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Alkywan® Photon Energy Generator


Figure 1. Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator

Alkywan® Photon Energy Generator is the World’s Most Intelligent and Powerful Healing Technology

My name is Sandor A Markus, and I was born on July 7, 1939, in Budapest, Hungary. I grew up in the countryside next to the Hungarian pusta (steppe). My mission began a few weeks after my school graduation in July 1953, when I turned 14. One summer day I went out to the Hungarian pusta where I used to go to be by myself in silence which could not be experienced anywhere else. I sat as usual under a willow tree next to a stream, in whose murky waters some catfish swam and played. Suddenly, I felt a powerful electric shock hit my back, and I turned quickly around to see what caused this. A few meters behind me I saw a light figure about 2.0–2.5 meters high. From this light figure it emanated (radiated) an intense light. I experienced the light as very powerful and pleasant. I held my hands in front of my eyes to protect them from the intense light. But the light penetrated my hands.

My consciousness was raised to an unknown and unimaginable level, where I saw within myself images of events that succeeded each other, how past, present, and future events were brought together into a single tapestry of events. It was like a spectacle, a play. At the same time, I heard a gentle voice within me in Hungarian urging me to leave Hungary and go to Sweden. In Sweden, I would lay the foundation of a center in the life sciences. From this center, the light would emanate to other parts of the world. I understood nothing of this message. But one thing happened inside me. I was never the same as before. Reminiscences (memories) of past lives began to appear. It would take about 3 years before I had the opportunity to leave Hungary. On December 6, 1956, I came to Sweden. At that time, I was 17 years old. (A more detailed biography can be read in my books).

My actual mission began when I was 21 years old. I was initiated into the “Order of the Holy Grail”, its innermost circle (the 3rd level) by its leader Elisabeth Ståhlgren. She recognized me as the Guardian of the Grail and her successor. However, it took until 1993 when my mission began to take shape and my first book “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness” was published in Sweden. I lectured and held seminars from Skåne to Norrland in Sweden, without attracting any attention or appearing in the mass media. I have been away the public eye until now when my mission begins to take shape. During the period 1993 – 2022, I received and wrote down about 6000 pages of material from higher Entities, Beings, Master figures, Extraterrestrials, which are involved in the ascent (elevation of consciousness) of the Earth and humanity from its 3D reality to a 5D, 6D and 7D reality.

Thousands of books have been written in different languages. There have been thousands of yoga centers (schools) established in different places on earth. Hundreds of thousands of people have traveled to India, Tibet, South America and to various places on earth to meet a Master Teacher, Guru who could explain the riddle of life, who would change their lives like a “magic wand” without themselves having to be involved in their own development process. But only few of these hundreds of gurus, so-called spiritual masters, mentors, messengers have succeeded in doing so.

No popes, cardinals, priests, or layman of various religions have hitherto understood the basic principle of the doctrine which they themselves preached to the people, that which Christ said: “Seek the truth within you and the truth will set you free” or: “you all are gods“. None of the New Age philosophers who appear in the world today on various channels through MSM (internet, TV, Radio) have been able to unite the earth’s divided population into one unit. Although they constantly talk about unconditional love, peace, brotherhood, community, cooperation, unity, togetherness. It turns out that words without action have no value. The majority of these philosophers, messengers themselves contribute to division by seeing themselves as chosen. It is still their ego that guides their actions.

There is a proverb that says: You get to know them by their fruits. The way a man thinks and acts, such is the quality within.

If we look out over the world, what can we see?

We see worries, fears, anxiety (guilt), insecurity, lack of love, loneliness, abandonment, falsehood, manipulation, egoism, lust for power, suffering of various kinds.

How many of us have put into practice Christ’s words: “seek the truth within you and the truth will set you free“?

Or as the Oracle of Delphi (Greece) said: “Get to know yourself, then first you understand how the universe works“.

How many of you have come to know yourself, who you really are, other than what your parents, school, state, and surroundings have indoctrinated, baptized you into believe, or see as your only true reality?

For the first time in the earth’s many thousands of years of history and countless incarnations on earth, the messengers of light (who we call angels, beings of light) from the 7th dimension have created a tool, an aid for all those who want to free themselves from their captivity of illusions, beliefs in which they have been enslaved by false, destructive, power-prone earthly and extraterrestrial forces and entities (beings).

None of us can be “elevated” to any higher qualitative level of density, level of consciousness, unless we ourselves address what prevents us from leaving this 3D world and reality. These inherent dissonances that until now have mainly prevented us from being happy, harmonious, healthy (with the absence of symptoms, diseases, problems) and being able to enjoy the amazing panoramas of lakes, forests, mountains, and nature that the earth offers us. Instead, we want to escape to other worlds that are not as rich in natural wealth as our planet Terra.

We cannot build a new house on a dilapidated foundation unless we strengthen the foundation, the foundation that we all have within us, without our knowledge.

Those who think they will be picked up, taken care of by extraterrestrial beings of higher consciousness, or that they will be brought up in a 5D or even finer densities of reality, they will be deeply disappointed when they discover that what they wished for will not happen. We cannot dwell in a higher vibrational field than what characterizes our current consciousness, life, and reality.

With the right tools, we can all change our life and reality, and it’s urgent!

