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The AIC Foundation, Academy presents the sole solution to all problems in the world.

We want to save the civilization by allowing people to achieve a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness!

The World Teacher is here for this task, i.e. to offer a rescue package for everyone who has completed their mission in the densest part of creation, the third dimension, to which our planet earth belongs. Now when our solar system receives increasing energy and information from the central universe, this influences both the planet earth and its inhabitants.

The World Teacher informs each individual about what this means, what is required of us to reach a higher qualitative consciousness. Only those souls who have fulfilled their mission in this world will answer to this call, prepare and work for a higher consciousness.

This higher consciousness is not possible to implement in all people. Most people will let their own inherent qualities guide them in different directions away from emancipation.

Only the World Teacher - Unifier knows the plan for the earth and what is required by humans to avoid all the pitfalls on the way to a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, its dimensions, understanding and clarity.

The World Teacher's office is appointed by the central universe, with the specific task of bringing souls back to the original source, the implicit order. This task was previously assigned to the Spiritual Master Teacher Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, who passed on the task and connected the highest form of spiritual energy and information to Dr. Sandor A. Markus (Saint Germain), who has been prepared for this mission for many earthly lives.

The World Teacher Dr. Sandor A. Markus has devoted his whole life to this mission and has created the CelesteMethod® with the development program required to achieve this higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.

Remember that other ways are either entrance roads or dead ends, no matter what other people say. Only the Spiritual Master Teacher knows the plan for the earth and all people. Other people are trapped in their conceptual worlds.

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November, 2019

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October, 2019

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May, 2019

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April, 2019

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