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The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA)

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The Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of the Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (Apostolically Founded in Loja in Ecuador in 1968), approved by the Ecuadorian Government and registered as a Secret Order in 1975, No. 1725. This Secret Order was registered in Stockholm, Sweden in 1989 -09-15 as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) by the UNIFIER, Sandor A. Markus, under the name “L’Académie Internationale de Culture Humaine Intégrale“, org no. 802014-5309.


The Gnostic Doctrine is supervised by “The Spiritual Master Teacher – UNIFIER” – Archbishop Sandor A. Markus and Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck – whose role is to lead people into the New Age via the “International Academy for Total Human Culture” (AIC), who from an Ethical – Moral and Consciousness point of view are mature to enter into a higher qualitative spiritual consciousness, the Pleiadian societal system, which will characterize the New Age Civilization, the 5th in order.

The Gnostic Christian Church has nothing to do with religion that characterizes the Catholic and Lutheran Church. These two churches have so far been ruled by a power prone, selfish priesthood under false identity whose teachings are based on faith and idolatry and not on spirituality and god-realization through self-realization, i.e. Christ’s true esoteric (inner) teachings.

What you want the people to do for you, that you should also do for your fellow human beings. As you want to be treated, so you should also treat your fellow human beings. Spirituality is not the same as “religion”. Spirituality is a higher qualitative consciousness and a soul-related (esoteric) inner knowledge. Religion is a lower qualitative, mind-related (exoteric) belief and knowledge. Religion is a belief, an idea of a God power that is not anchored within the human being. Man worships a God outside of himself. Christ said, “I have said that you are Gods. You are all sons of the Most High“. Psalm 82:6. How can one seek and worship God outside of himself, when God is within us all. God is man’s highest self, the highest spiritual potential, the Christian Consciousness, the Soul Consciousness.

Mind consciousness, the intellect has nothing to do with divinity. The intellect is a projection of the mind power, “moon energy”, while the “individual soul”, soul consciousness is a projection of the “Solar Energy”, the Universal Soul, Christ Consciousness. Religion is nothing but an intellectual interpretation, imagination about spirituality, soul consciousness. It is easier to understand what spirituality means if one understands that a spiritual person would never hurt or violate either nature or his fellow human beings. To a spiritual person, life is holy, inviolable. You cannot say the same about a religious individual.

Therefore, all religions are counted under the influence of the mind power, Lucifer power, its influence, which takes place consciously or unconsciously.

If the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Lutheran Church would conform to the message of God, Christ, both in words and in action, then there would be peace and brotherhood on earth. There would be no criminality, dictatorship or military power on earth. Animals and people would walk side by side without fear or fear of being killed.

The society we live and act in today is ruled exclusively by Satan, the Devil, and not by any divinity that different religions and churches constantly claim.

“The devil’s best trick is to convince you that he doesn’t exist.”

The “Gnostic” Church that we officially represent through our “Nordic Pontificate” is the “Nordic Gnostic Unity (NGU)” and the “International Academy for Total Human Culture (AIC)” that together constitute the true meeting place or “church” on earth , where selfless, dedicated people meet, regardless of race, color, gender, status or national affiliation.

The rest of humanity has to take the consequences of their actions.

Every human being is the smith of his own destiny.

Every person creates his own future destiny here and now “in the present” through his way of thinking and acting towards his fellow human beings and towards nature. You cannot harvest anything else than what you sow. This may be good to keep in mind, so that you don’t blame your mistakes on others, on each other or on Higher Powers, on God.

// Unifier

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By Dr. Sandor A. Markus

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