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My trip to Ecuador

Sandor A Markus Autobiography (Part 4 of 7)

After years of silence I once again had contact with the Luminous Being who spoke to me at the Hungarian Puszta in 1953.

The Luminous Being encouraged me to go to Ecuador in South America, where I would meet with a Master Teacher who could answer all my questions.

Before I went to Ecuador I received a book in my hand at the library in Gothenburg. The book’s title was “Latitud 0°” and was written by a travel writer with the name Rolf Blomberg. He mentioned in his book a Hermit, a Saint whose name was “Johnny Lovewisdom” (Johnny Love Wisdom), who lived next to a volcanic crater in Cotopaxi in Chimborazo at an altitude of 3600 meters.

I recognized Johnny Lovewisdom since he earlier operated as John the Baptist. He was also a thousand years before incarnated as the greatest saint of Tibet, Milarepa.

I looked for Rolf Blomberg, who since many years where living in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he lived together with an Ecuadorian woman. I sent him a letter and I asked for Johnny Lovewisdom’s address in Ecuador. He informed me by letter that Johnny Lovewisdom had left Ecuador and moved to California. Rolf Blomberg knew no more about him or where in California he resided.

After a while I attended a gathering in Särö outside the city Gothenburg in Sweden, where like-minded people got together to discuss the future. A young man came up to me and handed me a catalog with various addresses. He said: I think you need this catalog better than I. I was surprised about what he said.

As I began leafing through the catalog, I discovered Johnny Lovewisdom’s address in Ecuador. He had returned from California and stayed in a secluded village with the name Vilcabamba. I was visibly taken aback. The Luminous Being must have known this when telling me to go to Ecuador.

However, what creates problems for us here on earth is that these extraterrestrial beings aren’t equipped with watches. Their conception of time in relation to ours, differ markedly.

I made my way eventually to Ecuador and spent a few days with Rolf Blomberg in Quito, and then I took the flight to Loja located several miles outside Vilcabamba.

To get to Vilcabamba, I had two choices, donkey express or by horse. I chose the horse because I had taken some classes at Åby trotting track in Mölndal in Gothenburg, Sweden. Without a guide I would probably still be on my way to Vilcabamba. It was not as easy to get there as I thought. Narrow Indian trails surrounded by canyons lead there.

I don’t think I would like to expose myself to anything like that today.

Ecuador means in Quechua, the Inca language “the land closest to the sun”.

In a remote village in southeastern Ecuador in the Andes, in the valley of Vilcabamba, I stayed for some time with about 150 Inca Indians and my spiritual Master Teacher Professor JOHNNY LOVEWISDOM (Johnny Love-Wisdom), known at that time as the Saint and Hermit of the Andes.

Johnny Lovewisdom 1919 – 2000

The word “Vilcabamba” originates in Quechua, the “Inca language” and means “valley of longevity – the valley of immunity.” The valley is located in the southeastern part of Ecuador. Vilcabamba was at that time one of the five places on earth where the people grew very old. Nowadays this beautiful location is exploited for tourism.


I remember especially one of the Incas who lived in Vilcabamba. His name was Manuel Ramon, who at that time was 121 years old according to the Catholic Church listing. He lived mainly of fruits and vegetables, and still carried out the same work as the younger ones during the time I was there.

Manuel Ramon

At that time JOHNNY LOVEWISDOM was president of an independent, non-governmental university within human science: ”The International University of Natural Living Science of Man” and prior of the ”Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection”, founded in 1962 in Vilcabamba and officially registered and approved by the government of Ecuador. Reg No. 892, Acdo 1725 of Sept. 18. 1975.

Johnny Lovewisdom was also a member of the DISCALCED-CARMELITE-ORDER, the most demanding order within the Catholic Church. Furthermore he was the Patriarch, the Archbishop in Ecuador for ”The Old Holy Catholic Church”.

His University in Ecuador, the “International University of Natural Living Science of Man”, worked with numerous private, independent, foreign universities and colleges, e.g. including The National Ecclesiastical University, Sheffield, England, “The Oldest Holy Catholic Church University in England (established in 1916),” and further The Northern Pontifical Academy and Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (established in Ecuador in 1968). University of Human Sciences, Haywards Heath, England and Bordeaux, Franc (established in 1970), the Yoga Vedanta University, and the Divine Life Society, Himalaya, India (established in 1936), the Universal Spiritual Union-Brotherhood, and the Bodha Society of America, Inc, (established in 1936, Ocean Park, California, USA), the International Federation of Scientific Research Societies (established in Teheran, Iran in 1925).

vulcano_crater_lake_cotopaxiThe Crater Lake in Cotopaxi, Chimborazo.


Johnny Lovewisdom’s meditation hut, where he meditated for 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, 7 days at the Crater Lake in Cotopaxi, about 3,600 meters above sea level. During this period of transcendental meditation Johnny Lovewisdom achieved the Buddha-consciousness.


Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom together with the president Ven. Anagarika N.K. of Bodha Society of America, established in 1936 by the 9th Panchen ”Tashi” Lama, Maha Chohan of the 6th Root Race during his first visit to the USA, in 1936.

