aim on the future, and not by the ignorant, unconscious mass.

But who wants to devote their lives to improving the conditions of the newborn or unborn generations, if the foreseeable future does not even extend over the next twenty-four hours?

The entire current civilization is threatened by the ever-increasing environmental degradation, which will result in unforeseen natural disasters and epidemics unless man takes constructive actions. Even if these measures are taken at the expense of material welfare, it is necessary. The time is five minutes to twelve. We only have five minutes at our disposal to complete our course to avoid major disasters of various kinds.

But in order to realize the seriousness behind these threats, we must develop our consciousness from its current three-dimensional embryonic stage to a five-dimensional cosmic level of consciousness.

A phenomenon that is discussed daily in the mass media around the world is the strong increase in juvenile delinquency and crime. Some people blame the parents or the schools, others the church or the state. At the same time, neither institution has any direct responsibility for the emergence of the current situation, which has arisen mainly from the fact that young people are more sensitive to the general state of insecurity.

Young people feel insecure and insecure about the future. Many commit suicide or use psychotropic drugs to bear the burden to live. The accuracy of this can be attested by any psychologist. Never in the history of the earthly civilization has the future seemed more uncertain than at present. The rising generation sees no future and the institutional church does nothing either. Everyone sits with their arms crossed and blames each other.

The institutional church that claims to have a monopoly on the cosmic (spiritual) truth cannot give the new generations anything but references to the Bible (the book of books) or to the so-called holy scriptures, which have been created through stories, myths and traditions.

Man has not understood what extraterrestrial intelligences like Akhenaten, Jesus ben Pandira, John the Baptist, Buddha, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, and others have proclaimed to them at the time when they were illiterates. Man’s daily life consisted mainly of hard work to provide food for their families. Only a few could write or read. What these highly evolved extraterrestrial beings conveyed to the earthly man was not recorded until long after their deaths. Not even their closest disciples understood what these teachers actually said or meant. In the same way today the earthly man understands nothing but what he is indoctrinated into believing from his surroundings.

The political and military tensions in the world continue at the same pace, even if it looks calm on the surface. The superpowers monitor and don’t dare to trust each other even if they talk about peace. The change that has taken place in the 1990s in Eastern Europe is only the beginning of a global process of change.

Various religious faiths claim that their religion is the only right one and are prepared to go to war for it in the name of God. This means that new generations would be born and raised under constant threat of an imminent annihilation. Hyperspace has not yet produced the civilization on the three-dimensional level to which the earth belongs, which could develop under such conditions.

While the intelligentsia is discussing and debating whether to intervene to stop this impending catastrophe, environmental degradation and destructiveness are advancing at an ever-increasing rate. No one with responsibility wants to realize what this means for the entire civilization of the earth. The result can be only one – increased crime, destructiveness, natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, storms, floods, climate change, epidemics of diseases, which in turn will result in material damage and to an economic collapse.

There are different views on how to fix the problem.

Some argue that the scientific development in the material field should be halted by ceasing work on all kinds of advanced plans and banning or restricting the study and research in nuclear physics.

Others go even further, saying that one should completely destroy the fruits of material science and return to nature and to the conditions of the animals.

Then there are people who believe that only through increased religiosity, the introduction of religious education in schools, etc., can one improve life and create peace on earth. But history testifies to how religion has so far failed to improve human conditions, except possibly for the institutional church.

If you were building a large building and suddenly discovered that the foundation would not be strong enough to support it through a miscalculation, would you immediately start tearing it all down? No – if you have a bit of human intelligence, you would instead start researching how you could best strengthen the foundation and not have to tear down the building and then rebuild it.

The development of material science cannot be halted. Either development will continue without hindrance, or it will stagnate. If it stagnates, it will collapse. It is not the case that material science has grown out of erroneous basic assumptions, but it will advance and achieve hitherto unimaginable results, if the people on earth develop a high quality cosmic consciousness, quantum consciousness and thereby ensure that they thereby obtain a viable basis.

And if they don’t, what happens then?

Then civilization, like previous civilizations, will perish. It will collapse in a disaster with only a limited number of survivors. These few will have neither the ability nor the will to resume scientific research.

Within a few generations, the descendants have returned to almost the animal stage. Then the development curve starts to go up again. In fifteen to twenty thousand years, a new civilization will arise, thanks to higher developed extraterrestrial intelligences, civilizations. The civilization will face the same problems as the current one and will be faced with the same possible solutions. Should they also fail, they will in turn perish. It is one of the relentless laws of the cosmos, even if it leaves the human race free to choose.

Neither race nor culture is made to be wiped out. If we change our way of thinking and restructure our egocentric characteristics, we will be able to follow the upward curve of civilization and leave the risk of disaster behind. The choice is in the human hands and it is urgent.

We have only two options to choose from, either to succumb because of our ignorance and foolhardiness, or to develop our consciousness to be able to continue our existence on this planet.

As the earthly man develops his current three-dimensional consciousness to a five-dimensional cosmic level of consciousness, he can come into possession of hitherto unknown forces and knowledge, which will result in cosmic dynamic creation.

Regarding science, we can state the following: Admittedly, we have come a long way in nuclear physics, but physics is still at the embryonic stage. It is a fact that man has individual consciousness and possesses the ability to coordinate his senses in meaningful images and logical thought systems. This indicates that there must be a cosmic universal mind of which our individual mind is an “image, copy”.

Due to the limitation of the sensory organs and the inherited animal instincts in man, his conception of the universal mind becomes one-sided and distorted. Despite her imperfections, however, it remains an “image” of “something” that she can guess, but not fully understand or scientifically describe at present.

Beyond the world that our sensory functions give us knowledge of, we are beginning to discern more and more clearly an omnipotence, which is the original source of primary energy (soul energy) and secondary energy (mind energy). From this source known as the “CENTRAL SUN” emanates our individual ability to think and create. Our ethical beliefs also stem from this source, whose admonitions we hear through what we call the “voice of conscience.” A familiar name of this source of omnipotence is GOD, which is GOOD and HARMONIC.

Everything in the world of the mind, in the form-bound hyperspace, is bound to time and space and is perishable, i.e. undergoes constant change, transformation, restructuring.

The 2nd cosmic region, the 5th mental-causal dimension can be described with the terms “non-physical space” and “non-physical time”.

Non-physical space cannot be measured by length, nor can non-physical time be measured by clock. Distances in time and space can therefore not be considered as long or short. They are qualitative and mental concepts, which should be well distinguished from the quantitative and physical concepts with the same names.

Physical time or clock time is, as we clearly realize, a measurable quantity. It determines not only duration but also progress. That time moves in a certain direction must have a deep meaning, but it should be remembered that progress and change are not the same thing. Progress we think of as meaningful and with an intention, which can be clear or hidden.

