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Health Care of the Future

The Health Care of the Future is Individually Based Harmonization!

Figure 1. The human brain is the most powerful quantum computer that has ever existed.

Everything that exists within creation is Energy and Information consisting of frequencies. The brain is the most powerful Quantum Computer and handles all information and communication that sustains life in our cells, organism and body. How we think and what we think is crucial to our health and our inner well-being.

98% of our DNA, which researchers in traditional physics have not yet discovered the function of, they call “junk DNA”. This DNA is in fact energy and information (scalar waves) that form the foundation, blueprint in all existence, all life, both through the mind and the senses (sight, hearing, feeling, taste, smell) perceptible or imperceptible.

Our traditional physicists can only scan 2 % of the part of our DNA that makes up the biochemical part.

The remaining 98 % of the DNA that scientists in traditional physics cannot yet scan, illustrate, is the most important part of our DNA. This is, in fact, energy and information.

The energy is the carrier of information.

Neither energy nor information can exist separately. Only together can they create, sustain and dissolve (restructure) matter (form) in its entirety.

Everything exists at the same time both in the form of energy and information.

Matter is nothing but compressed (condensed) energy and information.

Without matter – form, neither the primary original program, the soul-spirit (self) unit program, nor the secondary separated program the mind can be expressed.

All matter consists of atoms that oscillate at different rates (frequencies) and these frequencies form electromagnetic fields.

All living matter thus has a certain frequency and intensity, which means that it vibrates at a certain wavelength.

Figure 2. Graphic representation of an audio signal with amplitude as a function of time. Let us assume that the selected time interval is 1 second. At that time, the signal has time to make two full oscillations. Thus, the frequency is 2 oscillations per second or 2 Hz.

One can use these frequencies to stimulate or inhibit specific components in the body, the organism, the muscles. Or one can neutralize invasive parasitic life forms or pathogenic energies (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) that have invaded the body, the organism due to stress and weakened immune system.

This energy impact is called energy medicine, frequency medicine because it acts at different frequencies.

Energy medicine is based on the principle of metaphysics – quantum physics: all matter from its highest subtle state to its lowest condensed state, is energy and information.

Light is available, for example, in two forms: quantum which is the physical part and wavelength which is the energy part/form.

Wavelength refers to the distance that the sound travels during one oscillation. Sound with a frequency of 1 Hz performs one oscillation per second, and since the speed at which it moves forward is 340 m/s, the wavelength becomes 340 meters. The higher the frequency of the sound waves, the shorter their wavelength.

In various biochemical and electrical processes, low frequencies of 1–100 Hz are created in the body.

These vibrations from various biochemical reactions are constantly present in our body parts, tissues and organs. You can regard it as a background noise, a constant, often inaudibly low humming. With strong physical exertion, you can hear your body more.

The frequency – or tone – is different for different cells in different parts of the body.

For example, different ions (electric charges) have different vibration frequencies: Potassium has a frequency of 7 Hz (hertz, or oscillations per second). Manganese has 21 Hz and Calcium 28 Hz.

A healthy cell has a special frequency, and a cancer cell has another.

The effect of the treatment lies in the fact that you specifically influence the frequency, either by:

• Resonance (amplification) or
• Interference (interference or extinction of the wavelength).

In the same way as light, also the human being consists of both matter and wave motions. One can affect the biological (physical) part of the body by influencing the human energy structure (ether or plasma body).

This is done, for example, with the help of subtle energies or via electromagnetic energy in the form of sound and light waves.

These energy treatments can therefore be called Energy medicine, Frequency medicine or Bio-resonance, because they operate at different frequencies.

Each organ has its own vibration frequency (oscillation speed or oscillations). You can see the body as an orchestra, and it is important that the various instruments are interplayed in order to maintain high function and efficiency.

If the energy flows unhindered in the body and different parts of the body interact, are in symbiosis, in harmony, you feel healthy and full of energy.
Each organ or part of the body thus has an optimal oscillation rate.

Our thoughts and feelings also fluctuate on different frequencies, and their frequencies affect the body, the organism, the cell structure.

Thoughts are energy and information

Thoughts are also energy: if “I feel useless” or think “no one wants me” then this can lower and weaken the whole energy system. While thoughts like “life is wonderful” and “I love myself and others” raise the energy in my body and in my organism. This also affects my surroundings. In this way, all positive thoughts contribute to increased health, harmony and negative thoughts contribute to reduced health, disharmony and diseases of various kinds.

If you compare with tones, the words love, joy, peace and harmony vibrate with the highest, clearest and purest frequencies.

At the bottom of the “tone scale” we find the more burdensome vibrations of shame and guilt.

