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The New World Doctrine


People have speculated in different philosophical and religious circles about a New World Teacher’s, Messiah’s appearance or return at the beginning of the 21st century. Some see such a being as a kind of liberator who will set people free from suffering, poverty, famine, financial situations, etc. Others see this being as a prince of peace who is to create peace among people, races and nations on earth.

The Christians in the West are waiting for the return of Christ, the Jewish people for a Messiah. The Hindus await Krishna, the Buddhists Maitreya and the Islamic people are waiting for the return of Allah. People also talk about the Antichrist who will appear and lead a New World Order on earth. Antichrist is nothing but the ruler of the mind world. It has existed and guided the human evolution on Earth since the days of Atlantis.

The emergence of the New World Doctrine is ongoing.

The New World Doctrine is the primary, undistorted doctrine which constitutes the First Source, the Science of the Soul, and which is beyond the domains of all cosmic hierarchies, federations, different beings that have so far governed the development of humanity.

For the first time in the human development that has been going on since Atlantis, man can be set free from the mind world and learn to communicate directly with the First Source (soul consciousness level) in the 7th Super Universe.

Humanity has for about 26 000 years of its human development on Earth and exploration of energy, the most sluggish state of matter, entered a new era, a new development, a new paradigm, which demands a new type of knowledge and consciousness compared to what we have known, been aware of.

This means that the New World Doctrine consists of a different kind of information, knowledge and consciousness than what has been previously communicated in Egypt, Mesopotamia, in Tibet or in India.

The New World Doctrine comes from the Nordic region, and the seers have since long spoken about this to occur.

If you look at the pictures below, then you can see that there are seven time capsules placed on the continents.

The 7th time capsule is located in Dalarna in Sweden. It is an intermediary, distributor for the other six time capsules.



These seven time capsules are catalysts for the 6 energy flows that connect earth and man with the 7th Super Universe. The Super Universe’s 7 galactic flow zones are in direct contact with the earth’s seven energy centers and the human seven chakras (energy, information and consciousness vortices).


Most of mankind can see only to the forest edge, while the New World Doctrine makes it possible to see into the woods and beyond. It also makes it possible to see all kinds of situations from its original, correct context in order to help those seeking guidance.

The New World Doctrine has come as a guide, advisor for those who want to work for a higher qualitative consciousness in the world’s societies. It has come to explain why the Earth, man is in his current situation and how each individual through increased consciousness and understanding can change his life for the better and thereby continue his cosmic development, evolution.

If you don’t create peace within yourself, then you cannot create peace outside of yourself, between races, countries or nations.

By choosing your way you determine your fate. (Unifier)

Religion and politics are but tools. It is man, the individual who determines how this tool is to be used in the best way to benefit the individual and society.

The AIC Center is under construction in the Nordic countries, in Sweden, from where the New World Doctrine – Unifier comes.

You can take part of the New World Doctrine through the AIC.

The World Doctrine is the guiding star that illuminates your path. Hopefully you realize for yourself what opportunities this means for you.

By taking part of the AIC development program for your consciousness, you contribute to your own and others’ development.

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