Changes without goals usually lead to chaotic states, while purposeful changes lead to order and often to the introduction of specific functions. Since time has a definite direction, we can talk with Eddington about the “arrow of time”. This arrow can be likened to a signpost. It shows us the way to the future and away from the past. Sometimes the view has been expressed that the direction of the time arrow in a certain direction depends on an immediate reaction in our consciousness, which has its cause in a partial disorganization of the brain substance.

Intuitively, however, we feel that time has a more fundamental significance than just being a measure of the size of degenerative tendencies in our body and that it has something to do with development and progress.

Actually, eternity should not be considered a timeless world. We can compare the chronology of our memory with the content of a historical story. As we read it, we can skip certain chapters and read the history of the present, before we read the past. But within a limited part of the book we must read the words in their natural sequence, otherwise they would completely lose their meaning. Usually the arrow of physical time points in the same direction as the non-physical time, but as often happens in dreams memories from very different periods of our lives can be mixed up.

Facts of this kind could possibly serve as a starting point for explanations of future predictions. They also show that the dimension of eternity is not a static world where nothing happens.

Our conscious memory functions are seldom counted among the psychic phenomena, which, however, should definitely be the case. They are important manifestations of the human psyche, but we are so used to our memories that we easily forget that the ability to remember needs an explanation. If man had been able to solve the mystery of memory, then he would have received an explanation for many other psychic phenomena.

It has been claimed that potential memories create “tracks” in the physical brain. But the brain is, scientifically speaking, a liquid body and therefore subject to the heat effect of the movement of its molecules. As little as we are able to make complex and lasting impressions in the brain, just as little can we write the history of our lives in water or flying sand and have it preserved.

Furthermore, the metabolism in a biochemical brain is associated with the uptake of new matter and elimination, removal of spent material, so that within a few years only a few molecules of the old brain remain. But apart from this, it is impossible for most people to understand how the mechanical structure of the brain can produce mental memories in our consciousness. The procedure is the same as when programming a data disk or hard disk.

The physical brain, which we can see with our physical eyes and examine with physical aids, can be considered a space-time aspect of something else, which is not currently described in physical terms. We can imagine that it consists of a non-physical or “cosmic” (electromagnetic) equivalent to the physical brain. The non-physical, virtual brain is responsible for the structure and functions of the biochemical brain.

Both the physical and the non-physical brain are a product of ideas in the human consciousness, which have arisen through logical conclusions on the basis of observations within very different fields of research. Of course, we must assume some kind of equivalent between the physical and the non-physical brain, the former belonging to the material, the latter to the immaterial, subtle world.

A potential memory image transfer to a current and efficient image can be described as follows. Every person has his own cosmic memory complex in the eternal world of the universe, which exists beyond space and time. When certain nerve ganglia (nerve centers) in our brain are stimulated by electrical, electromagnetic, chemical or mechanical means, a resonance can be achieved between a particular brain center and its cosmic equivalent.

Immediately, a certain memory image arises in our consciousness, often followed by a series of other memories, in one way or another connected with the first. All have their origin in the cosmic memory bank (universal database), the collective unconscious according to Dr. Jung’s theory, for memories and thoughts, which are often intimately interconnected.

Since the cosmic memory complex has nothing to do with the physical space, it cannot be located in a particular place and since it is also beyond physical time, it is indestructible.

It is now a well-known fact that an individual during relaxation and of thought activity can recall in detail what happens during a particular period in his or her life. This is probably not due to any particularly strong stimulation of the brain, but rather to a suppression of sensations and memories, which could lead to a disturbance in the connection with the cosmic memory complex.

The well-known so-called prenatal memories (memories from before birth), which are evoked in a hypnotic way, do not necessarily have to be interpreted as evidence of past lives or previous incarnations.

Since reincarnation (rebirth) really exists, the evidence must be based on more certain facts than man can establish only through hypnosis, regression, or similar experiences.

This is because the memory is located in the five-dimensional matrix space.

But since man in his present state is the product of his past lives and experiences, it does not matter much what he has been in his previous lives, incarnations. She has only taken on different roles in the scene of life. What good is it if you have been a wealthy person in your past life but live in poverty in your current one? What good is it if you were a king or queen in your past life and is a common worker in your current life?

If we accept the theory that the memory content is indestructible, we must also conclude that every event, which has been registered in our consciousness, is also registered in the universal memory bank, the database, the matrix. In this way we return to the old idea of an indestructible “matrix / akasha chronicle” well known from Eastern philosophy, but here expressed in a scientific form. The fifth dimension in the human development is based on many thousands of years of experience.

It looks like we were able to pick out our own experiences from the huge collection of cosmic memories. But sometimes we seem to pick out memories that belong to a completely different person. This in itself is not more difficult to understand than the known facts of telepathy (thought transmission). But strange as it may seem, the memory complex we contact under special circumstances may very well belong to a person who has just died, or someone who has been dead for a long time.

There are facts that support this view. It has been found that communication during hypnosis, regression or through trance psychics can sometimes contain unknown facts for the persons concerned, but which have later been verified through investigations. Although such so-called “astral messages” are rare, it should not be difficult to verify them. If it can be proven that such messages occur, it directly indicates the existence of a world of preserved memories from deceased people. This idea of a common human memory reminds of the well-known psychologist Dr. Jung’s conception of a “collective” subconscious, or group consciousness, which is referred to as the matrix.

An extremely important thing about our memory complex is its unity or indivisibility. We have a definite feeling of that no matter how much our personality may change during a long life, there is something in our cosmic structure that remains unchanged and that cannot be divided into smaller parts. Individuals of all races have instinctively felt the presence of a unified spiritual essence and have given it a name, i.e. the soul.

The well-known fact that one thought leads to another thought and that the recollection of an event usually leads to another recollection of an event shows that there are links between the elements of our thoughts and memory. This connective system belongs to the immaterial, non-physical world, i.e. the virtual equivalent of the physical brain, the super-memory, which exists in a world beyond space and time and that can be likened to a kind of “cement”, which binds together all our mental experiences in an indivisible unit, a so-called soul seed, soul atom, seed atom.

The existence of personality split shows that soul atoms, seed atoms (original consciousnesses) with different memory complexes can exist in the same physical body. Here the idea of a temporary behavior, mental connection with other soul atoms comes to our aid. The examination of the subconscious soul life in an individual with a personality split can be greatly facilitated by putting the individual in a transcendental state, a hypnotic state of sleep.

It has then been shown that behind the foreign intruders there is a unified personality, i.e. an indivisible soul atom. We can now more easily understand the connection between the past and the future. The axis of eternity has two extensions, one extending towards the past and one towards the future. The past cannot be changed; it is fixed in immutable form in the realm of eternity. In the direction towards the future the links (causal chains) which before have been considered completely unchangeable and determine all events in the future, have recently proved to be changeable to some extent. This new discovery in physics is expressed in the “principle of uncertainty” and is applicable on scientific theories and is a manifestation of the cosmic will, commonly called “God’s will”.

