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CelesteMetoden® Quantum Analyzer & Quantum Harmonizer

Image from (link): Our Multifunctional Quantum Analyzer & Quantum Harmonizer gnostizes diseases, imbalances / weaknesses that can lead to diseases. We scan the body at DNA, RNA, Cell and Organ level. There are no other methods today that can find diseases at the same early stage as our Multifunctional Quantum Analyzer.

Our automated Multifunctional Quantum Analyzer & Quantum Harmonizer is based on the latest Space Technology, which is connected to the . This state-of-the-art health and wellness technology has been developed by prominent Russian and Czech top physicists in collaboration with an extraterrestrial research team from the Pleiades.

This technology makes it possible to perform both analysis and harmonization completely automatically, which is good considering the “covid-19 situation” in society, the world.

Communication takes place between our system and the client via 1Telemetry and this regardless of distance.

1Telemetry (from the Greek ‘tele’ and ‘metros’) actually means remote sensing, measuring. Telemetry is the wireless transmission of measurement data from a measurement object. The transmission of data can take place via radio waves, optically with the help of e.g. infrared light or laser or via scalar waves.

Non-linear analysis system

Our Multifunctional Quantum Analyzer is an extraordinary non-invasive NLS device that “listens” to the body and scans the oscillation (vibration) of individual cells down to their DNA, RNA and molecular structure. The quantum analyzer then compares the measured results with reference values in a comprehensive database to detect any abnormalities in tissues, cells or organs. This is done with up to 90% accuracy.

Depending on the individual’s health situation, a scan may take between 45 and 180 minutes.

Our research group at AIC offers annual membership for those who are interested in their mental, emotional and physical health and development of IR (Inner Resource) for only SEK 5000 per individual.

This supports our research in life sciences – human sciences.

NOTE. A standard health inspection and action program normally costs SEK 2,500 per occasion. Additional action programs cost SEK 800 per occasion. In case of acute problems, approximately 2 analyzes of SEK 2,500 are required, and between 5-8 action programs of each SEK 800. The sum would be SEK 9,000.

In the case of long-term chronic problems of various kinds, an unlimited number of measures are required. This would create financial problems for the majority. The type of research we do cannot be subsidized. That is why we have as low a price as possible. People must learn to prioritize what is most important in life. People prioritize their health and Inner Resource Development if they want to survive as individuals and civilization.

Our health inspection and action program costs SEK 13.70 a day if you are a research member. This measure takes place completely automatically 6 times a day or every other day depending on the nature and duration of the problem. The action program includes 40 selected categories and thousands of harmonizing programs. The right harmonization chosen is adapted to the individual.

The selected harmonization program starts automatically in the morning: at 05:00, 07:30, 09:30, 13.30, 16:30 and ends at 21:30.

E.g. During the above-mentioned time intervals, a review of all organs, muscle tissues, nerves, arteries, veins, capillaries and bones, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae takes place.

All the billions of cells that make up the body are analyzed and harmonized for 90 minutes at. 16:30 every day or every other day.

When it comes to analysis and harmonization of women’s and men’s DNA and RNA, this takes place at 05:00 and 21:30 every day or every other day.

When it comes to analysis and harmonization of women’s hormones, it takes place at 05:00 and 21:30 for 40 minutes. When it comes to the man’s harmonization of hormones, this happens once a day for 60 minutes at 21:30 in the evening.

In the case of a complete review of the psyche, it takes place once a day or every other day, at 05:00 in the morning or at 21:30 in the evening.

We have mentioned above as only the broadcast of 5 of 40 program categories handled by our quantum harmonizer.

In addition to body-related analysis and harmonization programs, there is an advanced IRInner Resource Development System” that harmonizes the human Aura-Chakra (Energy Vortex) and Kundalini Energy System. This is very important considering man’s continued cosmic evolution and survival on earth.

Image from Shutterstock: Especially now as we have entered the New Age, we have to adapt to a higher vibration frequency (oscillation), than we have been used to so far.

Our entire solar system incl. earth has been in a giant photon belt (light belt) since 2012, when our solar system crossed the equatorial line in our galaxy and entered this huge prana belt (etheric belt) that emanates (radiates) from the Central Universe, the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian Star System.

This increase in energy we are affected by now is primarily due to this entry into the New Age (Age of Aquarius), which took place at the winter solstice on December 21-23, 2012. At this time, many believed that the earth would perish.

The increasing energy impact is also due to upcoming 5G and 6G radiation.

Man’s entire energy system must be gradually renewed and adapted to the vibration increase from the Central Universe, the Central Sun Alcyone, to our own Sun and our planet Earth. During this period, all life, our world, our society will be gradually restructured, changed.

The program system, the harmonization that concerns the human Aura-Chakra-Energy system is very important in view of the human adaptability to future changes. All outdated systems and traditions that have hitherto kept man in an outdated paradigm (thought structure) will cease and be replaced by “A New Consciousness in A New Time” which is the title of one of our early books.

Aura-Chakra-Methods that have been used so far belong to the previous age “The Age of Pisces” and no longer have any effect on man as before.

Our Multifunctional Quantum Analyzer and Quantum Harmonizer uses more sophisticated information through its communication with the “Akasha Archive” compared to any other product or method known to date. The system works with a sophisticated and wide range of energy and information.

Our Quantum Generator’s main program is tuned on 12 basic chakras (energy vortices), which in turn are connected to the 12 planets with their different densities in our galaxy. There are 13 chakra programs in the database on the transmitter satellite that handle all program categories with programs of energy and information. This is because women have an extra chakra activated. Therefore, women’s awareness will increase at a faster pace than men’s. The prerequisite is that the human being is connected to our Multifunctional Quantum Harmonizer.

Harmonization of energy vortices (chakras) 1 and 9 are very important in energy balancing contexts when it comes to our kundalini energy. These Chakras are found in our subtle plasma body.

If energy vortices (chakras) 1 Muladhara and 9 Sahasrara don’t work satisfactorily, not enough energy and information reaches the 3rd chakra Manipura in the solar plexus region which then cannot distribute the kundalini energy from the spinal canal to the other chakras (energy vortex) in the human housing. The result will be emotional problems.

We will describe the entire human energy system in a more scientific way in our online teachings, more than most people know today.

The is the only philosophical and AI-based development program on earth at present that takes care of the MIND’s deprogramming in favour of the development of the SOUL. It is the mind that has hitherto controlled and dominated the development of earthly civilization. Now we have to increase our soul communication. Only then can we achieve the goal of our development.

There is currently no theoretical (philosophical) analysis and harmonization program in the world that matches the .

The program is handled and controlled by extraterrestrial beings (entities) from satellite. Surveillance is carried out by our extraterrestrial siblings from Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius A and the Pleiades jointly.

The comes from the Nordic countries (Sweden), which seers have long talked about and which we have previously mentioned in our literature.

Join as a member of the research project – make use of the Quantum Analyzer and Quantum Harmonizer from the >>>

// Sandor Markus