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The Human Cosmic Heritage – Inner Design

What is meant by Cosmic Heritage, Predisposition or Inner Design?

The simple answer is that our “Cosmic Heritage” – “Inner Design” is encoded into our DNA matrix and is about our way of making different decisions in life.

Our choice in life is governed by the Mind – Intellect, and not by our consistent self or (soul) consciousness, which constitutes our cosmic heritage. Our self or soul consciousness can show us of how to allow our body’s intelligence to guide us in different situations.

How we should decide and make decisions in different situations is based on what is programmed into our DNA, and that is reliable within us. This is contrary to the decisions we make based on our mind and intellect, which is always influenced by external information and which does not reflect our unique character – what we really are.

Our DNA design is about knowing, science, knowledge about discovering ourselves – who we really are, and not what we think we are.

From the level of our personal design, we get insight into our own unique nature: our health, psychology, vulnerability and limitations as well as our hidden talents, powers and gifts. Their practical application has enormous potential for enhancing and fulfilling the lives of every individual.

Our DNA design system also provides a framework for understanding ourselves.

Our DNA design system offers us access to our inner voice of truth, inner control that we can count on in our decision making.

We have everyone in life experienced that we have done totally the opposite from what we thought or felt within us, which turned out to be an erroneous decision.

Our DNA design system also shows that we don’t need to live according to others’ rules, advices and opinions, but our own that are designed in our DNA.

Other advices may suit the individual trying to convince us, but that doesn’t mean it suits or is meant for us. Therefore, our lives are in chaos because we listen more to what others think and we trust others more than ourselves.

To access our inner design, we need to have some data, i.e. our birthplace and time of birth. Then we can create our individual design diagram. In this calculation, the positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets (Zodiac) play a role in relation to the coordinate (latitude and longitude) that constitutes our birthplace. Our essence (being, construction) is a direct copy of the constellation of our solar system, zodiac at the time of our birth.

Astrology also uses time of birth and interprets data.

Our DNA design system is not astrology, but uses astrology as a scientific tool, along with other information that is programmed into our DNA matrix.

Our DNA design system is a logical, easy-to-understand system that does not require any beliefs. It offers a remarkable and unique approach to spiritual (cosmic) consciousness – that talks about definition, inner mechanics, correctness, decision-making differences, types and authorizations. This language may appear to be mental or “emotional” at first glance, especially for individuals who like thinking in terms of light or soul. But beyond that is the possibility of in-depth analysis of the changes. Transformation leads to what some people see and perceive as spiritual clichés, whose main message is self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-love.

What can our DNA Design System do for us?

Your personal design diagram like a user’s manual of your life and describes all your skills, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and your inner potential to fulfill your dreams. The depth of your DNA design system is immersed in your true nature, which can be shocking at the first discovery. Your diagram is a mirror image of you literally at molecular level. Activation of gates, channels and energy centers in your chart corresponds to the direct activation of different parts of your DNA.

In the diagram you can see your inner authority and decision-making and how you use these to make the right decisions in different situations. In the diagram you can read your mental processes and programs, including the unaware that help you understand and manage your feelings. This can tell which of these are really yours and which are parts of your living patterns but not belong to you.

Your DNA design system can tell you how to eliminate this resistance and how to use your vulnerabilities in your design for your growth. The diagram tells you what is profound and reliable in you and what you can trust.

Most people feel a great sense of relief after they have taken part of their design description. They feel encouraged to know who they are basically, rather than trying to be what others want them to be. This information helps them to let go of fear, anxiety, guilt, anger and shame that they have felt for a long time. Brief information about their inner design can make them understand the purpose and meaning of their lives. It can help them to be themselves instead of living in an illusion and perception of themselves.

This way we get to know ourselves and how our body works. Every human being is a UNIQE being who is here on earth to learn about the lowest, most engrossed state of creation, and to express his innermost nature. Not by doing anything, but by being ourselves. It is our great task to understand ourselves – to understand the basic matrix in our lives and not what decision makers of different philosophies, religions and sciences serve us. These advocates try to convey their thoughts and ideas to us to make us believe in their perception of reality as the only true one reality.

If these people would have been right the society and world would look different than from today.

The most important thing about our inner design is to get to know ourselves.

If we consider our body as a laboratory in which we can perform different experiments, then we can gradually map everything that exists within it. We can discover everything that has hitherto been hidden from our mind and senses.

Most of us walk around like zombies, without knowing that we have a “body”. We detect the body first when we get hurt or lose some part of our body. Thereafter, we hope not having to think about it until the next situation occurs.

Going through life unconscious about ourselves and our inner resources leads sooner or later to stagnation instead of development.

// Unifier