The corpus pinealis plexus, the epiphysis (Tisra Til) located behind the forehead bone is limited in its functionality in the three-dimensional conscious human being. By activating this center of consciousness, one can raise one’s current level of consciousness to a higher qualitative quantum level.

The CelesteMethod® aims to activate a higher degree of consciousness in humans and thereby raise the current three-dimensional consciousness to a multidimensional level of consciousness.

Only through a change of consciousness, which leads to increased understanding, consideration, tolerance, can we overcome disagreements and misunderstandings between individuals, races and nations and thereby achieve lasting peace on earth.

The earthly man is in need of a cosmic consciousness, quantum consciousness in order to become a better citizen and decision-maker, or to be able to function better in family life, society life and in working life.

Man’s decisions in different situations are the synthesis of his current thoughts and feelings. If she does not develop from the point of view of consciousness, then she can also not function as a leader or decision-maker in society. Then her different kinds of decisions will only be temporary, short-term.

The current Parliamentary Democracy must be replaced by a Cosmocracy.

If we look at the current political system, we can see the following: the current parliamentary democracy cannot solve the current or future situation of man effectively, because the parliamentary democracy is in an oedipal, nihilistic state. This condition only creates chaos through its temporary, short-term solutions. A long-term solution can only be found in cosmic democracy, i.e. a dynamic cosmic program.

Our current democratic system is based on a de-cosmization process. It has a nihilistic dynamic, which in the long run is destructive, degenerate for man and for society, and sooner or later leads to chaos, anarchy. Democracy must be guided into a cosmic dynamic creativity.

The great goal of the future development of man on earth is to transform the current parliamentary de-cosmization democracy into a cosmocratic democracy (cosmic democracy).

Cosmocracy is a dynamic cosmic democratic process. Only a cosmic dynamic process can guarantee the development and survival of civilization.

How can we change the current democracy from oedipal to cosmic dynamic democracy?

By becoming more aware of ourselves and our own role and relationship with the universe – that we strengthen the qualitative, ethical, moral qualities that are characteristics of our innermost core. This can only happen through increased cosmic consciousness.

If we integrate the intellectual part of our brain activity that currently makes up about 17 percent of our waking consciousness with the subconscious “non-waking consciousness”, the intuitive part, which makes up 83 percent of our consciousness, we reach a high quality level of consciousness compared to which most people access today.

//Sandor A Markus

The form of Government is changed

We need a new way to govern Sweden – the old party system locks itself in bloc politics and changes for the better fail. In reality, Sweden’s policy has in recent decades gradually dismantled Swedish society.

The party system of today is abolished.

A governing “National Council” is established with 72 individuals. This council shall consist of the most developed, evolved and insightful individuals in society. They must have competence in different areas and there must be requirements for experience and high knowledge. They must be responsible with a view set on a multi-thousand year perspective.

Key words for their characteristics are: harmony, universalism, holistic view and development.

All Ministries (organs) in society shall be governed and supervised by these Council members.

To push through solutions as today because they are economically advantageous in the short term or for other pernicious purposes is made history. Today’s economic system is rooted in the lower qualities of selfishness, greed, anger, vanity, lust, and all versions of all these five qualities. Today’s economic thinking leads to disharmony within man and thus within nature. Today’s economic system works against the universal laws we all obey regardless of whether the government dictates other laws.

Today’s economic system is abolished. But a new economic system is established during a transitional period. It will look different from the current one.

The reason for abolishing the economic system is simply because the debt saturation has reached the level where the printing of new money doesn’t even cover the interest costs that exist. Today’s economic system will thus collapse on itself.

From the ashes “when everything crashes” arises a new type of thinking “A New Consciousness in a New Time”.

The universal task of the world teacher “UNIFIER” is established officially – to supervise the National Council and provide universal insights to drive the work of evolutionary development further. This is the task of the World Teacher on all planets – but the earth differs from this procedure in that it belongs to the least developed from cosmic comparison. When intellectualism develops and is seen from a three-dimensional perspective as the only thing of value, then the level of development has reached its lowest level.

The individual

The individual must be evolutionarily given the opportunity for studies in peace and quiet, contemplation, research, good health at all levels, evolution.

The reality that man has within himself in the form of emotions, stress, quality of consciousness and other qualities is the reality that the individual projects into his exterior. A human being can never create a different reality in the exterior than what he has in his interior. Once man has solved his inner problems then family situation, social situation, country situation and the world situation will become harmonious and based on universal understanding.

Today’s society is the result of people feeling bad physically, mentally and emotionally, which gives disharmony with competition and stress within man and society with environmental degradation that gives a degenerative further downward spiral on all levels.

Society – World

Healthy individuals make society healthy and the country healthy on all levels. In a broader perspective, when the thought structure becomes international, the planet earth will also be healthy and harmonious on all levels.

General working method in all procedures

The general working method that is established in all areas: individual, family, societal, national and international – is the CelesteMethod®. This method is the very foundation of everything.

The CelesteMetoden® includes three parts which are information, analysis and measure. The CelesteMethod® was originally developed for individual development toward better health and higher consciousness, which is a matter of course as the mind consciousness must give way to soul consciousness. This is the only viable path in the time we are in now – all other approaches will be dead ends. With the CelesteMethod® the individual becomes healthier and develops a higher consciousness where the inner healthier environment is projected into the exterior. Individual, family, societal, national and international problems are thus solved automatically. By working with our health and inner resource development we achieve a unity consciousness and become aware of the cosmic law to which everyone is subject. In this way, the future becomes bright – “Bright Future” – we will make the right decisions. The slogan will be “A New Consciousness in a New Time”. When people feel good about themselves, harmony arises.

The CelesteMethod® is applied in all areas. The result of this will help the individual and society to achieve the goal of the action plan – i.e. higher consciousness and a healthy society where there is a good and bright feeling about the future in all areas.

Working for “A New Consciousness in a New Time” gives a “Bright Future”.


AIC World – “Bright Future”

Action Plan for Fair Societal Development.
International Alliance for Cultural Ecology



Citizen task

The goal benefits the individual, society and the world.

The key words are harmony, evolution, knowledge acquisition and understanding of the laws of the universe.

We abolish today’s competitive society and instead of people working against each other individually, in groups or against other countries to gain competitive advantages, we focus instead on cooperation.

Different companies in Sweden that work with the same things are given the opportunity to collaborate on a much broader level than before. Patent rights are removed and all inventions are released. Patents so far have only existed to benefit the old competitive mindset.

The release allows people, groups in peace and quiet to construct natural harmonious solutions to facilitate in all areas of society.

Automation and robot solutions are used as far as possible and heavy work is made history.

Life expectancy and quality of life are increased and instead studies and research can be used to develop new solutions.

