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Building a brighter future

Figure 1. The darkness of the whole world cannot extinguish the only light.

The current situation

Together we can build a brighter future. But to make meaningful suggestions to further support this, we must first speak openly about what is going on (happening) in the world. It seems that there are factions within the world power elite that still want to exercise as much control and power as possible over the world.

In order for us to be informed about what is happening in today’s society, in the world, we must study facts that haven’t been manipulated, distorted by the mainstream media MSM – News media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc.), which call the truth “conspiracy theories”.

That is why the authors Sandor Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA) and Lars Helge Swahn, M.Sc. in the book “The Matrix Reality” and “The Free Human Being” have described what is going on in the world and what we ourselves can do not to be drawn into the conflict that this power elite creates.

In the two books mentioned, which together make up 850 pages, we have mentioned the primary means and goal of the power elite, which is to establish a totalitarian dictatorship based on control, by creating anxiety, promoting fear, hiding its secrets and purpose of polarization. They want to distract and prevent people from the meaning of life and development.

When these factions gain greater power and control, human freedom of choice and democratic rights are completely removed, often without them even noticing or realizing it themselves.

Fear is used by the power elite as a powerful means of pressure and control. They want to remove most of us because they think we are too many. Today, our earthly family is about 7.9 billion inhabitants. The power elite believes that we don’t fulfill the common function that they strive for. This power elite believes that they can replace most of humanity with AI “artificial robots” that do what they are programmed to do 24/7, without pay, holiday and pension. They believe they can create a paradise, a Sangri La for themselves on earth.

What this power elite has not thought of is that if they succeed in removing 95% of the earth’s population, there will be no gain for them to strive for any material wealth – because there is no longer any consumption. There is no longer any competition, no one to compete against! The robots ignore material things. These humans themselves will be removed from the earth by the robots they have created for themselves.

This scenario is called: The rebellion of the robots.

Your job, your saved pension is no longer secure. Remember what the former US President George W Bush said at the end of his presidency: “You are either with us or against us”.

We can be attacked by MSM (mainstream media) at any time. Their controlled news coverage drives us to anxiety, fear, to diseases of various kinds, and finally to death.

By encouraging us to focus on other things such as terrorism and evil leaders (Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, etc.) who don’t want to live or act according to the unipolar (state) hidden rules of the CABAL (the deep state), the global power elite turns us away from discovering that we control our own lives and towards the role of powerless victims – so that people feel powerless and cry for protection.

The more man slips into anxiety, fear, inner stress and sees himself as a victim of the circumstances that surround them, the easier it is for the power elite to manipulate and control them.

Confidentiality leads to control by preventing exposure to hidden agendas and by creating mistrust, suspicion and paranoia in the world.

Under the term “national security”, we have more often been told that we shouldn’t know what is happening behind closed doors in the government. Yet everyone is encouraged to be vigilant for those who spread conspiracy theories (individuals and the media who want to get the truth out), our neighbours, for those who question the government and for those who act differently from most others, as these might be “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

Polarization leads us to their way of thinking. To separate, divide and conquer is a tactic that has been used successfully by the world power elite for centuries.

As long as man focuses on blaming and attacking the “enemy”, he will probably not look for the deeper causes of his own problems. Governing factions from the power elite work to keep the attention of the public and the media focused on issues that separate and divide us into two polarized camps, so that their greatest concern for power and control stays unnoticed.

The power brokers then control both sides of the divided public by securing corporate ownership of the mainstream media (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) where key figures from all political parties support their deeper power and polarization agendas.

One last subtle yet powerful method of gaining control is to distract people from their real purpose in life, i.e. to live in peace, harmony, without diseases and suffering of various kinds.

Keep in mind that TV, Radio, MSM and movies convey more and more greed, power, violence, alcohol, drug abuse and sex.

Our mainstream education systems have increasingly prioritized “valid tests” over developing higher-quality soul-based consciousness and creativity.

Excessive media control has limited what news we receive and these shape our decisions and how we should think. Our attention has been subtly diverted from our deeper purpose in life to the more superficial attractions such as consumption, career, money and sex.

As we give in to fear, secrecy and polarization, and as we lose touch with our inner sense, intuition of purpose in life, parts of the global elite can exercise increasing control over our lives and our world.

What can we do about all this that is going on?

Ultimately, it is the collective fear, secrecy, polarization, and loss of purpose in our lives (the meaning of our lives) that has enabled the “Power-prone” to take power and control over our lives that undermines democracy and removes our freedoms and rights that we are entitled to according to the law of the universe, the cosmos.

By each of us committing ourselves to work on these issues both within ourselves and together, we change our collective focus and thereby we build a solid foundation for a brighter future.

