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The Golden Age – the Entrance

A New Year has begun. This implies new challenges both individually and collectively.

The old, outdated, (mind) ego-related paradigm (thought structure) has served its purpose since 2012 and is about to be progressively restructured to give way to a soul-related (unified) consciousness in comparison to the ego-related intellectual consciousness. This includes everything and everyone and not just some so-called self-selected ones.

We all originally descended from the same original source that some people have named GOD. The word GOD stands for UNITY, HARMONY, GOODNESS.

Christ said “You are all Gods“. He believed that man’s original qualitative part, the self-consciousness (Ethics, Morality, Common Sense, Respect, Consideration, Harmony) constitutes the divine (harmonious) part of our consciousness.

It is the “EGO” which is the limited, self-fixated, separated, exteriorly oriented, intellectual part of our consciousness that is the source of all negativity, division, hostility, diseases and problems of various kinds.

The CONCEPT OF GOD that characterize certain religions, e.g. JUDAISM, originated from extraterrestrial entities (beings) who came from above (heaven) with their spaceships. People then began to worship these beings because of their superiority in knowledge and technology.

Negative extraterrestrial beings have enslaved people here on earth since the beginning.

Humanity has been informed for decades about the changes to come, but humanity has turned a deaf ear and ignored these warnings.

Every age has had a strong influence on human development on earth. The Age of Pisces (Iron Age) was the end of the great cycle of development that spanned 26,000 years. The new age in which we have already entered is called the “Golden Age”. Here, a new and harmonious development of our earthly civilization will take place. Right now we are both individually and collectively going through the remnants of our previous developmental phases. We must get rid of all our negative qualities before we can enter into the Golden Age.

As long as we don’t understand that we ourselves create our life, our security through our thoughts, feelings and actions towards our surroundings, as long our life will be nothing but a roller coaster between good and evil, joy and sorrow, harmony and disharmony.

The majority confuse inner security with material security, which has to do with the EGO.

These people reason that they should have everything they need themselves. How their fellow human beings feel – they think they can’t do anything about – and they don’t care – that’s not their problem.

All private property where you grab more than you need for yourself and your family has to do with the EGO (the lower quality, separated part of consciousness).

Christ expressed it as follows: the poorest of the poor is the one who has nothing but money. Without money, such a person has nothing but his desire for material, glamorous things.

No state, head of state, king or queen has a cosmic (universal) or made up legal right to usurp nature’s resources for more than they need for their own or their family’s personal use. No one on earth has the legal right to own or use nature’s resources for anything other than common needs.

As long as there is any human being on earth who does not have access to food, clothing or shelter, no private person, state or company has the right to accumulate material wealth (funds) like “squirrels gather peanuts”.

No one has a cosmic legal right to become a millionaire or billionaire at the expense of their fellow human beings.

If you have achieved the status in society where you have access to more means than the general public, then you are obliged to ensure that all abundance is used for the security of everyone in society and not only for the concerned family, relatives or closest friends as hitherto.

Not until the EGO has been completely abolished can man create and live in a common security free of poverty, separation and hostility.

The earth was not created by the people who colonized it or came here to gain life experience.

Earth’s natural kingdoms cannot be owned by any earthly or extraterrestrial entity (creature).

We at the Matrix Innovation™ and AIC™ have decided to resume the creation of videos that will be broadcast from YouTube and other Internet channels. Among other things, we will discuss the CelesteMethod®, which we registered in Sweden in 1996 for future purposes. The CelesteMethod® replaces “Mindfulness” which is an outdated and mind-related program that has no possibility to change man’s current or future life situation for the better.

The CelesteMethod® is a soul-related program with the purpose to help anyone interested to prepare for the New Age that we entered at the winter solstice of 2012. Here we are to discover the qualitative part of our latent (hidden) subconscious part of our inner resource (consciousness).

We also want to help people get protection from the influence (inner and outer influences) of negative extraterrestrial and earthly entities (beings). These entities want to prevent those who voluntarily choose to change their consciousness – thought structure and life situation for the better.

We want to ensure that people get answers to all important questions that affect life as a whole.

We want to help everyone interested to improve their health and well-being.

Matrix Innovation™, AIC™ and UNIFIER™ have access to all information materials and technical aids that everyone needs for their development. We will present all this on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL (and other channels) and this will start in March – April 2024.

  • We have at our disposal about ten books available in Swedish and English about the elevation of consciousness for the New Age (Golden Age).
  • We have several hundred introductory letters and course literature.
  • We have access to over 400 PowerPoint presentation pages.
  • We have access to over 200 health programs for different types of health problems.
  • We have several programs regarding the elevation of consciousness towards the higher qualitative multi-dimensional soul-related consciousness.
  • We have all the latest technological aids (earthly – extraterrestrial) required to free ourselves from various kinds of health problems.
  • We will have webinars (meetings) via Zoom and Skype.
  • We have guided meditation techniques that are adapted to the new age (Age of Aquarius).
  • We have access to all kinds of information (terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial) which is intended for the needs of the earthly civilization for its individual and collective development and solution of the current life situation.
  • We have access to intergalactic organizations via ACIO – AndronETalks Radio® and AndronTeck® that work together to solve various kinds of internal and external problems.
  • …and more..
Now that we are entering the New Age “The Golden Age”, all emotional, mental and physical problems must be removed from our beings. As help we have now also the “Voice Code“. It must be used at least once a day and adjusts our internal program toward increased health and higher quality consciousness. As we go through this process we will all experience this in a slightly different way. We are all individually programmed, which has to do with our acquired experiences.