Working environment

The working environment must be as temperate, harmonious, contemplative and evolutionarily developing as possible.

Heavy lifting and health-damaging environments are abolished. Man must work as best he can in health-promoting environments. Tasks are automated with robots as far as possible.


Housings are acquired as needed.

People still live in the homes and houses they currently have, and have their belongings at their disposal. In cases where houses are lacking, then new houses must be built with housing modules. Everything evens out in the long run as the level of consciousness increases.

Some types of housing modules can be ordered that can be moved when you need to move yourself. More ornamental buildings or other buildings may be available for special needs and purposes.

You don’t have to own the home but are allowed to live there for as long as you need.

Democracy – Cosmocracy

Today’s Parliamentary so-called “Democracy” shall be replaced by a Cosmic Democracy (Cosmocracy).

What is meant by Cosmic Democracy – Cosmocracy?

Cosmocracy means a changed state of consciousness that leads to increased universalism and internationalism and reduced material attachment. Materialism (material attachment) leads man to increased selfishness, abuse of power and sooner or later to stagnation and disintegration of society. Reduced materialism does not mean that man should live in misery without material conveniences and technical aids. What we mean is that the material should be a means and not a goal as in today’s human pursuit.

Animal protection

The animal kingdom is prior to the human kingdom. It therefore gives us the responsibility to care for the animals. We must always respect the animals and learn more about them so we understand their role in nature and in their stages of development.

Human food should not, as now, include the animal kingdom. In a transitional phase, we can use certain animal products such as eggs and milk and what these products can generate in the form of foods. When we do this, we must ensure that these animals are as well off as possible but still have possibilities to evolve.

Animals should age as naturally as possible and be treated respectfully even late in their lives.

From economy to citizen tasks

This is how it looks like today

We are for the abolition of the monetary system as such – and it will anyway implode on itself. Today’s monetary system exists for some people to rudely plunder assets and for other people to suffer the consequences of not even having enough food for the day. The system is created to fatten the mind’s five negative properties and this is most evident today in the banks where money is created when lending money. People thus become indebted and must slave and work for money that has never existed and a fictitious interest rate that has been created. The bottom line is that the bank gets back the money they lent when they created it, as well as an interest rate that grows into an unmanageable mountain of debt. The bottom line is that the mountain of debt is growing and can never be repaid. The banks have thus created indebted individuals in a “legal” way. These people owe money to the banks – a debt of money to the banks that the banks never had at their disposal. This currently legal system aims to create a slave society where all citizens in one way or another owe money to banks and the state. The result is shamelessly wealthy bankers and an increasingly poor and indebted population. The country Sweden also has a mountain of debt and the banks “own” virtually everything that the state claims to have at its disposal. In the same way, the banks own virtually everything that private individuals have indebted.

But in practice, no one can own anything. What we call our own can be taken away from us at any time through natural disasters, accidents, deaths, etc. We don’t even own our own body. We also have this on loan and must return it to nature when our physical body has served its purpose. We then leave the third dimension and move on to the fourth dimension, the parallel world. Here we must ransack ourselves and see what we have created in the form of harmony and disharmony on Earth – no one can escape their shadow. We reap in the next life for better or worse what we have created in the previous life. Here we see the explanation for why it looks like as it does today in the world, individually, in family, in terms of relatives, society, in different countries. We can never escape the laws of the universe. They are there for the evolvement of our soul, which is the task of our life.

This is how we want it

Measures in the present situation:

  1. The Swedish state expropriates the Swedish Riksbank (Central Bank in Sweden). Today, all national banks worldwide, including in Sweden, are owned by the Rothschild family, as is the Federal Reserve. This family has a private fortune of about $ 500 trillion. This family has so far controlled the entire world economy. The Swedish Riksbank shall be owned by the Swedish people and all other profit-making power activities now may be seen as universally criminal as it is contrary to universal basic ethics and morality, i.e. against the laws of the universe.
  2. The state must consider withdrawing the banking licenses issued to the banks in Sweden. The Riksbank must handle today’s Swedish banks as distribution channels – i.e. no profit.
  3. A “citizens’ right (salary)” is introduced which is equal for all citizens. Women and men’s basic needs are met. Families with children should of course have more support.

Immigration, migration, integration

Sweden must work for peace and harmony at all levels and for the abolition of war.

People who have problems due to war should first and foremost take refuge in neighboring countries. Here, world cooperation must in the best way solve basic needs such as housing, food and care. Development opportunities must be given to those in need.

Immigration to our country can take place under certain conditions.

First and foremost: Man must have reached the “Citizenship requirement”.

Immigration can take place as extra labor in various areas, prominent researchers, experts and other people who fit in and are estimated to have met the “Citizenship requirement”.

Citizenship requirement:

Man must be free of lower qualitative qualities seen in the animal kingdom. A certain threshold must have been reached so that man can control himself and have got rid of the lower qualities of lust, anger, greed, vanity and selfishness and all the varieties of these five qualities.

People who try to immigrate to Sweden who speak untruths for their own gain, use violence, slander, seek happiness, work to introduce their own non-democratic order based on their own religion, etc., out of convenience, hunger, low material standards, care and the need for surgery shall not be able to immigrate to the country Sweden.

No energy and resources should be wasted on bringing people with different intolerant views into Sweden. These people develop best in their home countries with their own country’s own problems. When the problem is solved, these individuals have risen developmentally.

It is the interior of man that is projected into society. When the people have solved their inner problems then the situation in the country has automatically been solved.

In other respects, the number of people can immigrate that the country is considered to be able to accommodate. At present, we cannot accept more immigrants. At present, we have a ticking “immigration problem” where undesirable qualities deviating from the “Citizenship requirement” are held by many.

The solution to this recent “integration problem” is the following.

Persons who have not reached the “citizenship requirement” in their development shall be taken care of in the following manner.

Integration centers are being built in the country. People who evidently not meet the citizenship requirement are taken care of in the integration center.

If this person can be returned to his home country when it comes to asylum immigration, this must be done as far as possible.

Integration centers shall offer citizenship training where consciousness training, basic education, and education for various types of employments that contribute to societal development shall take place. Basic emotional tests should be performed so that the person’s emotional status can be monitored. The individual’s level of consciousness must have reached a certain threshold before he/she can be incorporated into society among other citizens.

An unconscious – violent person cannot live in a society where he threatens, slanders and behaves aggressively towards his surroundings. This unconscious person then works in line with the mind’s five opponents with disharmony and destructiveness as a result. In the human body and nature problems are encapsulated and not allowed to affect the healthy organism.

Planet Earth is a classroom where different things are taught in different countries. People are born into a family in a country where they have the most to learn in the form of consciousness training, and where they have to come to terms with certain things (animal characteristics or perverted animal characteristics, the mind’s five opponents) before the next step can take place on the evolutionary spiral. One country can never be said to be better than another – the fundamental thing in human development is to be able to evolve in the best way from the individual’s level of development.

