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Dr. Sandor A. Markus

Dr. Sandor A. Markus is telling about his experience in 1953 that made his consciousness elevate to a higher dimensional level. Today, he is appointed the Spiritual Master Teacher of the New Age that is preparing the marked people that will survive the coming challenges. Such an appointment can only be granted by the predecessors, i.e.  Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and Prof. Johnny Love-Wisdom.

Since 1993 Dr. Sandor A. Markus has trained thousands of people mostly in Sweden of how to improve their lives for the better. Now his world encompassing mission and its possibilities will be known to everyone who sincerely wants to change their lives for the better and increase their consciousness to a higher quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness. This is necessary in order for our civilization to at all survive the changes of our time. Dr. Sandor A. Markus is the founder of the “The International Academy for Total Human culture, AIC” (,, AIC Association ( and Nordic Gnostic Unity ( and the  Sovereign Imperial Order of Saint Germain, SIOSG (…

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