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Dr. Sandor A. Markus, Autobiography

I was born on 7 July 1939, 03:05 AM in Budapest, Hungary.

I grew up in the countryside at my mother’s sister under simple conditions in a house built of clay with thatched roof, earth floor and a kerosene lamp for lighting. I had my mother’s last name since she was unmarried. The name was “Juhász” meaning “Shepherd” in the Hungarian language. My name was later changed to “Markus” after my stepfather.

Already at the age of 10, I had some recollections of my past lives on Earth (incarnations), which at the time I did not understand. Later I had it all confirmed by the experience I had in 1953 in the Hungarian Puszta (steppe).

I saw myself as Marcion (Mark-Ion – Markus Johnannes) in Sinop in Mesopotamia (Asia Minor) during the 100s AD, because I spoke for Gnosticism and therefore was excommunicated by the Church.

At another occasion I was incarnated as Pharaoh Akhenaton in Egypt during the 1300s BC, and was murdered (poisoned) by the Amon-priesthood. This was because of my statement that the Sun (Aton) was the Supreme Deity of our Solar System that people instead should worship over various gods.

In a later incarnation, I appeared as Miguel Servetos in Spain during the 1500s. I was again executed, burned at the stake by the Inquisition in Switzerland due to my attempt to reform the Institutional Church.

During the 1700s I reincarnated under the name George Rakoczi, son of Prince Leopold II Rakoczi of Transylvania. I later changed my name to Saint Germain to avoid persecution by the House of the Habsburg Emperor. It disallowed me and my brother Joseph to leave the Medici family in Toscana in Italy and visit our father in Rodosto in northern Turkey, to where Joseph was later exiled by the Habsburg Emperor.

In the 1800s I reincarnated as Wilhelm August Eduard Max Triepcke in Berlin, Germany, and protected Maria Martha Mathilde Triepcke, who in her 1700s incarnation was known as Madame Dubarry. During the 1800-1900s she was known as Marie Kröyer, wife of the famous Skagen painter, Peder Severin Kröyer, Denmark, and later as wife of the famous Swedish composer Hugo Alfvén in Tällberg, Sweden.

Because of the 2nd World War, I was placed at my aunt’s in a village in the northeastern part of Hungary called Nádudvar. The village is located only a few kilometers from the Hungarian Puszta. The word “Puszta” means “emptiness”.

hungarian puzsta
The Hungarian Puszta (Great Plain, steppe)

Since I had a philosophic nature, I spent most of my childhood in solitude, often with animals as company. I pondered from time to time on the recollections appearing at different intervals that dealt with events which I had previously experienced. I found it hard to understand these experiences. I could not tell the experiences to anyone. If I did, I would have been regarded as one fantasizing or imagining things – as children often do at certain ages.

But my experiences were real.

Just a few weeks after my graduation in July 1953, when I turned 14 years old, something happened that would totally change my life. In a sunny morning, I found myself as usual on the Puszta sitting under the willow tree that I used to and studying some cat fish playing in the creek’s cloudy water. Suddenly I felt a powerful electric shock like lightning strike me in the back. I turned quickly to see what happened. Then I saw a bright Luminous Being standing just a few meters behind me. I estimated the Luminous Being to be about 3.0 meters high.

From the Luminous Being it emanated (radiated) an intense white light, brighter than the sun. I tried to shield my eyes from the intense light that emanated from the Being, but the light radiated straight through my hands hitting my body giving me the sensation of thousands of tiny pinpricks.

The light emanating from the Luminous Being enveloped me completely in its radiance, and my consciousness was raised to a higher dimension, to a transcendental state. It opened up a panorama to new world of indescribable beauty that only few beings on earth have ever seen.

I was looking into the universal database, matrix, the tapestry of the eternal world destiny, where the past, present and future in an inseparable way are interwoven in a kind of hologram.

I saw the cause of suffering on earth and how every Soul Atom, every human being in the manifested universe were struggling like small sparks of light at different levels in the endless evolutionary spiral. There was neither past, present or future. Everything existed simultaneously. I saw a new earth emerge from its anguish and how my own role in various incarnations (earthly lives) was interwoven with the events that were to occur during the late 1900s and the beginning of the 21st century.

I saw thousands of men and women beginning to experience a spiritual identity (a higher quality cosmic consciousness) that was to be born within them. Hence a new feeling of moral freedom and justice would outshine all forms of prejudiced nationalism and sectarianism. I saw the same leaders, who during the eight-and tenth century had faced each other in the struggle to lead Europe’s fate for good or bad. Now a thousand years later they re-appeared on earth to take the moral consequences of what they did before. I saw the Nordic countries, like a Bethlehem-Star rising on the horizon lighting up the way for all those seeking help away from the shadows of darkness. I saw the whole development process relating to Europe and how the platform took shape that was to lead Europe out of spiritual darkness. I saw how different extraterrestrial beings from more advanced and developed civilizations were involved in the destiny of Earth, to help their younger siblings to be able to free themselves from ignorance – the captivity of unconsciousness.

A voice spoke to me in Hungarian and told me to leave Hungary and set off for Sweden and establish a platform in life sciences, human sciences – a center for higher consciousness development. The voice confirmed my previous experiences, and reminded me that it was my task to remind people of their origin, their true identity.