Everything that we have so far experienced as traditions and reality is undergoing a total restructuring. Nothing will be as before. We have described this in our books: “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness – A New Consciousness in a New Time”, “The Matrix Reality”, and “The Free Human Being”.

Until the year 2026, as we have mentioned in our books, the whole old world will collapse.

From the year 2026, a new Era, a Golden Age will open its doors to those who have been patient, unassuming and loving.

You know the saying: when the need is the greatest, the help is the closest.

The creators from the Original Source, the 7th dimension, have sent several messengers to Earth to facilitate for humans the process of restructuring and elevation that is already underway, without the majority knowing about it.

Among these 7D beings is “a special envoy” who has been given the task of creating a tool that can in a simple and beneficial way help anyone seriously interested to change their health, and life situation for the better, than what is possible with hitherto known methods.

Bc, Stepan V. Aurednik, BBA

Figure 2. Innovator of Alkywan®

Bc, Stepan V. Aurednik, BBA
Inventor / ALKYWAN® Founder
CEO of Alkywan Technologies
Director of Science

University of Dublin – BBA


Born in the heart of Europe, Stepan V. Aurednik considers himself an ordinary man in a controversial world. He managed to crack the code at a young age and, thanks to this, developed one of the most technologically advanced sources of natural photon energy. Stepan invented the ALKYWAN® photonization process, which converts natural materials into photon antennas.

He is the only person so far to exploit the photon energy field and use his ALKYWAN® antennas for holistic health care to promote the rise of human consciousness. Although contact
with his products is often described as a “touch of the Divine” due to their unique energetic properties, Stepan always makes sure that all his inventions are first scientifically verified.

B.C., Stepan V. Aurednik’s contribution to this civilization is described as an “independent labor of love.”

This tool is called “Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator“.

This technology is based on nature’s own energy and information, which we call life force, life energy derived from the Sun and the Earth.

Without this life-sustaining energy, no life can exist neither in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom or the human kingdom.

Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator is mentioned on our websites e.g., and

We are currently in the process of bringing forth more information on our research related to the Alkywan® Photon Sphere Technology.

Figure 3. The 1st Alkywan® Photon Chamber for Research and Development is in Vikarbyn, Sweden.

What distinguishes the Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator Technology from the so-called Tachyonized products that have begun to be introduced into the world most and mainly by American companies, and so-called Biophoton (light) treatments of people, especially in the beauty industry, of clothing, jewelry, toys, etc.? These latter methods and services are unnatural, artificial and have nothing to do with human related health or spiritual development.

Further on the Alkywan Energy Generators…

The Alkywan Photon Sphere Generators are composed of 15 selected natural (by man untouched, unaffected) minerals and plant substances present on Earth. These, together with pure silica generate ions. These ions are vital to the cellular structure of the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and the human kingdom as life-creating and life-sustaining energy and information.

These 15 especially selected plant and mineral substances are under the protection and communication of the 7D light beings (angelic beings). This makes all the 5 spheres (globes) of different sizes that are part of the Alkywan family directly connected to 7D light beings.

The life energy that Alkywan Photon Spheres emit is the same life-sustaining energy that is called Prana, Ether, Chi, and Ki. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) this is the life force, life energy. This energy has been used in energy regulation acupuncture for about 3500 years in China and Asia. Without this life energy, no life can be sustained, or cells detoxified.

Alkywan Photon Sphere Generators are the only natural photon generators that can charge an individually adapted amount of energy into the human cell structure, DNA / RNA, body, and organism, and remove toxins, waste products that otherwise prevent the cells from being able to absorb nutrients and oxygen. The absence of this energy makes the cells unable to maintain a normal electrical voltage across the cell membrane, which corresponds to -70 mV to – 90 mV in the resting phase of the cell. If the cell membrane potential changes to between -40 to –30 mV, cell death occurs due to lack of oxygen and poisoning.

Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generators are the “Antennas” that both receive and transmit life-giving, life-sustaining natural photon energy to human or animal DNA/RNA, cells and their surroundings, 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week) without interruption.

In connection with the acquisition of the Alkywan Photon Sphere Generator, the connection between the individual and the 7D-belonging light being is activated. It guarantees an endless interaction between the individual and the angelic being. This allows the owner of an Alkywan Photon Sphere Generator to have total protection from all kinds of negative creatures and forces, and ELF (Extra Low Frequency), belonging 4G, 5G, Electro smog, Wi-Fi, microwaves, mobile phone radiation, etc. This protection cannot be obtained through the means promised on the Internet or by various kinds of manufacturers.

We have tested this ourselves.

Through communication with the light beings of the 7th dimension, everyone is guaranteed complete protection from all kinds of negative forces and creatures.

Every single individual who has acquired an Alkywan Photon Sphere Generator will be forever connected with a 7D angelic being, which is rare in other contexts. You can also achieve the angelic level here on earth if you are persistent in your endeavor.

NOTE. There is no similar generator on earth now that is not artificial or natural.

We from the AIC and Matrix Innovation wish you a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year with Good Health and Love.

For further information, please contact Lars Helge Swahn

For Inner (Soul-related development) contact Sandor A Markus

For information related to lectures, Alkywan Photon Sphere Generators, please contact Lars Bokström. Email:

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With brotherly love

Ann-Sofie – Sandor – Lars Helge – Lars B

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