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Health & Inner Resource Development

Health membership of Health and Inner Resource Development according to the CelesteMetoden® is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your mentally ingrained patterns, gender-related and biological (physical) problems of various kinds. The whole of the earthly civilization is faced with a choice of path, which means that we must choose which path we want to follow. We have only two options to choose from. Either we choose the path of light (soul or self), or we choose the path of darkness (mind, ego, intellect) as hitherto. It is important to remember that we entered the new age, the “Age of Aquarius” at the winter solstice on December 21-23, 2012. Then our solar system and our planet Earth crossed the equatorial line in our galaxy and entered a giant photon belt (light belt) emanating (radiating) from the Central Universe, the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiadian planetary constellation.

This event indicates the entry into a completely new age, a new phase of development, which is also referred to as the “Golden Age”. In the same way that we here on earth have four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter), there are four cosmic development periods which are the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Our previous age “Age of Phishes” was the end of the Iron Age. The alchemical saying to “transform (iron) metal into gold” or “the alchemical wedding” where the “soul” enters into marriage with the “mind“, symbolizes the transformation of man from an egocentric consciousness to a unity consciousness, i.e. from division to fellowship or from passionate love to all-encompassing unconditional love.

In a golden age, there is no room for egocentricity, ego dominance.

Those who refuse to conform to the cosmic law that characterizes the new age will be forced to leave the earth and be born in a solar or planetary system that corresponds to their inner resource and development potential. We have mentioned all this in our literature and at our seminars. But how many of you have listened and realized this in your daily lives? The help we offer via our Quantum Analyzer and Quantum Generator is intended for you to be able to get rid of your mental, emotional and physical obstructions that you carry in your subconscious and waking-conscious computer program. A similar offer you cannot find elsewhere but only within the AIC via the CelesteMetoden®.

You have no idea how privileged you are who live in Sweden and have the opportunity to meet and be taught by the UNIFIER and can take part of all the knowledge and help that facilitate your development, which you cannot find elsewhere. What is required of you is respect, gratitude, humility, selfless love for the creator, the creative power. Furthermore, also the desire to set your EGO aside and see each form of creation as part of yourself and the whole. You must contribute to your own change. It is you who have created your own destiny and suffering, not anyone else.

Those of you who are privileged to participate in AIC’s research health membership and want to notify us of your health progress via email once a month, can notify Sandor and Ann-Sofie by email to sandor.markus[@] You can tell us in a short story what has happened to you mentally, emotionally and physically, i.e. how your health situation and development progress. You who participate in the health membership are connected in the Central Sun’s (Supercomputer’s) database from 05:00 am to 12 pm every day, every other day or every third day. During that time, the healing process is taking place mentally, emotionally and biologically. Some problems may arise from the subconscious. These symptoms gradually decline as your program progresses. The healing process and its time is individual and depends on your past life, the way of thinking and how long you have carried these problems within you.

We will soon offer this health membership via the web, but right now the connected web system is under development. If you want to participate in this research project (health membership), you can inform Daniel Skagerström about this at “daniel.skagerstrom [@]”. Then he will send you information on how to proceed. Many people are already participating in this research project, this mebership.

New 2021-04-12: The CelesteMetoden® Step 1,2,3 are now ready >>>

We are constantly keeping a watchful eye on you !!!

Brotherly love

// Unifier