Today’s society’s 55 (now more) no-go zones must be “taken back”. Here there are higher concentrations of people who don’t meet the citizenship requirement and lack the prerequisites for integration. Such people should be detained, or deported to their previous environments, where possible. In severe cases, the whole family will be deported.

Fish protection

Fish must be allowed to thrive in the oceans, seas and waters. We must pursue a policy that does not lead to depletion. The general thing is that we will eat more natural products to later completely switch to vegetarian food.


Free energy from the universe is used. This energy is free for all of us to use. Our human bodies are constantly using this energy, even though we have currently only studied the biochemical aspect, i.e. ATP and its use in the body. The cosmic energy is used to drive both photosynthesis and the body’s energy recovery in the mitochondria.

This cosmic energy consists of scalar waves and is on a four- and five-dimensional level and is completely free to use. In historical times, Nikolai Tesla was the first to use this and today has e.g. the German professor Konstantin Meyl continued the research. Using scalar waves and down-transforming technology is the solution to energetically supply every city with energy. In this way every city is made self-sufficient.

All heating and everything that today is powered by electricity can use this energy source. A transition is to run today’s electrical installations on this energy and in the long run phase out these installations so that alternating current is avoided as well as the entire day’s wiring network. The universe uses scalar waves for energy and information exchange. The country Sweden will also use these waves.

Boats, cars, planes and other energy-intensive transports can use this technology. Tuned power plants are set up that wirelessly supply these transports with energy. Alternatively, smaller power plants are set up that can be installed in homes or carried where they are needed, e.g. in means of transport.


This is a new officially instituted important part

Evolution is about “Cultural ecology”. Evolution must enter the culture.

Culture - Cultural Ecology - Evolution

Culture – Cultural Ecology – Evolution

The concept of “culture” in its cosmic – multidimensional context means total control of the five-dimensional, matrix unit system, focused on the three-dimensional conscious human being.

Culture in its current form is nothing more but a cross-section of history.

The human-being’s evolution is the sum total of man’s previously acquired experiences and thus shows the level of his present consciousness. Man’s present state is the result of his heritage, environment and way of life.

Culture seen from a multidimensional cosmic perspective

The concept of “culture” in its cosmic context means total control of the five-dimensional, matrix unity system, focused on the three-dimensional conscious human being. Thus, cultural value in the cosmic context is the product of a higher qualitative process of consciousness, which when it starts its operating system on the three-dimensional physical-material plane, comes out of control of the multidimensional cosmic energy or the matrix unity system. The result is a “de-cosmization process”, i.e. an increased mind influence that leads to increased attachment and decreased spirituality (limited consciousness and freedom).

By spirituality is not meant religiosity, but a higher qualitative multidimensional consciousness of unity.

Culture as man knows it today is education, anthropology and social science and is generally involved in politics and thus culture is of a secondary nature. Especially great misunderstanding and illusion prevails when talking about culture as an idea. Culture in its current form is nothing but a cross-section of history.

A three-dimensional consciousness based on a five-dimensional consciousness control is the only viable way to new thinking and thus to the survival of civilization.

Innovation is of a cosmic multidimensional nature and not limited within the three- and four-dimensional matter, form.

The central idea of a social community is not increased mind control, materialism or religiosity, but a transformation, integration with the original zero point energy, primary energy, solar energy, scalar energy.

It is a constant interaction between the primary power (original energy), the zero point energy consisting of sound and light, and the secondary power (mind energy), where the mind power stands for the creation of matter or form.

Cultural Ecology

Cultural ecology is the science of the whole. Cultural ecology is a dynamic process with mutual effect which is thus not incomprehensible either collectively or individually and thus does not lead to incomprehensible systems such as religiosity, mysticism, occultism, intellectualism, etc.

Cultural ecology is a very important concept that involves knowledge of the development of the humanoid species under different conditions, their different levels of consciousness and societal development and how these different cultural levels can interact and coexist with each other.

Cultural ecology is the inner and outer environment that connects humans with each other and with all forms of creation in the vast hyperspace.

Cultural ecology is the source of social science.

Cultural ecology includes world culture, national culture as well as individual culture. Cultural ecology can be defined by feedback to the original cosmic consciousness, to the original social culture.

The real foundation of ecology is culture which changes us, develops us and restores our relationships with the universe. The kind of culture that people mean by culture is not evolving, developing viewed from a cosmic point of view. It materially changes our behavior.

Material revolution is a path that leads to increased consumption and thus to material attachment.

Matter is a means to our development and not the goal itself, but that does not mean we have to live in misery.

It has been stated through long experience that material revolution only leads to a higher material standard of living, which only contributes to increased materialism, egoism, acquisitiveness, jealousy, vanity, lust for power and more. In this way, man does not change significantly from the point of view of consciousness.

The three-dimensional and materially conscious human being is predominantly a materially producing being in a cultural context. The education is based on striving for consumption instead of on higher qualitative (cosmic) development, evolvement.

The result is well known: Inhuman relations, unfair distribution policy, exploitation, environmental degradation, wars, more and more serious illnesses, etc.

All this contributes to the degeneration and disintegration of society.

Materialism is degenerate in the long run and results in short-term happiness that later turns into suffering and misery. Materialism contributes to human degeneration further to the animal stage from the point of view of emotion and consciousness.

Only through a cosmic dynamic process and through a cosmic brain program can we contribute to a cultural rebirth, which is the only thing that can guarantee the survival of civilization. In the material renaissance, man has been a consuming being. The education and development have been based on the consumption of material products, while the spiritual (higher qualitative) “cosmic” development has given way to nihilistic egoism and materialism.


Man’s evolution is the sum of his previously acquired experiences during his involution (entry into the third dimension) and thus shows the degree of his current consciousness.

Man’s current state is the result of his inheritance (previously acquired experience) and the environment in which man currently resides. Applied to each individual, his current level of consciousness, his mental, emotional and biological well-being, are direct results of his hereditary ancestry and of the environment in which he lives and which affects him from birth to the present day.

A good mental, emotional and biological-physical well-being is the result of a good inheritance and of a favorable environment. The inheritance is constant and unchanging. The inheritance is inscribed (encoded) in man’s individual soul atom and DNA’s own possibilities and limitations. The environment in which man lives and acts can be changed, at the same time as it influences and interacts with him from birth to the end of life in the three-dimensional physical universe or matter.

Our past lives (hereditary factors), voluntary or forced lifestyles, our environment and their impacts on us are the cause of the health or illness we live with today.

The current well-being is often the result of several intertwined causes, heredity, environment, way of life. But by changing our bad traits by removing negative thoughts from our subconscious data field and ensuring that our actions are in harmony with our original (cosmic, natural) environment, we can create the conditions for a change in the current state. This leads us to regain a state of well-being and an increased consciousness.