Johnny Lovewisdom initiated me in the original (orthodox) Gnosticism (Original Christianity), which I practiced in Sinop in Pontus in Mesopotamia around 85-160 AD. He also initiated me in the Northern Buddhism (Mahayana Buddhism).


Johnny Lovewisdom with some of his disciples in Genobio El Paraiso in Vilcabamba, 1975. The original Christianity, the Esséean Teachings, later known as Gnosticism, is derived originally from the Hindu Upanishads in India.

This knowledge originated in Atlantis, where it came from outer space by the so-called “SONS OF GOD” (extraterrestrial beings) from Sirius and the Pleiades. They lived in unity with the cosmic law.

In 1976, after having completed five years of studies within the Northern Buddhism (Mahayana Buddhism) and Orthodox Gnosticism, I received my doctorate in Sacred Theology and Philosophy from the non-governmental University of Natural Living Science of Man, founded in 1962, in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Johnny Lovewisdom appointed me the Supreme Authority of the Patriarchal Cosmic Universal Church, the head of “The Northern Pontifical Academy” for the Scandinavian Countries and the Baltic States, and the Patriarch, the Archbishop of the Gnostic first Orthodox Christian Church of Antioch (Apostolically founded in 1968 in Ecuador).



I would henceforth be known as John Marc – Mark-Ion (Markus Johnannes), which was my name in Sinop in Pontos in one of my previous incarnations (earthly lives).

Marcion “Marc John” was born between 85 and 110 AD and died about 160 AD. He was from the city of Sinop in the area of Pontos at the Black Sea. The city now belongs to Turkey. He was the son of the Bishop of Sinop, who was a theologian during the 100s AD. He was by profession a shipowner.

He moved to Rome during the 130s AD. Marcion had his own doctrine (later called Marcionism) developed from the early Christianity and traditional Greek philosophy. Marcion attempted to transfer his thoughts to the “established” Christian Church, but as his views met with no sympathy, he founded his own church based in Rome, which quickly grew to be very strong but was declared blasphemous by the established church.

In the summer of 144 AD, Marcion gathered the Christian leaders in Rome for a meeting. He felt it was time for the church to take responsibility and break with Judaism, because Judaism had no solidarity with the original Christianity, Gnosticism.

The Old Testament is primarily concerned with the Jewish people’s history after their exodus from Egypt.

Marcion was excommunicated by the church after the meeting.

Marcion considered the Old Testament irrelevant to the Christian Church and put together his own Gospel, consisting of a reduced part of the Gospel according of Luke and ten of Paul’s letters.

Marcion claimed like many of the Gnostics that the material world wasn’t created by the Supreme Deity, First Source, Central Universal Intelligence, but by a demiurge (Creative Power, Second Source God, Yave, Jehovah, Brahma, Kal Purush, Allah, Lucifer, etc.) and that the people through Jesus Christ got the opportunity to seek the pure spirituality, the First Source, Central Universal Knowledge, which is found both in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of Thomas in its unadulterated form.


The Marcionists lived a simple life with only a few possessions. They were vegetarians and lived in strict celibacy. The Marcionistic Church survived Marcion’s excommunication and death, to disappear during the 300s AD and has since only had lesser importance.
Now after about 1700 years of absence, this cosmic truth – the true original Gnosticism is restored, through my re-incarnation as Alexander (Sandor) Markus.

The Luminous Being on the Hungarian Great Plain told me this the summer of 1953.

During my stay in Ecuador, I was appointed Professor in the Life Sciences – Human Science by Johnny Lovewisdom in the Faculté Libre de Culture Humaine Intégrale, which until 1972 was registered in Bordeaux, France and then in Ecuador until 1989.

In 1989, I registered the Gnostic Academy of Life Sciences in Sweden, under the name L’Academie Internationale de Culture Humaine Intégrale A.I.C. “The International Academy for Total Human Culture”, which is a private, non-governmental academic foundation, which in itself includes philosophy, science and technology related to human conditions, progress and development.

The AIC Logo

Life Science from the beginning belongs to Anthropology, and has with the knowledge about the Source to the truth to do. In other words “how you know what is right.”

The Gnostic Life Science that I officially represent is the only science today that can explain life from a multi-dimensional, multi-structural, quantum consciousness state.

This knowledge cannot be acquired in any traditional college or university.

The cosmic knowledge through intellectualization loses its true meaning and degenerates into misunderstanding, sectarianism, faith and worship, and the results can be seen in the Institutional Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, where brother hates and persecutes brother.

I have published my statements in several books. These are also included in the “World Doctrine”, and are supported to one hundred percent by the archeological find, “The Dead Sea Scrolls” that were found in Quamran in Israel, in 1947, and further by the “Gospel of Thomas” found in the Naq Hammadi in Egypt, in 1945, and further by the archaeological discovery in New Mexico during the 1970s, by the subdivision ACIO of the U.S. secret service, NSA (National Security Agency).

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