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The Age of Change

We have previously mentioned in our literature and in our seminars that the entire earthly civilization is heading toward a paradigm shift, a higher qualitative consciousness. We first told about this in our first book “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness“, (A New Consciousness in a New Time), which was published in 1993 by the Caduceus Publishing House AB in Sweden. The book presents “The Fifth Dimension in the Human Evolvement“.

Our planet Earth (Gaia – Terra) has now completed 12 zodiacs (about 26,000 years) of development. The Age of Pisces was the end of this cycle and the new cycle, the Age of Aquarius, began at the winter solstice of December 21–24, 2012. At this time, many believed that the earth would succumb.

This astronomical event meant that our planet Earth and our solar system crossed the equatorial line of our galaxy and entered a giant photon belt around the Central Universe, the Central Sun. This indicates a gradual increase in vibration in our solar system, which also includes the Earth.

The rebirth of the Sun at the winter solstice of 2012 also marks the return of the Christ force, which we have described in our Gnostic teachings, but also the rebirth of the individual Soul (Self), the Christ force within the Son of Man.

“If Christ was born again and again in Bethlehem
And not in you is born, you do not reach the home of the soul;
You steer your path to Calvary in vain,
As long as its cross is not raised anew in you.”

Angelus Silesius

We are entering a very special time as we begin a new millennium. Many ancient scriptures, modern books and websites say that we are on the threshold of a time when the veils of oblivion will be parted one by one. Then our consciousness will expand to include those components of ourselves that have been suppressed, ignored and forgotten.

If we could remember and be fully aware of all the components of our true self, we would be aware of the lessons and reasons for each of life’s challenges. The challenges would still be there, but the confusion and doubt could be erased from our experiences.

The beginning of a new beginning!

We can count on chaos to prevail in the years 2023 – 2026 throughout our 3D world as we enter a new, more expanded version of our reality! As we mentioned in our book “The Matrix Reality“, which was published in 2017 before the Covid-19 Pandemic was presented to the world, we already knew in the 1990s that a made-up pandemic would hit the world in the 21st century.

Of course, each of us must decide our own pace of when and where we choose to expand our consciousness into the higher 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D frequencies of reality.

There are different versions of how we perceive reality, but we will begin to remember that WE are the creators of our reality! We are the creators of our reality by means of what we choose to think, what we choose to learn, what we choose to do and how we choose to remember our dreams, our early childhood memories, our inner communication and that which can only be perceived from within our soul.

What resides within our soul is the component of our physical self that is actually our own inner galactic essence. Our inner galactic being resonates with the many different frequencies of reality that flow through us, what we choose to incorporate as our “I”, and what frequencies of light and love we choose to seek and hold in our physical body and ever-changing Aura.

Our Aura flows around us all. Some are aware of this energy flow and others are not aware of this ever changing frequency of our innate Light Body that is always within, above and grounded below our physical expressions of SELF.

It is these invisible frequencies of our visible, 3D body that work in our physical form to help us remember that we are much more than what we have been taught, or remember in our life here on earth.

These versions of reality change as our consciousness, our inner life changes, and as we allow our Higher Qualitative SELF (SOUL) to connect with our own physical 3D MIND-RELATED SELF.

But in reality it is not the external world that changes, but our ability to perceive the higher frequencies of reality that is in the LIGHT.

We often think of the light as something that we turn on when we enter a dark room and then turn off when we leave the room, or go to bed to sleep!

But only our 3D “Physical Self” will be put into a “sleep” state, as our “Higher Self” lives forever in the Light of the higher frequencies of reality. Of course, many people may not yet be ready to remember that they have a higher-dimensional SELF that resonates with the frequency of the higher quality 4D, 5D and beyond.

It is only our Higher SELF that can be fully aware of our ability to interact with the “knowing” of the higher frequencies of our physical selves. In fact, the physical self resonates to a frequency of light that is much lower than the frequency of light that exists within our 4D self, and distinctly different from the light of our 5D self.

