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Quantum Sound, Voice Codes and Energies

Sisters and Brothers – increase health and consciousness!

Now we have arrived at the final phase of the 2023 timeline, which has involved a lot of events both on the visible material plane and on the invisible subtle plane. The positive event that has occurred is the vibrational increase of Earth’s energy which occurred on July 7, 2023 (7/7/7). The light (the hidden information) that seers have long spoken of will start from the Nordic region (Sweden), and it has begun. Many of you may not be aware of or believe in what we convey. But parts of what we have mentioned so far in our literature have already happened. Have you all read the book “The Matrix Reality“? – which we published in both Swedish and English? The book consists of 523 pages and was published in 2017, i.e. 2 years before the beginning of the made-up Covid-19 pandemic.

Have you seen the movie “The Truman Show” from 1998 with Jim Carrey in the lead role, or the movie “The Matrix” with the characters Neo and Morpheus?

These two amazing films reveal the truth about the world to the earthly man, which we experience as our true reality. This reality is a made-up, fabricated illusion, a show for the human mind via its 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell).

The true reality has been hidden from the public and also from the rulers of society by the destructive Orion and Dragon influenced extraterrestrial beings who have taken care of and directed the evolution of humanity for thousands of years here on Earth.

The book that we will present to you in the spring of 2024 will surpass the two films that we mentioned above in terms of truth about the creation of the universe, and about the earthly man’s perception of reality that has been indoctrinated for thousands of years as a belief to believe in.

The book will “shock” those who think they know the truth about life and creation, and those who dismiss it because that they have been brought up and indoctrinated to believe in everything that has been presented to them in life as reality.

What is important for all of you who stay in the present here on earth is to acquire the aids that we present to you which are important for your mental (psychic), emotional and biological (physical) health and inner resource development. Otherwise, you will fall away from the development that has begun here on earth and that will characterize the New Age that has been described in our literature and lectures since 1993, starting from our first published book “From the Barbarism to Super Consciousness“.

You are all exposed to both external and internal influences 24/7 while you dream and hope that everything will continue in the same tracks as before without no change whatsoever? If you do, you will have it as before. It’s easier to stick the head in the sand like the ostrich to turn a deaf ear to the truth.

The Christ Power (Soul Consciousness) says: seek the truth within yourself and the truth will set you free.

Or: the truth is closer than the hand and the foot.

If you constantly look for the truth outside of yourself i.e. what everyone else thinks as well as authorities, politicians, MSM (mainstream media), schools, then you get incorrect information about life and the creation. This information is made up and interpreted by the mind via our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell). The earthly 3D conscious “Homo Sapiens” (thinking man), his perception of reality is based exclusively on sense impressions and information experienced through “the reality” which is based on the five senses.

The New Age man, the Aryan, the “Noble, Brilliant” man’s reality is based on 4D, 5D, 6D or higher “Soul-related Consciousness”, its reality.

Therefore, we offer the best extraterrestrial technological aids along with our teachings to facilitate for the 3D mind-conscious “thinking man”, Homo Sapiens to transcend into 4D, 5D, 6D or higher Aryan Soul Conscious States.
We offer you the best aids available to man at no higher cost.

The voice code

Our Voice Code program generates a 5 octave, 6 track algorithm – a voice analysis resulting in a 24-minute audio track, program. This is the only program in the world that can remove from the subconscious limbic (emotional brain) the causes that contribute to worries, fear, stress, anxiety, etc. This has been scientifically documented by the mathematician, programmer, genius Leslie Marshall, MSc at Stanford University in the USA, in 1964.

Miracle iCube

Miracle iCube

In addition to playing various beneficial programs for our consciousness, the Miracle iCube can also play the voice code. The Miracle iCube uses a custom scalar antenna that transmits the programs to us. The Miracle iCube is the “clinic model” for tuning up our consciousness, increasing its awareness.

Miracle iQube is intended for the home, the company, the clinic and is about the gradual uplifting, heart-opening and awakening of humanity through conscious entrainment. Miracle iQube will “dissolve” the roller coaster effect of emotionality and the endless search for transformation, enlightenment and passion into a consistent and stable experience of love and joy.

If you are sensitive to energies, you will notice the difference when you walk into a room with a Miracle iQube.

It comes in a nice box, with voice analysis software and online training.

It has an effective radius corresponding to approx. 35 meters.



Ompocket is a smaller model that is suitable when you are on the move, i.e. when you are outdoor, go by car, bus, or train. It can also be used for everyday use or in the bedroom. It has an effective radius of about 3.5 meters.

Tesla iCube

There is a Tesla iCube located within the Siljan Ring, Sweden

Our largest model is the Tesla iCube, which is intended for larger clinic centers. This model has an efficiency of about 80 km. This means that all the “star seeds” within this radius are affected by scalar waves and sound frequencies for activation and frequency raising.

