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The Salvation!

Our International Academy in the Life Sciences (AIC) has the task to guide, help those who want to help themselves. We cannot waste energy on people who want to be victims, feel sorry for themselves and are not willing to change their lives for the better – those who constantly complain and accuse others of their failures, their life situations. Nor can we waste energy on those who blame God, parents, public authorities, or other circumstances.

We want to help all those who are tired of suffering, who are longing for peace and fellowship and wanting to free themselves from the entanglement and influence of the lower qualitative mind powers.

Being a member of our Academy provides a guarantee for an increased flow of information and a cosmic community that gradually contributes to the liberation of the human soul atom, the Soul from the influence of the five lower qualitative mind forces. This ensures increased consciousness, which makes us see life from a different perspective than we are used to. This gives us an increased insight into the causal relationship in each situation.

The solution to all kinds of problems is within ourselves. Finding solutions to different possible situations outside of ourselves can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack.

The three-dimensional intellectually conscious man believes that the solution exists outside of himself in the intellectual world. He believes that the solution is in literature, in ideology or within philosophy. All this is just tools for finding the solution within ourselves.

Christ said, “Seek the truth within you and the truth will set you free.”

Man has still not understood this message.

A true Master Teacher (UNIFIER) cannot solve man’s individual or collective problems. He can only be a living example and share his own experience. It can reinforce within each human being the qualitative properties that man carries in his innermost essence so that he can more easily overcome the resistance that he constantly faces in life.

There are many dangers lurking along the way. It is easy to get lost in the maze of the mind, of matter.

Therefore, seek the true Master Teacher’s support that can guide you out of the dark and lead you into the light where harmony and security prevail.

Security is neither found in relationships, within family, in society, in the workplace, in the circle of friends or through economy.

You can only find security within yourself, in your innermost essence.

Therefore, seek the truth within yourself!

Seek membership of the AIC Association and your life will gradually change for the better as you apply the training for emancipation through a higher qualitative multidimensional quantum consciousness, free from all bondage.

// Unifier