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Choose your inner Truth! – The one who is really You

When we move towards the future with our innermost being (Soul) instead of the Ego (Intellect) as heretofore, and say YES to the changes taking place, resistance, fears and struggles will automatically emerge from our subconscious.

The EGO resists and wants to keep its routines and traditions. Our thoughts are constantly coming up with various excuses: I don’t have the time. I can’t handle it. I am too tired. What can I achieve alone?

All this is only beliefs and fears coming from the ego, and is neither truth nor fact.

The EGO likes to believe and then settles for these truths.

These beliefs then prevent you from continuing your development and you forget your innermost truth that you already have within you. You have access to all information via MSM (mainstream media), established media such as Radio, TV, Internet, etc. But have you ever considered that these media spread propaganda and lies to keep you in your sheep’s clothing. Since if you were to know the truth, then you would find it difficult to stay in your outdated (old) traditions and ingrained patterns. This is the only way for the decision makers, the slave drivers (shepherds) to avoid making you change your mind. If instead you would affirm your inner truth and say that GOD is within you; that everything you want to achieve you can achieve if you listen to the voice of the soul, instead of the mind, the ego, then you would wake up from your “sleeping beauty” and see reality as it is and not as you have hitherto believed or imagined.

All the false beliefs that surround you are there to prevent you from waking up and knowing the truth. The lie does everything to avoid being exposed. You can read about everything that is going on and who is behind it in our book: The Matrix Reality. If you have read it, then you shall re-read it again, again, again, until you realize that you have been lost in the labyrinth of life – until you wake up and come to know yourself to what you are in your innermost being and not what others have made you to believe that you are.

Do you want to live a happy, peaceful life in security and harmony with your true, innermost being (soul), or do you want to live in the same struggle-some life that you have done until now? – and continue being a slave until you are replaced by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that slaves for free for the slave drivers. Then you are not needed because most of what you have done until now can now be done and be taken over by AI.

We cannot choose both ways. Everything difficult that has happened in our life has happened in a belief which has contributed to division, separation instead of unity, togetherness. This has created for us fears, insecurity, loneliness and abandonment. This has diminished us instead of giving us the opportunity to be freed from slavery, to grow and live in harmony.

Let go of all old beliefs. Use them as an opportunity to see both yourself and others in the light. Let go of what has been. Stand up for yourself, for your inner truths. Use this as an opportunity to see both yourself and others in the light instead of in the dark. You are holy and complete, divine and so is everyone else. Forgive yourself and everyone else. Because what we have done to ourselves and others has mostly happened because of ignorance, unawareness. This does not apply to those who deliberately treat their fellow human beings badly for selfish needs.

Everything we have written about is about ourselves. Similarly, all our diseases that we have been exposed to are nothing more than repressed thoughts and feelings that are reflected in various kinds of ailments that we suffer from to varying degrees.

The Road to Truth

The Voice Code or Sound Track is the number one wellness program in the world today. It has been created as a result of over 40 years of research and development by the researcher and inventor Robert LIoy and his partner Helena Reilly, M.A., together with some of the leading scientific minds, including the computer genius Leslie Marshall, M. Sc. Stanford University in San Francisco in the USA, and is behind the development of the “Voice Code”, which took about 12 years to develop.

Nikola Tesla is the Father of Health

Nikola Tesla’s goal in life was to create free energy for everyone and give people a healthier life

Nikola Tesla’s Revolutionary Health Technology: How His Inventions Improved Health and Well-Being.

Nikola Tesla is often remembered as a brilliant inventor and engineer who made significant contributions to the development of modern technology. What many don’t realize is that Tesla’s inventions also had the potential to improve health and well-being.

Tesla’s work with electromagnetic fields and wireless communication technology was groundbreaking in the early 20th century. His research and inventions focused on harnessing the power of electromagnetic fields to transmit energy and information wirelessly. But Tesla’s work also led to the development of technologies that could potentially improve health and well-being.

One of Tesla’s most well-known inventions is the Tesla coil, a device that produces high-frequency alternating current electricity. Tesla believed that this technology had the potential to improve health and well-being by providing an energy source that could be used to heal the body. In fact, Tesla himself claimed to have used the Tesla coil to improve his own health and to treat patients with various health conditions.

Tesla also designed and built several towers that he believed could transmit energy wirelessly to power entire cities. But Tesla also claimed that these towers could be used to transmit energy to individual homes and even to the human body. Tesla believed that by using the towers to transfer energy to the human body, he could improve health and well-being and even Cure diseases.
While Tesla’s claims about the health benefits of his technology were met with skepticism by some, there is evidence to suggest that his inventions had real health benefits.

In fact, several studies have shown that electromagnetic fields can have a positive impact on health and well-being.