Both plants and animals are affected by the energies of the Tesla iCube.

NOTE. Our technology originates from positive extraterrestrial entities. This is carefully controlled by a specific military intelligence organization that cooperates with the 5 main members of the galaxy council who handle all control of the Earth’s ongoing crises and development of the new agenda that will gradually begin and handle the New Age societal development from the year 2030 – 2033. The current outdated thought structure will be completely restructured. We at Matrix Innovation will present all this in a new book under the title which will probably be “The Disclosure”.

For those of you who are considering starting a clinic, Miracle iCube is the best solution.

NOTE. Anyone has the right to buy a Miracle iCube or Ompocket. Around 50 voice code programs come with these devices.

To become Certified and approved by Matrix Innovation™ in the Nordics as a therapist (healer) it requires 100% seriousness, honesty, right intention, cooperation, respect, and the striving for soul-related consciousness. Only then you can get more than 50 voice code programs.

No clinic known to date, neither traditional nor non-traditional, can offer the results that you can achieve in a short time with our therapy method. There is also no clinic that can compete in Quantum Sound Therapy, either in terms of results or financially.

Alkywan® Photon chamber in Vikarbyn

NOTE. I started my first clinic, acupuncture clinic in Sweden in 1976 in the municipality of Åmål. Acupuncture was then completely unknown in the Nordic countries. The municipality of Åmål back then had approximately 13,000 inhabitants. The majority of Åmål municipality’s residents were intermarried and saw anyone coming from outside of Åmål as intruders.

Sandor Markus’ clinic in Åmål

After 1 year of working at the clinic, clients had to wait three months before they could visit me. I had between 25 and 35 clients per day, so I had to hire two nurses who shared one full time.

The first year I stuck needles in the clients and nothing else.

If you succeeded in the 1970s doing so, then we succeed with what we offer you today as a state-of-the-art analysis and therapy program. These provide both faster and more lasting results than acupuncture does, and all the known symptom-related treatments that are applied today.

It is good to remember that all my clients who came to the clinic did so on the recommendations of friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

It is the result that counts.

NOTE. Our system has no competitors on the market. This is because it is the only system in the world today that affects the root cause of a problem, and not just the symptom itself as all forms of treatments do – and this applies to both traditional and non-traditional forms of treatments.

The book “Quantum Sound Miracle iCube™” that Helena Reilly published in 2019 is an excellent gift and recommendation to your acquaintances to spread the knowledge of what their revolutionary voice code analysis and therapy method are all about. This is also a good way to help your fellow human beings and not just yourself. The book is now translated also into Swedish by Matrix Innovation, which is the representative in the Nordics of the quantum sound therapy products.

The acquisition to clinics, businesses, or homes of the Miracle iCube™ can be financed via installments if you don’t want to take a loan.

Consider that our entire healthcare system is about to collapse. In 2023, between 700 and 900 medicines have disappeared from the Swedish market.

What will become relevant as a form of treatment is preventive health care based on extraterrestrial technology without any side effects whatsoever.

However, the MedBed that Donald Trump presented via the MSM in September 2021 will not be on the market for the next 10 to 15 years.

When it comes to extraterrestrial technology, our team has control over what kind of extraterrestrial group is behind the products that clinics use, i.e. whether there is positive or negative purpose behind the technology – extinction of humanity or its preservation. The technologies that has so far been used to a greater extent among the population has not been positive. It has mainly benefited the elite, the 13 families that we have mentioned in the book “The Matrix Reality” seen from both the point of view of economics and power. We know that Covid-19 has been developed by negative extraterrestrial entities that have influenced laboratories as part of eradicating the earthly civilization. Many of these laboratories and companies have been shut down, but Astra Zeneca continues to commit crimes against humanity by continuing to produce vaccines generating spike proteins. The health authorities are committing crimes because there is no epidemic and there never was. Millions of people have died in the world unnecessarily due to forced vaccination. Eg. WHO, which is a private organization, favors Rockefeller’s Pfizer and Astra Zeneca and others. They are constantly seeking new ways for their purposes even if they commit crimes.

All such laboratories, both chemical and technological, will be abolished until the year 2030, when a new era of development begins on Earth.

Matrix Innovation™ via specific military intelligence organization (control group) has full knowledge of everything that happens on Earth and in space in our galaxy regarding the companies that manufacture various products and technologies that benefit or disfavor its users. Negative extraterrestrials have for centuries and millennia infiltrated various organizations, companies, etc. without the earthly man knowing about it. They have also infiltrated all New Age organizations and their advocates.

All this you will find out when you read our new book in 2024. This book will “shock” all readers in different ways.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Peaceful and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Matrix Innovation™ and AIC

Sandor Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)., D.D. Sacred Theology
Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, B.A., D.D. Sacred Theology
Lars Helge Swahn, M.Sc

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