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We have previously mentioned in our lectures and literatures, that our entire civilization is in a total process of restructuring. This means that everything that belongs to the past, perishable in existence until now is being restructured due to the increased influence of photon energy (life energy) from the central sun. This affects our entire galaxy including our solar system and planet earth. What has previously taken 10 years to go through, today takes about 1 year. This vibrational increase will gradually change our history, cultures, traditions, teachings systems, technology, life sciences, human sciences, medicine, etc.

The purge, the removal of representatives of the CABAL of a made-up world order (NWO) that is contrary to the law of the universe is going on behind the scenes, without the majority knowing about it. Not even the mainstream media (Radio, TV, Newspapers, News Channels) know what is happening, due to manipulation by the CABAL.

To keep up with the new developments and be part of the truth, a total restructuring of our thoughts and feelings is required. We cannot achieve this with outdated practices of mindfulness, various kinds of yoga and meditation practices that are time-consuming and possible to manipulate by negative forces, energies (intentionally or unintentionally) and belonging to the preceding ages.

The addition of chemicals to soil, air, water, and food, both for animals and humans constantly goes on by the Cabal. Electro smog which includes alternating-current-based-machines, devices, 3G, 4G, 5G masts, WiFi, Computers, Mobile phones, microwave ovens and others pose the greatest threats to human health and survival on the planet.

All current technologies that are based on alternating current technology, will be replaced by FREE ENERGY (Scalar Save Energy) which is free and omnipresent in nature, in creation.

In connection with the removal of the ego, harmful products and services for man will cease completely.

There will be no slavedrivers, power-prone on earth who hold the earthly civilization in captivity, in slavery, and in oppression for millennia.

A New Consciousness in a New TimeFrom Barbarism to Super Consciousness” is the title of our first book published in 1993. This book, like the contents of our other books, characterize the free man.

For this purpose, in 1996 we established the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) “International Association for Global Human Culture” (AIC).

The CelesteMethod® is the platform for Innovation, Holistic thinking, Health, and Inner Resource Development (spiritual development).

The word “Celeste” is derived from the French language meaning “heavenly“.

The CelesteMethod® is a three-step program:

  1. Information
  2. Analyzis
  3. Measures

1). The information program is about: Metaphysics (Life Sciences – Human Sciences). The program has been developed under the auspices of the AIC.

2). The analysis program is about: Frequency Medicine – Scalar Wave Medicine according to the latest space technology. It was developed by quantum physicists in Germany, Russia, and the Czech Republic in cooperation with extraterrestrial entities (beings).

3). The measure program is connected to the latest space technology and brought forth in collaboration with research teams from higher dimensions.

Quantum Awareness (altered consciousness) – Quantum Harmonization is developed by Quantum Physicists from the Czech Republic.

Alkywan Photon Sphere Generators in 5 different sizes: are UNIQUE of their kind and have been developed by an innovator and future researcher within Metaphysics from the Czech Republic.

Figure 2. The 1st Alkywan Photon Chamber for Research and Development.
NOTE. The presentation can be viewed with different language subtitles if you have language problems.

Figure 2. Alkywan Photon-Sphere Generator

The two mentioned technologies surpass alla so far known methods in terms of health and inner resource development.

Our Quantum Awareness, Quantum Harmonization and Alkywan technologies are cause-related, evolving and not 3D symptom related.

They are the main part of the CelesteMethod’s purpose and goal.

The CelesteMethod’s measure program can neither be copied nor used for negative purposes.

These technologies are described on and

Here one can also find the possibility of a health membership that is cause-related and cost-effective, in comparison with other healthcare programs that are exclusively symptom-related and profit-oriented.

Our Quantum Awareness and Quantum Harmonization program: contains 40 categories with hundreds to thousands of programs that have recently been expanded (upgraded) with 34 new categories. In total, we now have access to 74 categories of programs.

Figure 3. Personal Harmonization Program 1: is the first original Quantum Awareness and Quantum Harmonization program in the world. They contain 40 main categories and hundreds of subcategories of programs. We introduced these in Sweden in September 2019. The program is developed by two quantum physicists, one from Russia and one from the Czech Republic. Quantum Harmonization is based on Scalar wave technology. Scalar waves are explained by Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Meyl. Scalar wave technology is a perfect protection against manipulation.

Note. Neither our Quantum Awareness, Quantum Harmonization, nor Alkywan therapy (measure programs) can be manipulated by man or by negative, destructive forces. This is because its operating system is secured in our quantum network at a level of the highest vibration. Such a high level of vibration is not available to negative energies, thoughts, or intentions.