My task was to restore the undistorted genuine cosmic knowledge about man and his relationship with the universe, the so-called Original Christianity (Gnosticism). This doctrine that in several of my past lives (incarnations) on earth has got me excommunicated, persecuted and executed by the established church and the clergy.

This knowledge is the same as all Master Teachers like Buddha, the Esséean Teacher Jeshu ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth), Krishna, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Pythagoras and others have conveyed to mankind for millennia. This knowledge has since been misinterpreted, distorted and misused because of human ignorance, selfishness and power interest, and has thus contributed to sectarianism and idolatry. I don’t know how long I was in this exalted state and how long my experiences lasted. I had no watch. I only know I never became the same after this event.

I never told anyone about my experience. Not even my mother knew about my experience the summer of 1953 on the Hungarian Puszta.

After this experience, I got a whole new perspective of life. It would turn out that this experience and knowledge would create numerous obstacles later in my life.

Three years passed until 1956 before I had the opportunity to leave Hungary. The Hungarian people then rebelled against the old Soviet occupation forces.

But before this, I worked for three years in two different coal mines in Oroszlány and Tatabánya located several miles outside Budapest. This was to escape the military career that my mother along with her physician colleague planned for me.

I worked about 10-12 hours a day in the coal mine under very difficult and primitive conditions, where death by cave-ins, methane-gas-accidents and accidents of other kinds belonged to everyday life. Sundays were our only days off.

Eight-hour work days didn’t exist at the time. Everyone had to contribute to the building of the communist dictatorship; otherwise you got deported to Siberia for labor camps, or put into prison.

If you did not have a work within fourteen days, you were branded vagrant and arrested by the police.

On the morning of October 23, in 1956, the revolution was a fact. For the first time for many years, I didn’t have to go down into the coal mine and I decided immediately to set off on foot to for the Austrian border. I chose to travel alone through fields and forests to avoid the dangers one could encounter on the roads. The roads were patrolled by Russian troops. Some villages were guarded by poorly armed villagers who fired at anything that seemed suspicious.

I got help on the journey by friendly people to find places to stay overnight and how I could make it to the Austrian border in a simple way. I got food, drink and shelter along the way.

It took a whole month before I reached the Austrian border because of various obstacles.

As I stood at the border to Austria, 23 November in 1956, at approx. 23:00 in the evening and hearing the sound of small arms and the machine gun from the tower, I hesitated to move on. But I overcame my fear and trusted fully the Luminous Being that the summer day in 1953 urged me to leave Hungary and go to Sweden. I had nothing to fear.

I had to wait until approx. 03:00 AM, 24 November before I could cross the border to Austria. This was due to the intense shelling from the Hungarian and Russian border guards, who by all means tried to stop dozens of refugees who had gathered at the border.

The revolution was over and the Austrian border was closed.

I came across the border without any problems and was sent from Graz to Klagenfurt, to a Jesuit barracks, which had temporarily been set up as a refugee camp for the Hungarians who fled in connection with the revolt.

Through the care of the Swedish Red Cross, I arrived with hundreds of Hungarian refugees to Sweden on December 6, 1956. We arrived in Båstad and were lodged in some summer hotels that were closed during the winter.

When I finally was in Sweden, I knew all of a sudden not what to do with myself. How should I realize what the Luminous Being told me? I was only 17 and alone in a foreign country with no language skills.

In spring in 1957, we had to leave Båstad. We were stationed at various sites in Sweden, and I and four other refugees ended up in Borås, where we would be working at a textile factory. During my stay, I considered studying to be a textile engineer. This was very interesting because I worked as a textile engineer in Copenhagen in Denmark in my previous incarnation, i.e. during the beginning of the 1800-1900s.

I decided to become a mechanical engineer instead. I started studying through correspondence at the NKI. I got a job at KMW in Karlstad at the mechanical laboratory. After a short stay, I sought employment at Volvo in Gothenburg at the control division.

Once I came to Gothenburg, I sought contact with various religious and occult associations, so-called mystery schools. I searched for answers, explanations to my experience in the Hungarian Puszta within so-called nonconformist churches, within spiritualism, various mystery schools e.g. Lectorium Rosikrucianum, Theosophy, Anthroposophy.

But none of these associations, groups or mystery schools could give me a satisfactory answer to my question: “what is the meaning of life”? Why are some people born poor while others are born rich? Why are some healthy and others ill? Why do some of us understand more of life, while others understand less? Why do we speak different languages etc.?

I had many questions to ask, but got different answers.

Some of the answers referred to the Bible, others to various occult literatures that were written by some Guru, Master Teacher no longer living in his or her physical body here on earth.

I experienced my situation in the same way as a sick person experiences when seeking cures for their ailments. It is the same as to be referred to a physician who for several decades or centuries has been dead. How would this sick individual get help unless meeting with a living doctor?

The same rules apply when you thirst for knowledge. You need to have access to a teacher, a Master Teacher who is among us, here and now. We cannot turn to someone who no longer is among us to get the right answers, explanations to the mysteries of life.

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