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Our Inner Design is the way to Self-Realization

There is only one true magic in the world and it is something that most people on earth are unaware of, i.e. the magic of who we are and not the ones we think we are. This magic is embedded in our own 4D (four-dimensional) subtle body like a vein and is rich in precious knowledge and is waiting to be discovered. When we find this magic and manage to master its power, then suddenly we discover life. At last, we can live our lives in greatness, peace, harmony by following our inner design.

We are all born as unique beings, with unique qualities, strengths and unique purposes.

No one can add to the world exactly that which you are here to add. That way, you are completely unique and irreplaceable.

But what happened on the way in your life? Why does it feel to so many people that they have lost themselves on the way?

Many ask questions about what the meaning of life really is?

Do I have any value or can I be replaced by someone else? Is life just to slave for others, sleeping and engaging in many insignificant pleasures?

You can also read in the news media, on TV, that people will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI, Robot), which is smarter than man himself. All this is just speculation.

You should not believe in all that is said.

Man is the most conscious and intelligent being in creation. No one within the other three natural kingdoms (mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom) is superior in terms of awareness, experience, knowledge.

AI is a copy of the human being and can be programmed into anything to facilitate for human beings in different areas. But AI can never replace man.

Christ said: Man is the crown of creation, i.e. that God has created man in his image. This means that what the people call “Gods”, i.e. the founders; that they have created human beings equipped with an inner program similar to the founders. Man can create what they want as long as they follow the laws of the cosmos, of the universe, of the founders. Man has been given the possibility to create artificial intelligence (AI), to gain more time for their own cosmic evolvement, development and research and let other types of tasks be taken care of by the AI.

Many ask the question, does it really matter what I do?

How can life feel more meaningful, rewarding and satisfying?

With few exceptions, man experiences something missing in their lives – but what?

These questions are very important!

It shows that we experience a lack in us without knowing what?

That we come to this point in life is thus something very important and positive, although it may not be so in the beginning, because it means that we need to start a new journey in life, the most important one that we can embark on.

This is “the journey inward of self-knowledge”.

Already as small children our individuality and uniqueness was challenged our by well-meaning parents, schools and the outside world. We learned how to think and behave to gain appreciation by others to be included in the community, to get love and to be a “successful” person.

We learned the norms, values and invisible structures in society and the world, and we accepted these standards as “our” truth, “our” frame of reference. We started on this path and begun in ourselves to change boundaries, standards to compromise our own truth, which meant that we lost our inner compass, GPS.

Thus, our intellectual knowledge has led to the feeling that we live a life that is not our own, but a life forced by others. We have lost self-acceptance and love for ourselves that we were once born with. It is no wonder that it is not ourselves we meet in the mirror in the morning, but a stranger, a double.

Many of us may never come to that stage in life, where we begin to see our invisible structures and begin to question them. This is despite the fact that many feel that they don’t fit into the demands put on them in life. People also feel that they aren’t enough attractive, successful, beautiful, slim, smart, etc., which egoistic and power prone individuals have made up, that they cannot live up to certain expectations or that they are ok just the way they are.

There is a kind of experience gap between the one you think you are and the one you “should” be.

For many, there is also an inner desire to not only get appreciation for what they do and perform, but also for the ones they are. Behind this longing is not only a desire to be appreciated for the ones they are, but also a desire to actually live as the ones they were born to in all their uniqueness.

The pressure on people to fit into the artificial social structure and be like everyone else and not “stand out” is very strong. Uncertainty and a sometimes a paralyzing fear permeate people and society.

What we need in this world, now more than ever, are people who live by their own inner strength and uniqueness, and who can express their joy and creativity and contribute with that which no one else can, to contribute to the whole.

Perhaps it is our expectations, norms and frame of references that don’t fill the bill any longer and need to be updated, as these make people feel bad and lose themselves and their uniqueness?

If all people lived out their uniqueness, these norms and expectations would automatically fall away.

// Unifier