In the same way love, light, joy, peace, harmony is high energy that lifts us.

It is important in terms of energy and health for us what kind of people we associate with and what environment we surround ourselves with – what we take in and what we grow ourselves (makes room for within us).

Blocked energy and information flow gives rise to mental, emotional and biological problems of various kinds.

We humans are designed for a flow of energy and information between the cells and the organism to function unhindered, without interruption. But if we are exposed to internal and external stress or pressure for a long period, then it can be slowed down, blocked or “shut down completely”. It slows down communication, cleansing of toxins and energy renewal of the biological, physical body. A blockage in an area of the body can affect the rest of the energy system. It can be like an inflammation in a tooth root and increases the risk of inflammation throughout the body.

This puts the energy system in imbalance first in one part of our body, organism, but after a certain time the whole system in our body is affected, which can give rise to physical (biological) or mental problems, symptoms of various kinds.

The brain (Quantum Computer) of course works all the time in silence trying to balance and distribute the energy and repair minor damages. But we need help along the way and energy regulation offers it.

Through the latest Space Technology (“Quantum Generator”) we have access to harmonization from a distance via telemetry, which makes it possible to offer individual harmonization of the body, the organism and the development of our inner resource, regardless of where we are on earth.

By using different specific frequencies for harmonizing our energy body (bioplasm, etheric body, plasma body) which is the mold, the prototype of our biological (physical) form, body and organism, the physical body is tuned to a higher function and wholeness.

Harmonization means that the body’s inherent harmony (symbiosis) is restored. This is a sophisticated science that operates at the energy level. When man is constantly in an ELF field (extremely low frequency field) mentally, emotionally and physically due to internal and external energy impact, she needs to be constantly connected to our Quantum Generator, which is equipped with 40 program categories.

Each category consists of hundreds to tens of thousands of different programs.

Figure 3. Quantum Generator whose Central Computer handles 40 program categories.

Figure 4. According to Albert Einstein, Tesla was one of the most significant contributors to the emergence of commercial electricity.

At present, we are the sole research team of this revolutionary metaphysical analysis and action program in the world, which we apply within the .

It is the result of about 50 years of research and development in Medical Technology and is based on Space Technology.

Quantum medicine works through information via scalar waves and electromagnetic oscillation patterns. The human interior is like a constantly surging sea of energy waves (oscillations) that in good health are in harmony.

A human-being’s 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) in the brain convey information about the human’s energy waves. Via headphone-based sensors or telemetry, the Quantum Analyzer “listens” for resonance from the human biological body, the organism.

Telemetry (from the Greek ‘tele’ and ‘metros’) means remote sensing. Telemetry is the wireless transmission of measurement data from a measurement object. The transmission of measurement data can take place via radio waves, scalar waves or optically, using for example, infrared light or a laser.

In case of imbalance, the Quantum Analyzer reads deviating frequencies in organs, muscles, bones and in mental and emotional functions. These imbalances can be put back to normal through energy regulation “harmonization” of the body, the organism’s energy field – electromagnetic field.

It is perhaps easier to understand if you compare it to playing an instrument. The resonant bottom of the musical instrument amplifies the tone by starting to vibrate at the same frequency as the sound source. In the same way, you only receive a radio channel if the radio receiver’s frequency corresponds to that of the radio station. The same goes for our TV channels.

So, the body, the organism responds to harmonization (frequencies) that are in resonance.

The frequencies are transmitted within the body via the energy body, the etheric body or the bioplasm. This is an extremely fast system.

It is ingenious and simple!

Harmonizing frequencies

Russian researchers who are at the forefront of plasma field research in the world have for about 60 years studied the effects of energy medicine on the body, organism, thoughts and emotions in both humans and animals.

They have found bio-effective frequencies that resonate with various organs and systems in the body.

These frequencies are used to improve or restore the function of the body, organism, cell structure, molecules all the way down to the RNA and DNA molecular level.

Our collaboration with prominent researchers in Metaphysics and Quantum Medicine has contributed to our research team in Sweden being completely alone in the world on human “Holistic Health & Internal Resource Development“.

This knowledge is conveyed only via the .

The was created by Sandor A Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)., STD at the Celeste Institutet AB in Stockholm, Sweden, with the beginning in the 1990s in collaboration with Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, B.A., STD.

Figure 5. Via the CelesteMethod® we can detect and neutralize at an early stage any foreign, disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., that contribute to symptom-related malfunctions, diseases from Chromosome and DNA level to organ level.

First when a malfunction has occurred can traditional healthcare “diagnose” a possible disease. Then it is already too late!

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Dr. Sandor Markus

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