Figure 2. Our extraterrestrial friends from the Pleiades and Arcturus are here to assist us.

Several measures can help us take definite steps in that direction.

Develop the purpose and intension of your life.

In order to live a richer and more meaningful life in today’s complex world, it is important to give your life a clear direction by exploring within you what is most meaningful to you. Set a goal that you want to achieve – a goal that leads you to something valuable in life. Not a goal that limits you and keeps you in an illusion, a notion of something you cannot realize. By choosing to live with a clear focus, life becomes deeper and more meaningful. This then weakens your need for ever-growing consumption and media influence that distracts you and makes you deviate from the real purpose of your life and aligned to a kind of sheep mentality. With this sheep mentality, you don’t have to think for yourself and become a copy of everyone else. You lose your own identity, the goal and purpose in your life.

Choose to turn your fear into acceptance and unconditional love (harmony).

When we notice that we feel afraid, we can trace the roots of that fear so that we can identify our core challenges and deal with them more consciously. We can open to guidance from friends, teachers, and spiritual sources to help us move from fear to acceptance and understanding. We can also transform our fears by welcoming the ever-present love of our divine Creator and the love that always lies deep in our own hearts and in the hearts of those around us. By doing this, we begin to recognize fear as an invitation to growth.

We know from long experience that it is not easy or simple to get rid of disturbing characteristics and problems which are usually linked to our previous fated lives. We need to think positively, ignore what is said or dismiss what the mainstream media serves us daily, or what our government officials want to force us to follow. Therefore, within AIC, together with our Pleiadian siblings, we have created an inner development program, which is based on “information, analysis and measure” according to the CelesteMethod.

The CelesteMethod is both developing of our inner resource and the destruction of erroneous bugs (thoughts and feelings) that are hidden in our subconscious database. These bugs can be contributing causes of mental, emotional and physical (biological) problems of various kinds. Our programs also protect against all kinds of negative influences regardless of whether they come from humans or artificial sources.

Become aware when you play the role of the victim to instead take personal responsibility for building a brighter future.

By blaming our problems on the power elite or on others, we often avoid taking personal responsibility for how much we ourselves are involved in creating these problems through the choices we make in life. Whenever we take on the role of the victim by blaming others (including the power elite) for everything that is wrong in our lives, we can choose to instead look into ourselves and explore and take responsibility for our role in what happens in our lives. By focusing less on blaming others and more on improving ourselves, each of us can make a difference both in our own lives and in our world. Through self-awareness we can reach self-knowledge. Self-knowledge in turn leads us to Self-realization in our lives.

Go beyond polarization and the focus on “good versus evil” and “us versus them.”

Every human being in the world has a heart and a common sense, and each of us has a place in our heart that just wants to love and be loved. Think about the possibility that we all do what we believe is right based on our beliefs, circumstances and upbringing. As we focus less on blaming own problems on our “fellow human beings” and more on supporting the highest motive, the ideal in all people, including members of the power elite, we will discover that we all belong to one and the same family, and that we can only change our lives and our world by working together for the good of all.

Furthermore, we can gather in groups and communities to support each other to make positive changes that benefit us all and not just some. In these we support each other to turn anxiety, fear into acceptance and love. We exchange information and explore everything that has previously been hidden from us and we go beyond polarization. We also share the purpose and intention of our lives and encourage each other to live these to the fullest. Furthermore, we inspire each other to take responsibility for our lives and for our actions by doing the best we can. When we come together to support each other in these intentions, we agree to build a growing network of inspiration and realization all around the world.

Christ (the collective soul consciousness) put it this way: if you gather in my name, I am among you.

Christ in Gnosticism (solar theology) is the symbol of the Collective Soul (the Ocean), while Jesus symbolizes the Individual Soul (the drop of the ocean).

We can only change the world’s collective consciousness by first changing our own consciousness and life and then the world around us. We can only stop the behaviour of the destructive power elite by choosing the science of the Soul over the Mind, the Light over the Darkness. We cannot stop the behaviour of the destructive power elite by attacking the darkness (mind-intellect). Without the darkness (mind-intellect) we can never find the light (soul-unity). We cannot get a lamp to shine if we remove the negative (minus) pole. Yin and Yang in balance are Harmony.

Let us not focus too much on changing the world, but on focusing primarily on creating an inner solid foundation, so that we don’t fail in our lives by criticizing others and blaming our problems on the polarizing forces (us against them) which further divides us.

We need to be constantly reminded that the greatest and most powerful change always begins with ourselves. Only then can we create balance and strength to work for positive change in society, in the world.

When we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world.

By coming together in groups and communities to support each other in this, these ripples become powerful waves that help build a brighter future for all of us on earth.

Sandor Markus