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Complete Health, Happiness, and Harmony

Figure 1. Sound can be extremely powerful for your evolutionary work (Sound Waves PNG Free Image)

Do You Want to Achieve Complete Health and Live the Rest of Your Life in Happiness and Harmony?

If You Answer Yes to this question, then you are welcome to our state-of-the-art technologies in Quantum Physics that also treat the cause behind a problem and not just the symptom (problem) as other therapies do.

NOTE. Matrix Innovation™ owns the representation (right) in the Nordics for the following Quantum technologies and research.

1. Quantum Awareness & Quantum Harmonization Technology

This technology was developed by a Czech and a Russian quantum physicist together with extraterrestrial scientists from Orion. Until this year, we have been alone in the whole world with this technology. Matrix Innovation™ Now has marketing rights in the Nordics for this technology.

This extraterrestrial technology is based on the cause behind a problem or disease. The communication between man and the animals with the Akasha archive (library) where the entire creation in our galaxy is recorded takes place via so-called telemetry (at a distance) via a holographic image of the object, Human Being or Animal.

This technology is completely new.

Figure 2: Quantum Harmonization, map 1.

Figure 3: Quantum Harmonization, map 2.

2. Alkywan® Photon-Sphere technology is the second latest technology of the AIC© and Matrix Innovation™

This technology is a kind of nature-based photon sphere antenna that acts as a communication link between the human 3D energy and related consciousness level with the 5th-7th Dimensional density and consciousness levels.

Alkywan® Photon-Sphere (ball) energy technology, connects the 3D human to their higher quality soul energy (spiritual energy) with the scalar wave-based source energy of creation, life sustaining energy.

Figure 4. Alkywan®: Research Chamber in Rättvik, Sweden.

3. Sound and Scalar Wave Cleansing Program

This technology has been developed by two extraterrestrial scientists over a 35-year period.

This technology is completely UNIQUE of its kind and cannot be compared with hitherto known technologies, neither traditional nor non-traditional science.

Image 5. The Quantum-Based Brain Computer of Man

We can neutralize worries, fears, stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, diseases, and problems of various kinds. The cause-related data bugs or “data viruses” are hidden in the human subconscious. So far, no other scientists or technologies on Earth have been able to analyze, map and deprogram these. But now, the solution exists.

But this method is only a fraction of the latest extraterrestrial technology that we present to you now. It can solve your mental, emotional, and physical problems that have not been possible until now, in an even more direct and effective way.

You who use the program we designed over 10 years ago, which we called the “Cosmic Brain Development Program 1 and 2”, know that sound can shake and dissolve blockages from the subconscious. Now we can design such a tailor-made program and you can only imagine what this can achieve. The program can be updated over time and bring you forward more powerfully on the path of development and evolution.

By designing a tailor-made therapy program, we can deprogram the individual’s erroneous frequencies, computer bugs or computer viruses in the hidden (subconscious) files of the human brain computer, which since time immemorial have created what man calls the “law of karma”, the law of fate or heredity factor.

This customized audio program together with Alkywan, in which we allow Quantum Harmonization, Awareness to work in the background, is a fantastic resource when it comes to our development. Here we have help from several extraterrestrial groups for our emancipation. But we must remember that we must help ourselves with the development by really wanting to develop, so that we participate in our evolution. In our meditation, we can then more powerfully feel the inner currents and their beneficial effect. This is the whole meaning of the time we live in now. All shadows and clouds must be removed from all community-supporting human beings who work for the light – for these will inherit planet earth. The darkness will disappear. We see this process everywhere in society today.

We will be putting together a combined health membership with Quantum Harmonization, Quantum Awareness together with the Sound and Scalar Wave Cleansing Program. This will be the most powerful development program in our time.

The cosmic law says that you must yourself want to participate in getting rid of what you have created yourself. If we don’t want this, there are no programs in the world that will help, and you don’t want to make any efforts yourself. Wanting to develop is key and then these programs are extremely effective – especially in the times we live in now.

Sandor Markus’ experience as a naturopath and researcher in Quantum Medicine, Biological Frequency Therapy, and therapy since 1976 and his communication with various researchers both in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia has contributed to Matrix Innovation being able to acquire state-of-the-art extraterrestrial space technology. We have exclusive rights to these in the Nordics and partly in Europe.

All life forms (material forms) within the creation of the universe consist of vibration. These vibrations are mathematically measurable.

It can be compared to a visit to a car repair shop. Your car mechanic performs a test (“diagnosis”) on your car via a computerized measuring instrument to detect any faults. This test dispels all guesswork and speculation as to what is wrong.

An example: If we suffer from chronic or acute headaches or migraines daily, or sometimes, they may have their cause located in the gastrointestinal area, in the gallbladder function, in the hormonal (endocrine) system or in the neck region. It may be due to lack of water. It may be due to alcohol intake, intake of GMO-like foods that lack nutrition, or from side effects of medicine, etc.

The pain can be in different places in the head: in the back of the head, the forehead, behind the right eye or on the top of the head (cerebral cortex).

Finding “your unique frequency code” constitutes a whole new paradigm (thought structure) in quantum physics and medical science. For this, analysis equipment is required.

In 1979 I attended an international congress in Colombo, Sri Lanka. There I met two distinguished scientists, Dr. Franz Morell and Dr. Reinhold Woll. Both researchers presented their first medical equipment in electroacupuncture (EAV) and frequency medicine (BICOM).

I acquired these two medical equipments and started to do research on my patients.

Figure 6. My first clinic, in 1976. Here research was conducted in Biophysics – Frequency Medicine – Acupuncture.

We will describe this sound technology more in detail in our next Newsletter in July and August.

The purpose and goal of the AIC and Matrix Innovation has always been to find the ultimate solution for the emancipation of man from all negative control and all suffering arising from the mental (psychic), emotional and biological (physical) problems or dissonances of various kinds.

No human living on Earth today can ascend to a subtler density or level of consciousness without first removing (purging) from their brain’s subconscious data files all the causal negative bugs that constantly create sufferings, diseases, and problems of various kinds.

This removal cannot be done either with traditional biochemical methods, or with non-traditional alternative methods such as meditation techniques from other earlier ages, different types of yoga or wellness methods, frequency therapies, etc. These methods work as symptom treatments, and they don’t remove the cause behind the problem.

An “ascension” from a 3D world and consciousness to a higher quality 5D, 6D world of density and consciousness cannot be achieved unless one raises one’s own vibrations to the level corresponding to the state of these worlds (level of energy and consciousness). Those who believe that these states can be achieved without individual participation are living in a fantasy, unreality.

E.g., you cannot apply to a university (knowledge level) unless you have previously acquired the qualifications required to be admitted.

It is required of all so-called “starseeds” who have resided here on earth for several incarnations and have become stuck in the maze of the mind, to engage in their own vibrational raising through our offerings. These individuals will get nowhere in their development through only outdated yoga and meditation techniques.

Through our participation, they can get the help and support they need to be able to free themselves and reach the goal in their current life that they have wished for and imagined.

We want to take the opportunity from our team to wish you a pleasant summer.

Dr. Sandor Markus, Ph.D., ND., MD. (MA)
Author – Researcher – Mentor

Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, B.A., DST.
Researcher – Mentor

Lars Helge Swahn, MSc.
Support – Internet technology – Mentor