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Find your inner Soul-based GPS-Navigator


How to Find the Goal for lasting Happiness, Peace and Harmony with Your Built-in Soul-Based GPS Navigator

Our entire civilization is facing a process of extensive mental and technological development, which has never occurred on earth during the millennial history of man. This development process involves a total change of the human thought structure, consciousness and way of coping with emerging situations. Certain parts of our life that have been important or indispensable to us in the past will lose their value.

To date, we haven’t spent time to get to know ourselves as individuals and as collective beings. We have taken on different roles to make it easier for others, to hide our fears, our insecurity or ignorance; otherwise we would have been expelled from the community. We have been misled by religions, ideologies and sciences and thus not been able to do research on our true human nature.

We live in a constructed, fake reality created by negative extraterrestrial beings and their earthly counterparts, who are possessed, overshadowed. These creatures have created an artificial, made up reality on earth, which increasingly takes over control of man and makes it a slave under artificial intelligence (Ai) technology. Those who do not understand what we are talking about can watch the movie “Matrix” or “Truman show”. These two films illustrate what we are talking about.

Now is the time to get to know ourselves – who we really are? We need to get to know our inner being, our qualitative part, our “Higher Self” – that which we all are equipped with, but only a few of us know about. We must find the “Great Portal” – Soul Consciousness in our innermost essence. We must seek the truth within us, instead of outside of us, as we have done so far, in schools, philosophies, sciences, religions, politics, temple buildings, synagogues, minarets, and pagodas etc. – where we cannot find it.

We must create a flora within us that is free of chaos; otherwise we will succumb both as individuals and civilization.


The process of change must take place in all areas. Anxiety, fear, stress, inferiority, bad self-esteem, bondage and ill health of various kinds must be removed from our innermost essence. Qualitative thoughts and feelings are to be applied in all areas. This process of change can only be achieved by us ourselves and no one else can do it for us. But in order to achieve this we need guidance from a genuine, expert teacher.

We need help in finding our true identity (soul identity), thereby eliminating all negative destructive thoughts that are stored in our subconscious, in our DNA, which constantly create obstacles, sufferings, problems of different kinds to us.

During our 26,000-year history, we have been given the opportunity to explore this three-dimensional world, material world, which so far we have regarded as the real residence of our civilization, without reflecting on the reason behind our lives and our stay here. This becomes our task in the New Age, the Age of Aquarius in which we entered the winter solstice on 21-23 December 2012, when our solar system with the belonging planet Earth passed the equatorial line in our galaxy and entered an extensive neutrino belt around the central universe, the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian star system.

We must realize that our intellect and our three-dimensional (3D) consciousness, which we have used to date, aren’t enough to give us the right answers to the essential questions in life: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What happens after the death of the biological (physical) body, etc.?

It is needed a higher qualitative multidimensional consciousness to answer the essential questions regarding ourselves and the creation as a whole.

Therefore, a UNIFIER from higher dimensional worlds, civilizations, has volunteered to incarnate (be born) among us, to teach us understand ourselves and the meaning of life.

The UNIFIER is the messenger, the Ambassador of the WORLD SOUL (World Doctrine), SAT PURUSH (The Godhead), known in Gnosticism as the Christ Power.

Without the UNIFIER, who is our Master Teacher – navigator on the way, we are lost in maze of the mind. The UNIFIER is our Soul-Based Position and Navigation System (GPS) on our way in life. Without the UNIFIER, we will never find the goal of our journey. We will be lost having no other goal than what the senses constantly are presenting to us – we simply stagnate in our cosmic (spiritual) development.

By having become used to this 3D material world, which we perceive through our five senses (sight, hearing, feeling, taste, smell), which we regard as our true home, we refuse to listen to the warning signals that sound around us.

Thanks to the opportunity given by our incarnation here on this remote star, planet in the universe, we have been given the opportunity to learn what we cannot learn elsewhere. But the ultimate goal of our life is not separation, but integration, union (unity). Many use the word “unity” without understanding its right meaning.

The diversity found within the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom can only be found here on Earth, not elsewhere in the universe.

In this way, the earth is unique in its nature among myriads of planets.

Earth is an “integration planet” with the task of integrating, combining all forms of life into a single unit. Everything is part of each other. Nothing is separated as most of us believe or perceive through their senses.

My children are the others’ kids.

Now this mystery will be revealed to those who want to listen to the UNIFIER’s voice in the Nordic region.


// Unifier

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By Dr. Sandor A. Markus

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