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How to change fate for the better?

Are we humans able to change our fate for the better?

Of course we can do it, but in order do so, it’s important that we understand what we should change and why.

So far, we’ve been living a life characterized by intellectualism and cramming and the understanding of information of different kinds. However, an intellectual understanding of life isn’t the same as an understanding of life and fate from a consciousness perspective. Our fate simply controls how we live and how we perceive our current situation. Our current situation determines our future fate. We are consequently creating our future in the present.

By changing our thinking, feeling and acting, then is created a change in our future as well. However, since we’re stuck in this obsolete paradigm, thought structure, it isn’t always easy for us to change all our thoughts at once. It takes some time. Our Academy, A.I.C., has the mission to help every individual change his/her life through the program we have created. Our program consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

Theoretically it’s very easy to say things like “if you think positively and you are loving (and that kind of things), you will be able to change your and other people’s lives quite fast”. But we have so much old “garbage”, obsolete thought structures within us. We have them in our DNA and they need to be restructured. It takes some time before we can rid them completely. Moreover, it’s really individual how much each of us carry of thoughts and feelings within. But it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that we begin the process.

When we begin the process, we are on our way to the goal. Of course we will be able to change. However, it isn’t something that happens automatically, which many people believe. People believe we “enter a completely new phase of development, and everyone will be enlightened”. It’s rather something we all must strive for to achieve. It takes will, diligence, patience, commitment. We really must spend the energy it takes to change the lines of thought.

It isn’t enough for us to sit in a corner and meditate below the forehead chakra. Instead, we have to focus on the forehead chakra, where the soul and thought have their seat. We need to consciously devote to the process and then changes will occur, so that we can change our lives. If we have an old biological age, then we can’t completely change all our thoughts in this lifetime. But we’ve already begun a process, which continues in our next life. This will gradually take us to the goal.

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