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You are responsible for your own health!

Dear AIC and Health Members!

Now as we have entered the year 2022, the Covid-19/20/21/22 scenario will continue. There will be no interruption yet. Those who will survive on earth are those who take responsibility for their own health and disbelieve that healthcare or society will do so. We have all contributed to our own health situation regardless of whether we have different types of known symptoms or not. We cannot blame elected politicians, CABAL, the Illuminati, whose advice we constantly follow because of ignorance and lack of interest in our own life and health.

Regardless of where we live on earth, we are constantly exposed to different kinds of climate impact, air pollution, polluted water, food, anxiety, fear, stress and more. The human body is exposed 24/7 to all kinds of internal and external influences, regardless of whether we are unaware or aware of these different kinds of stresses.

How do you think your body reacts to this?

Due to weather changes, the body is exposed to big influences due to temperature changes. The body doesn’t have time to adapt before the temperature changes again.

The fact that you are temporarily asymptomatic doesn’t mean that you are healthy.

Some days you feel tired, have low energy, are powerless, indifferent and experience different kinds of mood swings because your cells don’t get the energy needed through nutrition to charge their batteries and you are mentally and emotionally unstable.

What happens when you don’t charge your phone? Then you cannot communicate with each other.

The same thing happens in your body when your cells are depleted of energy and cannot recharge or detoxify due to inadequate energy supply. The result will be weakening, poisoning of the organism, the body, weakened immune system and attacks from various kinds of microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms that cannot be eliminated, rendered harmless due to energy weakness. Then your cells cannot communicate with each other, cannot detoxify and the result is cancer and cell death.

When you feel emotionally bad, are easily irritated, cannot stand to hear the truth, then you get irritated at the behaviours of others. Then you attract temporary ailments of various kinds.

Do you call this a sign of healthiness?

Then you are quite naive and still haven’t understood how your body and organism is shaped, how it works.

Not to mention those who live in big cities where the environment is much worse than for those who live in the countryside.

For this reason, we offer you the “Quantum Harmonization Program” at a low cost.

This type of Artificial Intelligence “AI” that can handle all these problems and harmonize them over time is not yet manufactured but is in the research and prototype stages. We have mentioned this in our previous newsletters how the Quantum Harmonizer communicates with the brain’s energy field via the 5D matrix, the unit field, the Akasha, the Sun’s inner core, where all manifested or non-manifested life is encoded, is stored in the form of information.

This information uses the quantum energy from the sun that is attracted to your brain when you are in resonance with the source program.

If you turn off the communication due to the constant influence of the mind, then the brain has a hard time receiving all the information sent to it from the Quantum Computer.

This type of Quantum Technology that can maintain this kind of communication between the source and your brain is completely new in the world of physics and completely new for most of you to grasp because it is not based on traditional biochemical investigations and treatments.

This type of technology that we handle constitutes the medicine of the future, “Quantum Medicine” (Scalar Wave Medicine). We have previously mentioned this in our literature and on seminars.

The doctors of the future need to become technicians, quantum physicists to be able to take care of those who need help with their health.

The Quantum Harmonization & Quantum Consciousness Program is scalar-wave-related, “5D causal-related” and not “3D symptom-related” as modern man’s known analysis and treatments are, both traditional and non-traditional.

The Quantum Harmonizer scans the cause behind the individual’s mental, emotion-related and biological (3D-physical) state of health; whose cause is to be found in her heritage, environment and the way she chooses to live.

The inheritance cannot be affected. It belongs to our past lives whose results are encoded in our subconscious. From there, it constantly affects our current life which we experience as positive or negative.

The environment we choose to live in is also affected by our subconscious, as is our way of life. If we choose a harmonious or disharmonious environment, it can be influenced and equally the way of life.

Scalar waves are carriers of energy and information and are the only waves that penetrate all matter and all forms. Without scalar waves, there would be no life anywhere in the universe.

There are three different types of waves:

  1. Electromagnetic waves (Hertz)
  2. Electric scalar waves (Tesla)
  3. Magnetic scalar waves (Meyl)

Our Quantum Harmonizer works on Magnetic longitudinal scalar waves and communicates with the individual in his own language via his subconscious and waking-conscious field.

Quantum Awareness & Quantum Harmonization

Our solar system, our planet and everything related to it are in a new paradigm when it comes to our future of different types of therapies and medications.

Using scalar waves, the effects of medicines, therapies, herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines can be transmitted wirelessly (telemetrically) with magnetic scalar waves used by our Quantum Harmonizer, regardless of the distance between the receiver and the quantum computer with which we are connected. This means that we no longer need to meet the individual (physically) in person for analysis and measures in our research. This allows us to keep costs down to an acceptable level for our subscribers.

Otherwise, the analysis included, i.e. four analysis sessions for the Quantum Harmonization Program cost SEK 2,500 x 4 = SEK 10,000 in addition to the subscription fee, which in the year 2022 is SEK 2,500 for Quantum Awareness and SEK 5,000 for Quantum Harmonization. The total cost then for four analysis occasions and at least four Quantum Harmonization Adjustments is SEK 7,500 for non-members of AIC, for this research membership.

In addition to their regular 1-year membership, the AIC members will continue to pay only SEK 5,000 for the Quantum Harmonization program, which also includes the Quantum Awareness (Aura-Chakra-Kundalini program).

A complete analysis of an individual’s health situation in real time which includes analysis all the way down to molecular DNA, RNA and cellular level and also measures, take place via transmission of scalar waves, no matter where our client is in the world due to the coordinate we have received from him/her.

What is scalar wave medicine?

Scalar wave medicine is the only natural form of “healing energy” that restores our DNA and RNA to their original state. There is a significant difference between the biomedical definition of healing that some therapists refer to for their treatments, and Quantum healing performed through our “AI”, i.e. Artificial Quantum Harmonizer.

Scalar waves emanate from the Sun’s core, also known as the “Inner Core of the Galaxy Sun and Solar System Sun”, the hidden, unmanifested, implicit, neutral 0-point energy field in the Sun.

According to the Quantum Physicist Prof. Dr-Ing. Konstantin Meyl, the scalar waves travel 1.5 times faster than the speed of light.

But Dr. Sandor Markus’ experience the scalar waves don’t travel at all. This is because the whole manifested creation (matter) in different kinds of states is in a constant holo-motion. What we call distance exists only in our individual and collective mind.

Scalar waves are both energy and information. They are the only waves among the above mentioned waves that penetrate all matter and all forms.

Without scalar waves, there would be no life anywhere in the universe.

The magnetic scalar wave as Professor Dr-Ing. Konstantin Meyl has discovered contains the very life force. This energy has been given many names like Prana, Chi, Qi, Ether and Kundalini, Manna from Heaven etc.

Take good care of your health! A fast consciousness evolvement requires a good temple – a healthy body!

// Unifier

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