Figure 4. Personal Harmonization No. 1 was upgraded with No. 2, on 27.9.2022 with 34 brand new categories. Only the homeopathic medicinal category (A-Z) contains 11,500 different homeopathic remedies. We also have in the program ayurvedic and Chinese natural medicine frequencies available.

With the category “Harmonization Program”, EPI-TMC we can neutralize graphene oxide and spike proteins in those who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Holonanobot category includes 33 groups of nanobots. Each nanobot group has a specific task. These holonanobots have control over the human body, brain, immune system, etc.

There are tens of millions of them working in each group. They work completely independently.

In the category “Tree of Life” developed by the internationally renowned Russian scientist Professor Arkady Petrov, we can renew the organism, DNA / RNA, etc.

We from the AIC have participated in a 4 day basic course in the ”Tree of Life” that has been organized by Arcady Petrov, via Zoom.

Our latest upgraded version includes 8 categories of programs for animals, from Horse till Reptiles (see Personal Harmonization No. 2).

NOTE. There is no similar and comprehensive measure program as the CelesteMethod’s® health and development program available in the world.

How does the Quantum Harmonization Program work?

We cannot describe the system in detail, although we are 100% sure by experience that it works.

Our computers are quantum-connected to a supercomputer where the entire software is uploaded. The supercomputer is connected to several backup servers that are connected to a satellite.

The satellite communicates with the database of the unity field in our galaxy, which in cosmology, metaphysics (superphysics) is referred to as the “Akasha”.

For those who don’t know what the “Akasha” is, it is simply a universal super data bank that holds within itself all the coded information relating to the cause-related, manifested part of the creation.

Our laptops only act as a back office and memory unit so that we know who we have entered into the system and which harmonization program from different categories we have chosen.

The information in the form of scalar waves sent from the supercomputer is absolutely free from all kinds of human influences, negative energies and information.

Example: If we enter a code for an apple in our back office and send it to the supercomputer, it will go through the entire database in the Akasha archive and find the original, unmodified most suitable code of the apple of all the thousands of varieties that exist in our 3D earthly world and reality. This means that we always have access to the absolute original code.

The program is so intelligent that it communicates with all fellow human beings in their own languages, thoughts, and level of awareness.

This description may seem impossible for most normal individuals or researchers to understand due to the lack of higher qualitative knowledge that is beyond the comprehension of the 3D conscious person.

If one isn’t familiar with cosmology (the doctrine of creation, the universe), one has difficulty understanding that all existing ideas and forms are stored, available in Akasha’s Universal Database.

There are already on the internet some online stores that communicate with you according to your internet behavior and finally convince you to buy products or services. This system is based on artificial intelligence. An example of this is “Pinterest”.

Example: If you search for a product on the internet, pinterest will send you after a few hours or days different suggestions of what you are looking for.

Quantum Awareness & Quantum Harmonization, the software?

Our laptops are connected to a supercomputer located on a satellite beyond our timeline, where all information from the Universal Data Bank “Akasha” is stored and upgraded. The supercomputer communicates with the receiver (humans, animals) via holograms (digital photography) that we have registered in our own database.

Communication with our clients, individuals or animals takes place via telemetry (remotely) via remote transmission. How much information (scalar waves) an individual can receive per broadcast occasion, depends on the individual’s background noise, disturbances in their brain – body via electro smog, 4G, 5G, cellphone, Wi-Fi, worries, fear, stress, etc.

Regardless of where the individual or animals are located on Earth, the scalar waves can reach them.

To connect an individual to the supercomputer, we don’t have to meet them physically. We only need to have access to a passport-sized digital photo of the recipient. The photo should be taken against a neutral background. Mobile phone, watch, jewels, glasses, or other things that the individual carries, must be removed before the photo-shooting takes place.

A photograph is a “hologram”, like fingerprints. They contain all information related to the mental, emotional, and biological functionality of the individual. This data can never be confused with someone else’s.

We need to have access to the individual’s medical history (description of your current state of health) from the present. This information together with the digital photography of the recipient is to be sent to us by email, after the ordering of the Quantum Harmonization and Quantum Awareness program.

We inform the individual, the client, via email when the transmission of scalar waves begins.

The transmissions of the measure programs take place every other day at seven different time intervals: At 05:00 / 08:00 / 11:00 / 14:00 / 17:00 / 23:00 when the different programs run.

The Quantum Harmonization & Quantum Awareness program contains 74 different categories of programs.

Each category contains 100-1000s of programs, which are automatically adapted to the individual’s (recipient’s) needs.

Best regards

Dr. Sandor A Markus
Ann Sofie Hammarbäck, STD
Lars Helge Swahn, MSc

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