A study published in the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” found that exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields had a positive effect on patients with fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic pain and fatigue. Another study published in the “Journal of Inflammation Research” found that electromagnetic fields can reduce inflammation in the body, which is a key factor in many chronic health conditions.

While Tesla’s work in health technology was groundbreaking, it was also controversial. Some critics argued that his claims about the health benefits of his inventions were exaggerated, while others argued that the technology was potentially dangerous. However, there is evidence to suggest that Tesla’s technology was safe and effective when used properly.

In conclusion, Nikola Tesla’s inventions were not only revolutionary in the field of technology but also had the potential to improve health and well-being. While Tesla’s claims about the health benefits of his technology were met with skepticism by some, there is evidence to suggest that his inventions had real health benefits. As we continue to explore the potential of electromagnetic fields and wireless technology, it is important to remember the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla and his contributions to the field of health technology.

Combining the Voice Code program with Nikola Tesla’s technology is very beneficial

Bringing the Scalar Technology to the World

The psychologist, Psychotherapist Helena Reilly, M.A. in the USA had used the early Quantum Sound Software in her private practice in Manhattan for 10 years. Helena Reilly, M.A and inventor/researcher Robert LIoy crossed paths again in 2002, and the concept of quantum sound therapy was born.

The mission to develop the scalar technology and bring it to the world led them to build and produce groundbreaking products in the field of scalar and sound therapy.

In this process, they collaborated with the leading minds in the USA in the field of “Quantum Physics, Music-Based Sound Therapy, etc.”

They collaborated with the programmer Les Marshall, M.Sc. From the Stanford University in San Francisco in the USA to develop version 2 of VAHS (Voice Analysis Health System). Later in the same year they began to collaborate with Dr. Masaru Emoto in Japan to create “Indigo Water” (The Indigo formula, programmed water at the request of Dr. Emoto’s friend and colleague, Professor Makoto Shichida, which produced astonishing results).

The third version of the voice-activated health system, which was developed together with Leslie Marshall, M.Sc. In 2006, led to the emergence of voice analysis quantum sound therapy.

They have since designed and produced an entire product line of Tesla iQubes, Miracle iCubes, OM-Pocket products and technologies. All of their products, handcrafted software and technologies are designed and tailored in a state-of-the-art facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas in the USA.

Robert LIoy and Helena Reilly, M.A. have been divinely inspired in their quest to bring healing, accelerated awakening and unity consciousness via their technologies to tens of thousands of people, primarily in the United States.

Although quantum sound therapy has been around for over 35 years, today it stands at the forefront of “wellness” to help individuals enjoy true relaxation, find inner peace and reach their highest potential.

Of course, there is no technology in the world that solves all of man’s problems if man himself does not contribute to his own recovery.

Matrix Innovation is the first company to introduce this technology in the Nordics. Matrix Innovation’s several published books that describe how man can reach the absolute height of his development help the process, if man chooses to follow the laws of nature and the cosmos. Instead of putting all their faith in AI (artificial intelligence) and instead using it consciously for development, then technology is an excellent tool to give man an increased freedom and opportunity for the development of his soul-based inner potential. It must therefore not be used to enslave and exterminate man as has been the plan until now. Therefore, the now imagined “World Order” must be replaced by a new one that benefits the cosmic development of man, the individual, instead of its extinction as is planned by the slave drivers.

The voice analysis that generates the Voice Code

The 5-octave, 6-track 2×3 binaural-beat-based, “Voice Code Analysis and Therapy Program” is 24 minutes long, and individually adapted.

The genius Leslie Marshall, M.Sc. has scientifically mapped at Stanford University in the USA that the human brain during 15 seconds of measurement delivers between 1.0 and 1.5 billion bits of information in the form of frequencies.

If a communication signal sent from the emotional subconscious part of our brain “Amygdala & Hippocampus” has a higher amplitude than normal, its amplitude must be lowered. If it is too “low”, it must be raised. If some information signals are missing, then it must be replaced.

This cannot be done with hitherto known scientific methods, which mainly refer to “symptom-related measures”, rather than “cause-related ones”. The voice analysis is therefore UNIQUE. It is a natural method without any external influence.

NOTE. Today there is no similar Voice-Based Health Analysis and Action Program that reaches 5-8 octaves on the musical scale in the world.

The voice analysis and sound therapy available in healthcare today is normally based on 2 octaves.

Some famous singers like Whitney Houston reached the 3rd octave on the musical scale. The voice analysis and therapy program that Matrix Innovation™ represents in the Nordics, maps with mathematical accuracy and remedies the cause-related problems in the person: mental, emotional and physical.

NOTE. Voice analysis and generation of therapy programs only takes place remotely. Voice codes are ordered from Matrix Innovation™. We can also refer the client to the nearest clinic. If there is none, the analysis and generation of the program takes place from Matrix Innovation™.

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