If the individual’s own will and capacity is provided with the right guidance by a competent teacher, you get the fastest and best result.

Mental, emotional and physical well-being is the basic foundation of the human development process toward higher dimensions. Therefore, a higher quality cosmic master teacher is necessary in order to teach us knowledge of the universe – the hyperspace in its entirety.

Only such a teacher (professor) in Cultural Ecology, who is endowed with a multidimensional cosmic consciousness, has access to all the knowledge concerning man’s spiritual, implicit (folded) unmanifested spiritual nature and the mind-related explicit (manifested), mental, physical consciousness and development.

Only such a teacher can teach us how we can re-evoke the timeless truth in our innermost being and thereby free ourselves from all kinds of limitations.

// Sandor A Markus

NOTE: Since the “human-being” in its so-called spiritual, virtual original context is a “soul-bearing atom”, it is referred to as “He” and not as “She” in our writings, literatures and teachings. The soul atom is neutral and positively charged and dons both “masculine” and “feminine” forms (housings) during its development process. The soul as a neutral and positively charged atom has nothing to do with the masculine or feminine form in creation. The form belongs to the world of the mind, which constitutes the negative charge and is the contributing factor to the creation of the mind world, the form.

The Soul, the Spirit belongs to the unmanifested zero point energy, the First Source, the Central Universe, and the Mind to the 2nd Source, the manifested kinetic energy, the electromagnetism. These two forces together make up the creation in its entirety.

Nation – Internation

Sweden, the Nordic region, EU-politics, world politics, foreign politics


First, we must create an ideal society or work to create this on a smaller scale. We therefore start in Sweden and show the harmony and the popular commitment we create to solve one disharmony after another into harmony and harmony with the laws of nature in cooperation and with enthusiasm.

When we have shown the positive effects, we can integrate the other Nordic countries when they so wish.

The Nordic Region

We want to have very good collaboration with our Nordic neighbors who think and function much like the people in Sweden. We enthuse our Nordic neighbors to work in a similar way for natural harmonious solutions where the evolutionary development of the individual human being is promoted.


The EU does not function today. Greed, lust for power and one’s own selfish desires come first. Decisions are made that benefit some individuals, agendas and countries more than others, some directly and others in the long run.

The Swedish people must leave the EU cooperation for the time being and work for their own ideal society in the first place. Cooperation with the EU can only take place when both Sweden and the EU comply with the 8 points we have presented. The same rules apply to UN cooperation. A Federation that does not follow the universal laws that prevail in the universe, the hyperspace, of which we are all citizens, cannot claim international leadership.

World politics

Diplomatic cooperation between Sweden and other countries in the world is a necessity for the realization of the 8-point program.

Foreign politics

We must work to neutralize discords at all levels. Sweden must regain its role as a neutral society and actively contribute to the creation of peace. This will be done by showing the way to an ideal society, which will be a requirement in the New Age that we have already entered.

Countries should be able to be offered help if we can offer this. The aid must be able to be applied practically in the countries that want our help. It is help to self-help. For example, we will not drill wells in other countries, but instead we can show how this can be done. It is then up to each country and society to use this technology or not. If they don’t want to, then the country is left with the problems they and have to come up with solutions themselves.

To help a country that does not want to be helped in the way we offer, i.e. with no demands on themselves, is wasting resources and energy from the part of Sweden. The country is then left to its fate.

Functional organizations (former enterprises)

Companies or organizations for industry and manufacturing must once again be given good opportunities for development in Sweden.

Industries have so far more and more moved abroad and now it is important that these industries and companies can stay in the country without problems. As leaders of these companies, people with responsibility, environmental thinking and long-term planning are needed. Since the competition will disappear, during the transition, punitive customs will apply to goods that can instead be manufactured in Sweden. Manufacturing is then gradually transferred to Sweden. All industries and skills needed for all functions for entrepreneurship and industry in the country must be in Sweden – in our immediate area – as far as possible.

The feeling to contribute with what you do best and where you instill your ideals is the driving force in the company management. The lure should then not have to be money (parachute) or higher salary. To be able to work with what you think is the most fun is instead the driving force – and to instill the responsibility for the business that is in accordance with high morals and ethics. This shall be the case in all organizations where everything is interconnected by the “National Council”.

New solutions – Innovation

Under calm contemplative conditions, new ideas are “hatched”. It is important to know where new ideas come from. Ideas already exist and it is only a matter of being able to tune in on them and realize them. Patents are no longer needed but can be used freely where they are needed.

When we see that a new product or function would be needed, the functional organization works out a new concept. The functional group then works to create this innovative new function or product – which of course must be in line with its area of activity.

Of course, it can be sold abroad as well – but to manage in the country, this should not be needed for Sweden’s survival.

Here, a certain exchange with the rest of the world will be made possible. We can exchange goods and services but these must be in line with the 8 points we presented above.

Innovation cooperation must exist with the rest of the world – which of course must benefit both parties.

It is also important to create automation and robot systems in most areas.


Families should have more resources so that their children can develop and also have a good life. With a good distribution, everyone should be able to manage well.


We will be able to significantly increase life expectancy with the help of preventive healthcare (Health & Resource Development) and the other reforms we are now implementing. The CelesteMethod® is applied with:

Information: Information to every person about what health really is, or is not.
Analysis: Healthcare aims to map energetic imbalances in the human body at an early stage, the organism that at a later stage can otherwise cause a disease state.
Measure: Appropriate measures are taken to neutralize the energy deviations. The CelesteMethod® today has unique measure (action) systems that work multi-dimensionally to solve the human multi-dimensional and multi-structural problems.


Right now, the western world is working on strategies to weaken Europe, the Nordic countries and Sweden. We want to change this trend. Car fires are commonplace in Sweden and occur every day in the larger cities. Murder using weapons has become more common. This trend must be stopped. The tactics of the authorities to create as many conflicts at home as possible and to proclaim Russia as some kind of enemy must cease. The media are deliberately careful not to report on the great uncertainty that is building up in Sweden. When it is obvious that it is no longer possible to gag the media, it is believed that the Swedish people will raise their voices for a Swedish NATO membership. They want to introduce more control and a police state in Sweden. In this way, they have gone from a veiled dictatorship to an open dictatorship. This must not happen. Forces exist to unite the Western world in an aggression against Russia. This will not be easy as humans are much more aware than that, and people are becoming increasingly aware now as the solar influence (energy, information) is increasing on the planet and in our solar system. Major changes are taking place and will take place on earth, in society and in the human being in the coming decades. The extent of this man cannot imagine even in his wildest fantasy.

When we are sure that foreign governing influences are away from Sweden, we want to create our own defense that will be used to protect Sweden against external as well as internal aggression. Thereafter, we want to create Nordic defense co-operation. We work for the 8 points we have presented above.

