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Figure 1. Certified/internationally registered/scientifically verified technology

For many years, Alkywan® in the Czech Republic has been developing products based on scientifically and technologically innovative ideas to improve the lives of not only humans, but also animals and all living organisms. B.C., Stepan V. Aurednik, BBA. (University of Dublin, Ireland).

The Scientist Stepan V. Aurednik invented the ALKYWAN® photonization process, which converts natural materials into photon antennas. He is the only person so far in the world who has been able to harness the photon energy field and use his ALKYWAN® antennas for holistic health care and to advance human consciousness. This is a necessity in our chaotic world and in the New Age in which our earthly civilization astrologically entered at the winter solstice of December 21–23, 2012, when our solar system and our planet Earth crossed the Equatorian line of our galaxy.

“The Researcher Stephen V. Aurednik’s main goal has been to develop products whose functionality is based on science, so that we can be sure that they produce the results that we humans expect. The new technology thus proves its relevance not only for humans and animals, but also for our own planet due to its environmental friendliness, and all based on real science.

We are confident that we can help you and show you the way to true knowledge – a away to avoid falling for any of the dubious offers of various kinds of dubious instruments and devices, conceived based on pseudoscience. This so-called pseudoscience only pretends to be part of real science and harms the development of real knowledge, thus hindering scientific progress towards this greater knowledge.”

Alkywan® consists of a unique team of experts who connect the scientific, medical, spiritual, and social areas of life into a pure living source of photon energy. Our technology is designed to quickly improve all areas of life and the environment.

Figure 2. Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, CEO of Matrix Innovation, together with Sandor Markus in Sweden, have established the 1st Alkywan Photon Research Chamber. The chamber consists of 6 Alkywan Master Photon Spheres 5.9″ (15 cm), that together form the powerful “Merkaba” which has a radius of photons of 300 meters with a 360-degree radiation field.

Matrix Innovation is an Ambassador and Distributor for Alkywan in Scandinavia.

ALKYWAN® is a photonization process that converts natural materials into photon antennas. Matrix Innovation® together with the CelesteMethod®, uses these ALKYWAN® antennas together with the Quantum Harmonizer for holistic health care to promote good mental, emotional and biological (physical) health and a higher quality human consciousness development in an effective way.

Figure 3. Shows the original “Personal Harmonization Program” of the CelesteMethod, which includes 40 categories of the Quantum Awareness & Quantum Harmonization Programs.

Each Category includes from 50 to 100’s of programs.

NOTE. After 2 years of using the “Personal Harmonization Program 1”, our software program 27.09.2022 has been further upgraded, making the program even more efficient. 31 new categories have been added.

These programs are not based on pseudoscientific research and development, which cannot be verified in traditional medical science. Our technology is based on the new and latest science in Space Technology that we apply though telemetry (remotely). This method is completely unknown in traditional medical science. We don’t ponder so much about how it works. For us, it is important that it works. Our customers are very satisfied.

Figure 4. The Holonanobots program (holographic nanobots) act outside the immune system, directly on the human plasma housing.

There are 33 groups of “Holonanobots”. They work on the human plasma housing, the ethereal housing, where the cause of all sorts of mental, emotional, and biological symptoms can be removed.

This is a completely new technology.

Our upgraded program (fig. 3) also includes the internationally renowned Russian researchers, Professor Arcady Petrov and Professor Grigori Grabovoi, their revolutionary method “Tree of Life” (see image 4).

This covers also how a removed bodily organ can grow out anew via the restoration of the natural, original state of the DNA.

Figure 5. Different kinds of Quantum Transmission Programs

Through our various Quantum Transmission Programs, we can accelerate the recovery of humans and animals.

Our quantum physicists with whom we collaborate in Russia and the Czech Republic are unique when it comes to the latest space research. This is beyond the comprehension of 3D traditional science.

The outdated 3D methods still applied in traditional medical science will not play a major part in the New Age in which we have already entered.

The biochemistry that has hitherto dominated all research and development exhibits only the very symptoms, the manifestation of a subtler cause-related reality, which cannot be measured by outdated methods. Photons, scalar waves permeate all 3D matter and constitute its life-giving and life-sustaining constituents.

The CelesteMethod® which we use in our research and development, is beyond the domain and reality of traditional science.

Ann Sofie – Sandor – Lars Helge
Researcher – Developer – Distributor

Matrix Innovation® & CelesteMetoden®

Matrix Innovation

Alkywan’s Customer Price List for the year 2022 (Discount Offers)

Alkywan Master Sphere 5.9″ (15 cm) Diameter

MASTER Sphere comes with a wooden base with 4 led lightdiodes and has a diameter of 5.9 inches (15 cm). This sphere is intended for true spiritual adepts (mentors) and individuals who have already undergone a detoxification of their mental, emotional, and biological housing. This sphere is good to use at spiritual centers, yoga centers, larger clinics and by practitioners who work with many people. The Master Sphere can purify a large area. It has a radiation radius of 300 meters. It is the largest and most powerful product that Alkywan offers. (It is also the most difficult and complicated to manufacture.) If you have a large house or apartment then you can place this sphere somewhere in the middle of a bookshelf, etc. But before that, you can leave it for 3 hours in all rooms or spaces with the diode light turned on to clean the space. Order >>>

Price: €3,333.00 EURO – 36 405,00 SEK – 15% Discount to our CelesteMethod® Health Members.

Alkywan Accelerator Sphere 4.7″ Diameter

ACCELERATOR Sphere (our bestseller) comes with a wooden base with four LEDs and has a diameter of 4.7″ inches (12 cm). This beautiful sphere quickly cleans the environment even in large apartments, houses, business locals, offices, clinics, or yoga center where many people gather daily. Order >>>

Price: €2,000,00 EURO – 21,845 SEK – 15% Discount to our CelesteMethod® Health Members

Alkywan Balancers Photon Sphere Set with two pieces 2″ Diameter

BALANCERS Sphere comes as a pair (a set of 2 spheres). Each sphere has a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm). These spheres have the perfect size to hold during meditation. They harmonize and balance the biofield, calming the mind and providing energetic support. They are designed to be used as a set and it is not recommended to split the set for two users, but rather that one user should keep the pair. Order >>>

Price: €1,200.00 EURO – 13 107,00 SEK (no discount)

Payment: (Advance payment) to Matrix Innovation Bankgiro no: 5369-2224

You can split the payment over several months.

Delivery time: is about 5 – 30 days depending on availability in stock

Please contact Lars Helge Swahn.

Other questions about Alkywan: Sandor Markus

“Why is Alkywan Photon Energy so important?”


NOTE. When it comes to big cities, one should think about the Great Spere 5.9″ (15) cm or 4.7 (12) cm due to increased electro smog, 5G, Wi-Fi etc.

We wish you all Love and Harmony!
Ann Sofie – Sandor – Lars Helge

Matrix Innovation
Research – Development

We announce that from now on we have no cooperation with and Of course, the CelesteMetoden will continue to harmonize the health members who have entered through just as agreed, with Quantum Harmonization, Quantum Awareness and Analyzes. The research project continues and is now managed entirely from