Each of the different frequencies in our physical body serves a different duty for the physical body. For example, our 3D light represents all the neurological activities that keep our physical body alive in 3D.

The majority are only aware of their 3D body. Therefore, the majority of us are not yet aware of the higher frequencies of the inner light that reside in our bodies. When you feel bad, sad or vulnerable, our body can only “turn on” the lower frequencies of the body’s Light.

As we have expanded our consciousness, our awareness of our own inner abilities, the mission we chose to fulfill within this incarnation comes into our consciousness.

Then our body can increasingly perceive more of the higher frequencies of light in our physical life and in our own physical form.

In connection with mood swings, we can experience how our inner light shifts. When we are in a depressed mood, our inner light is dimmed. We feel weak, listless, negative, irritated, in a bad mood. We only see black on existence.

Conversely, when our inner light is bright and strong, we feel excited, happy, positive, loving, and hopeful. These mood swings are usually due to our hidden thoughts and feelings in our subconscious, or to the waking-consciousness through broodings, or negative influence, influence from our surroundings.

When humans were simple “primitives” on Earth, most believed that there was a strong life force on the planet and in its life forms.

It was the “modern people” who began to think of earth, air, fire and water as something outside of themselves. That it just existed there to be used according to their own desires and pleasures, without nurturing them, taking them into consideration.

On the other hand, simple “primitive people” thought of Gaia and all her planetary elements as living beings in their daily lives and focused to help and protect Gaia as a living being.

Modern (materially oriented) human beings, civilizations that arose later, forgot, ignored that Gaia (Earth) is a “LIVING BEING”.

Can we humans begin to remember our own, previously acquired knowledge that is NOT connected to any pride, ownership or other human limitations?

When will all humans evolve to remember that our lives are sustained by the planetary body of Gaia?

The fact is that we humans are NOT owners. We humans are just part of life on Gaia’s Earth. The one and only thing that Gaia needs from us is that we love her Earth body and its diversity and nurture it with the same care as Gaia loves us and nurtures us with her diversity!

Arcturians are as real as we Earthlings

Arcturians are a highly advanced 7D conscious extraterrestrial humanoid species native to the planet “Arcturus” in the Arcturus system, which is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Arcturians are one of the most technologically and spiritually advanced civilizations in our galaxy. In general, the main activity of the Arcturians seems to be the “HEALING” of man, animals and the planet, as well as the promotion of the HEALTH and SOUL DEVELOPMENT of the earthly human beings.

But the Arcturians also work with the protection of EARTH and our GALAXY. The Arcturians inspire the 3D conscious earthly human being to ascension (elevation) to higher qualitative 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D levels of consciousness.

Arcturians are in resonance with higher frequencies than 3D humans are. It was a long time ago that the Arcturians ceased to be individualists.

Human beings who are at lower frequency levels cannot see or hear Arcturians or Andromeda beings. If they condense their vibrations they can be registered by the sensory functions of the 3D earthly human being.

More and more 3D people who are soul influenced are now beginning to perceive the higher dimensional Arcturians and Andromedans!

As we allow our Higher Selves to expand, perceive, and even hear, see and recognize higher dimensions, we will realize that many among the 3D people have the innate ability to do this.

Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator

Figure 1. Alkywan® Photon Sphere Generator “Antenna”.

Get in touch with Your Highest Qualitative Self with the help of the Alkywan Photon Sphere at home, in the Clinic or in an Alkywan Chamber, and experience yourself as you have always been in your innermost being – a multidimensional being.

An Alkywan Photon Sphere can be compared to a solar panel that draws its energy from the sun. The only difference is that the Solar Panel uses the sun’s photon energy and converts it into electrical energy. “The Alkywan Sphere” instead uses the sun’s photon energy to amplify the life energy of humans, animals and plants.

Figure 2. Alkywan Photon-Antenna-Chamber.

Sofia & Marc John

Sandor Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)
Ann Sofie Hamarbäck, B.A., STD
Lars Helge Swahn, M.Sc.