The degree of self-sufficiency must be 100%. We must re-establish agriculture in Sweden so that we can become self-sufficient in basic food in the event of natural disasters or wars. In major national crises, there must be resources, e.g. in case of forest fires, floods and storms. Receiving help from abroad or helping other countries in crises is also important.

We need free information. A country that is afraid to let its citizens judge the truth and the lie is a country that is afraid of its citizens. (President John F. Kennedy, February 1962)

The information society

Initially, the fiber network will be expanded to facilitate the dissemination of information. Wireless information is added to a favorable “frequency” for humans. By extension, the information society should be based on scalar energy and information.

Paper newspapers are abolished. Today’s “newspaper support” or “media support” is abolished as it is today given to newspapers that are considered to print or send the correct (pc) information, which is angled for a special purpose. The media with appointed representatives who stand for truth from a higher comic perspective can be considered entitled to inform the population regarding societal information from an evolving and developmental perspective.

Current information to Sweden’s residents must be independent and inform about what is really happening in society and how the development society is progressing, both in terms of technology and evolution. The information shall not be kept secret or manipulated.

Infrastructure – Traffic

Research must be done making cities use natural harmonic materials so that health can improve even more for individuals. It is important to build energetically so that the structures provide energy instead of reducing the energy for humans.

The same applies to common areas in cities where the structures are made harmonious and provide energy and inspiration to reach higher heights in all areas that we undertake. We know that pyramids and globe-shaped structures produce these effects.

All communication (train, plane, boat, car, motorcycle) must be operated on free energy described under energy politics. Interventions to a minor extent can be done in nature to make this system work. The vehicles can be common and different solutions for transport will be instituted.

The key words are energy, inspiration, harmony, development and evolvement of consciousness.

Citizen task (the jobs)

All people in Sweden must work according to their own prerequisites. Since the inhabitants of Sweden will benefit greatly in terms of food, clothing, housing, healthcare, wellness, evolution, etc.… it is important that everyone comes forwards and works with input to the system.

After having completed education, and during the study time, input must be given to the system. The input is in the form of labor for one of the functional organizations or public activities that one is interested in or for some “service system – robot system.”

Robotization and automation

As far as possible, monotonous heavy work must be automated with robot technology. It is not the intention of man in a modern technological society to wear out their bodies with hard physical work under unhealthy conditions. Robots take care of all this work.

Service systems – robot systems

A service system is a term for the function of servicing the robots and the automation used in various areas. During the transition to this system, many people will become unemployed according to today’s way of seeing it. The process has already started towards robotization and automation. People who become unemployed will receive temporary support during a transitional period at the same time as training for future new tasks.

Supportive tasks

This is to help with all practical things during a transition period. These tasks can be within entrepreneurship (functional organizations) or other public activities. Public activities are the basic support organizations that exist today and in some new areas. So far we have schools, healthcare, defense, and the police. New public activities will be wellness and evolution. One part of agriculture will become public.


Sweden must be self-sufficient in food. However, we can exchange certain foods with other countries.

Sweden’s agriculture and food production will be re-established and the degree of self-sufficiency will amount to 100%.

Criminal element

People who don’t meet the citizen requirement

People who don’t meet the citizenship requirement are sent to one of Sweden’s integration centers.

People who don’t meet the citizen requirement and are heavily criminal

Changing the behavioral pattern is a pervasive process that requires a lot of work from the persons concerned. Various karmic (fated) structures must be worked off and in many cases this is a process that takes a lot of time and effort if there is even an interest in this in the individual in question.

If a person doesn’t want to receive the help offered to work with the self, the person is sent to some area on planet earth where he or she may be confronted with like-minded people. We work together internationally to establish such a place on the planet for these people to reside on. The place can be remote and quite impossible to get away from without modern technology. The person in question meets other people on the same level with similar fated qualities – equal solves equal – it is up to these people themselves to want to develop into more cosmically aligned people, probably in a more distant future. What is happening now is that these types of individuals will not be reborn on the earth. These souls will be moved to other three-dimensional worlds that take over the role of developing these individuals. The lowest astral plane belonging to the earth is phased out now as the earth is entering the new age.

To begin with, we set up special detention centers for these types of serious criminal recidivists who cannot change their behavior.

Spare time, enjoyment, Culture

In the spare time, it must be offered to do completely different things compared to the task you have in the social apparatus. It can be completely different activities that can be seen as interesting, developing for the person in question. It can be travels to different areas for recreation or to train certain sports or join certain organizations.


Traveling and broadening one’s horizons is a good way to get new input for more ideas or as a relaxation from citizen activities.


Common to the sports is that they belong to entertainment and are not included as social support activities. Sport may take place in parallel with studies and the task of sustaining society. The sport should be enjoyable and uplifting. Sport should not be based on profit. All the funds that sports clubs receive from the state or from private donors, will be used to promote the club’s continued existence and as inspiration for the stimulation of a new generation.


Participating in some organization or club for a specific purpose can also be enriching.


The countryside must have a harmonious environment for all the people who live there; people and animals must be able to live in a fantastic nature. The oceans must be cared for as well as land and air.


Whatever we do in the country, it must be done in a natural harmonious way.

Emissions must be reduced and harmful chemicals that harm nature and groundwater must be banned. According to the transition policy, the cars will be operated with free energy without exhaust gases described under the heading energy politics. It is common for all combustion gases to be purified as best as possible, especially in the case of industries and waste incineration plants.

Water, air and soil must be purified where needed. Areas that are poisoned must be detoxified with new technology that does not involve a new environmental impact. Environmental toxins are neutralized with scalar energy technology.

Cooperation (we abolish competition)

We propose the abolition of a competitive society and propose the introduction of cooperation in all areas. Competition contributes to increased selfishness and discord between individuals and nations. We choose cooperation over competition.

Wellness (preventive healthcare) – Healthcare

Healthcare gets a new ally, namely “wellness”. Healthcare aims to provide urgent solutions to people’s problems and wellness (preventive healthcare) aims to inform, inspect and give people back their quality of life by preventing any imbalances in the body, the organism’s functionality, which otherwise result in disease states.

Wellness is neglected today and we often wait until we are acutely ill before we think we need to do something about it. Maintaining good health and preventing problems should be a matter of course for every human being promoting a long life and well-being. The CelesteMethod® is applied.

When we work with wellness, health care is it is today will not be needed in the long run.

Schools, education, research

Various tests and analyzes are done early so we can see what inherent talents and skills the child has. The child must be stimulated within his field of talent so that the child can develop and strengthen his self-confidence.

Since different children have different talents, we need a school system that meets this. Different types of schools are needed. The students are grouped according to their level so that all students can develop from the right level and at the right pace that is suitable for the individual. The student’s skills and talents are mapped, utilized and developed in the best way.

