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God’s Ambassadors


Since the beginning, many highly developed extraterrestrial beings that we have called saints or mystics have visited our world and lived among us to spread the universal law, so that we could follow the way of ethics and morality instead of degenerating to the animal stage from mental and emotional standpoint.

Many times we have heard their sermons that these God’s Ambassadors have mediated both in words and writing, but we have never put their teachings into practice in our daily life.

History shows that the earthly man has treated them very badly, especially in the West. Many had to pay with their lives in different ways for the sake of truth when they came to us as peacemakers to show us the path to divinity. Yet these fantastic beings have always returned to us on earth, despite all the suffering that we have caused them, to remind us of our duty towards ourselves and towards the creation in its entirety.

They have reminded us that the earth is not our true home, but only a classroom among myriads of classrooms where we stay temporarily in order to learn, develop and evolve. When we have learned our lesson, then we move on to higher classes on the development spiral. These messengers of light and wisdom always come with messages of love from the Supreme Creator. But we neither see nor hear them. We are deaf and dazzled by the delusion that the lower qualitative negative mind power offers us in exchange for our soul, our inner quality. We know nothing about ourselves. We wander about without any orientation.

Now we have arrived at a crossroads, and this time we have to choose way.

Either we choose the way of the mind, of darkness, suffering, stagnation or we choose the way of the soul, of light, of freedom and development. The choice is in our hands.

This time, the Supreme Creator has sent a special Ambassador – UNIFIER with a special task to us. The task is to unite all religions, philosophies, sciences and technologies on a common platform. Such a task requires a highly developed master teacher – scientist, who possesses knowledge concerning the material world, the world of phenomena and the so-called implicit (folded) virtual (hidden, by the mind not perceptible) spiritual world.

The deeper we penetrate into the esoteric (inner) doctrine, mysticism, the harder it is for us to understand the meaning of life. Therefore the Supreme Creator this time has sent an ambassador, scientist who has lived among us here on Earth since the beginning, and who has knowledge of how the virtual, spiritual, implicit (folded) and mind-related, manifested, explicit (unfolded) creation work individually and together.

This Ambassador knows how life turns out for us individually and why?

He is the only one among the messengers who understands the creation in its entirety. He has since long been prepared for his last mission on earth.

In John’s Revelation, 19th chapter, Praise to God, THE MAN ON THE WHITE HORSE, written by Elisabeth Ståhlgren, published by the Reform Publishing House in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1968, we can read the following:

“THE MAN ON THE WHITE HORSE, he who comes as a conqueror, is the man from the NORTH, of whom the seers for a long time have spoken about will come to introduce the new age for the people of the earth. He is a being belonging to the higher worlds, but with the experience of the struggles and strife of the lower kingdoms, in which he actively participates. His mantel is dipped in the blood of the enemy, and the enemy is Lucifer who has taken abode in the body of the Beast.”

The Beast represents despotic governments, our world’s autocratic state powers of self-assertion, the armed forces with lust for power and conquest, and the despotic world of finance, capitalism.

The deeper one penetrates into mystical philosophies, the more confused one becomes unless one becomes (initiated) by a highly developed true Master Teacher. The true Master Teacher is unique among souls. He speaks of a world that is vaster and much more beautiful than the world known by the terrestrial man, which he can perceive with his senses of vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

The Master Teacher’s words are full of mysteries and wonders, but he speaks of a reality that is beyond the imaginary world of the mind, maya (illusion).

The great Masters’ urgent request is always the same, which is to be in contact with the Sound and Light within.

The Sound is the essence and the Light is the substance. Only those who listen to the sound and see the light within can make the way back to the Fountainhead, Original Source, First Source, from where they once descended.

The true Master Teacher does not judge someone because of his human shortcomings, but he saves us, sets us free from our confinement in a world of illusion (imagination) that we have created for ourselves, ended up in because of ignorance, unconsciousness and our search for the truth.

Let’s see who these great mystics are and let us learn from them the truth about our origin. With their grace, let us return to our source, back to our origin.


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