Teachers should be offered increased knowledge in philosophy of life and ethical moral living. This must then be implemented and included in the teaching in both primary and secondary school.

Consciousness development is a subject that is common to all schools.

Religion should be included as an optional subject in school education and not a must. This is because religion is largely about history and is not a universal philosophy of life. Religion is to be replaced by Gnostics – Solar Theology, which has been excluded by the Church out of power interests. Gnosticism is the original – esoteric doctrine of creation in its entirety.

Depending on consciousness and talent, the school that is needed to stimulate that particular student’s need to become an important cog in society is offered. The main tasks in society will be to run the public activities and functional organizations. The functional organizations will develop new innovations, new technology and service the existing technology. Other information will in principle not be available.

Student loans are abolished. Existing student loans are declared invalid. No student loans are needed as all individuals have a civil right to “citizen’s income “.

When the student has completed his or her education that he or she receives free of charge from society, it is important to support society with what the studies have generated. The graduate student is therefore required to repay in work at least a ten-year period to Sweden. Later, when more countries adopt the “AIC World”, the effort can be made in some of these countries as well.


Today, there is only primeval forest on a few per mille of the forest land. We want to see more of the forest untouched and that more trees can grow and align with the natural energy that exists in the area. The energetic field then becomes stronger and the experience of being there becomes even more energy-charging.

Running forestry as today with major interventions in nature creates energy problems in these areas. We want to build a strong energetic structure in Sweden that people benefit from. As today, Sweden does not need to contribute 10% of the world’s raw materials for wood, pulp and paper.

Elder people

As you get older, it should be possible to reduce the work effort. No one will retire. We work together in the body of society for everything to work and the tasks will be stimulating. We interact and collaborate in harmony with life and nature.

As an older person, you have gathered a lot of experience and this will benefit the up-growing generations. Being a support in different working groups is then a matter of course. As an older person, you can choose the action level that fits you.

Elderly care where it is needed must be properly cared for. Any energetic imbalances must be neutralized as far as possible. If we help our elderly in the best way, their next lives will be better with better development opportunities. Elderly care must also, like other health care or medical care, be multi-dimensional and multi-structural.


The Constitutional Laws, New Constitutional Laws

New Constitutional laws are established. These are the previous ones:

* Form of government

The form of government:

The form of government must be changed

* The Succession Act

Monarchy needs to be restructured and adapted to the society of tomorrow.

* Freedom of Press Act

The press ethics rules that apply today have been designed by the various press organizations themselves. These own established rules must be reviewed as information is often angled to create sensation and blacken individuals or countries. This is contrary to the current Freedom of Press Act. In other respects, the Freedom of Press Act can apply as hitherto.

* The Freedom of Expression Act

The Freedom of Expression Act may apply as hitherto. You must be allowed to express your position wherever it applies. Today there are some other laws that limit this right – these laws must be reviewed. One must distinguish between criticism and statement. If you aren’t allowed to state errors, shortcomings in an individual or social system, then we cannot develop or evolve. If a swear word is directed at an individual, he should be able to receive this without overreacting emotionally as today. It is important for everyone to neutralize their five inherent negative mind properties (often perverted). New views may be seen as a springboard for development.

Debate should cease and be replaced by factual dialogues. Debates belong to the sandbox level of consciousness. One should learn to listen and not unnecessarily interrupt a dialogue just to get more points than the other. All this belongs to the kindergarten stage of consciousness.

* The Riksdag Act (almost a constitutional law)

The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) procedure is very detailed and shows in detail how everything works in the Riksdag. The Riksdag agenda may be changed.

World Teacher (1 in number)

The task of the world teacher will be supervising, monitoring and overall communication with the National Council and the Ministries (organs). The World Teacher – UNIFIER appoints the successor, as the UNIFIER represents the Galactic Federation on Earth.

National Council (72 councilors)

The Ministries (organs) will be 8 in numbers. The Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Justice are removed. The Ministry of Social Affairs is renamed the Ministry of Health.

The council members lead the various ministries and have priority in communication with the World Teacher – UNIFIER when advising on various issues.

It is always difficult to appoint councilors at first. Once the system is established, it becomes easier because the level of consciousness has been raised and the choice of members can be made with long forward planning. When the council is appointed, the most suitable individuals shall be nominated for the respective council function. We have eight ministries with a preliminary nine council members each. Council members must be tailored to their task – i.e. the right person is chosen for the right task. A universal nomination committee does this in consultation with the World Teacher.

Ministries (organs, 8 in number)

  • Foreign Ministry
  • Defence Ministry
  • Health Ministry
  • Distributive Ministry
  • Education Ministry
  • Environment and Energy Ministry
  • Infrastructure Ministry
  • Cultural Ministry

Foreign Ministry

Sweden’s relations with other countries, foreign exchange, trade with other countries, universal exchange and agreements, positions. This applies between Sweden and other countries as well as Sweden and Extraterrestrial Intelligences.

Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry handles national security, defense of borders, sea, land, security.

The Defense Ministry runs the judiciary, the police (terrorism, prison care, crisis preparedness, migration, and asylum). The Defense Ministry includes the total defense, military, civil defense, duty service, volunteer services, security policy, the Home Guard, the rescue service, the Coast Guard.

Health Ministry

The Health Ministry handles Care and Health, Health Care, Wellness.

Distributive Ministry

This Ministry handles national coordination in terms of resource allocation, coordination and support. The Distribution Ministry has great communication with all the country’s municipalities that handle distribution at the local level – which takes place in both directions, i.e. within the municipality and between municipalities in the country.

Education Ministry

The Education Ministry handles education and research in various areas.

Environment and Energy Ministry

This Ministry handles various energy solutions for the country and works overall for environmental issues when it comes to improving the environment.

Infrastructure Ministry

The Infrastructure Ministry handles housing, administration, state development, rural areas, communication, transport, urban development, rural areas, IT, transport and infrastructure issues as well as functional organizations, leisure and tourism issues.

Culture Ministry

The Culture Ministry handles questions regarding Cultural Ecology, Evolution, Cosmocracy, Culture, Ethics – Morality.

Working Groups

Various working groups are appointed to work on certain issues on behalf of the ministries.


The municipalities in the country can be the same as before. They work with local distribution of resources and with other assignments that come from the local level or ministry levels (organ levels).

County Council

The county councils can be the same as before. They work with local distribution of resources and with other assignments that come from the local level or ministry levels (organ levels).

// This is what the action plan for a fair societal development looks like right now. It will be supplemented on an ongoing basis (2020-10-17).

// More background information can be found in the books, courses and teachings materials that the AIC provides. The information here becomes more and more obvious as the readers work with their own health and inner resource development according to the CelesteMethod® at the AIC Association.

If you need more background information about the “Action Plan for Fair Societal Development”? – Read the book: “The Matrix Reality